Look­ing for things to do in Cape Town? Alexan­der Upstairs is an inti­mate per­for­mance space com­pletely sep­a­rate from the bar area with a festival-style pro­gram­ming model fea­tur­ing drama, com­edy, cabaret, jazz, acoustic ses­sions, read­ings and more. We often sched­ule more than one per­for­mance per night so please check times care­fully when booking.

Athol Fugard’s Hello & Goodbye

Drama • Run­ning Time: 75 mins
Writ­ten by Athol Fugard | Directed by Chris Weare | With Marlisa Cooper-Doubell and Steven Jub­ber | Pre­sented by Sugar-daddy The­atre Com­pany
Warn­ing: Smok­ing onstage
One of Athol Fugard’s most pro­found works, a pow­er­ful and mov­ing fam­ily drama.

Set in the 1960s against a gritty Port Eliz­a­beth, Hello and Good­bye tells the story of two dirt poor white South Africans, an estranged brother and sis­ter who meet again after twelve years. Johnny’s older sis­ter Hes­ter hears news of their father’s fail­ing health and returns home to col­lect her half of their inher­i­tance. Look­ing back on their child­hood, they try to come to terms with their dys­func­tional family.
The action takes place in a house that is no more than a shack in Fugard’s native town of Port Eliz­a­beth.
After a dif­fi­cult child­hood Hes­ter was kicked out of the house by their father and has since become a pros­ti­tute in Johan­nes­burg. Johnny stayed behind to take care of their father who had lost his leg in a rail­way acci­dent. Over the years Johnny’s life became more and more iso­lated and now he is clearly on the edge of a men­tal breakdown.

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Vio­let Online

Com­edy • Run­ning Time: 55 mins
Per­formed by Lynita Crof­ford | Directed by Megan Furniss
How can a divorce, being over forty and sin­gle, dat­ing, being broke, hav­ing a thing for gram­mar and spelling, and an ever present tin­gling between the thighs be so utterly, delight­fully deli­cious?

Vio­let, who cer­tainly isn’t a shrink­ing one, makes it so. Recently divorced, she barges into the world of cyber dat­ing, Scrab­ble sex (you heard it first here), a midlife Brazil­ian wax dis­cov­ery, sex in hotels, cross­ing the colour bar­rier, strug­gles with clothes and smoul­der­ing real time sex with vir­tual strangers. Vio­let lives and learns, dis­penses advice and con­fesses all in a delight­fully unself­con­scious way.

Gor­geous Cape Town Actress Lynita Crof­ford takes on Vio­let. Seen recently on stage as the for­mi­da­ble Emily Hob­house, she does a com­plete about turn with Vio­let; who is mod­ern, sexy, funny and con­fi­dent. And, quite sim­ply, look­ing for love. Or sex. Or love and sex.
Vio­let Online is based on blog posts by a well known, anony­mous, over 40, mother, ex wife, gram­mar fiend.

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Thu 23rd Oct 9pm R90 (R80 online)

Naked Girls Read­ing Cape Town presents The Hal­loween Show

Live Read­ing • Run­ning Time: 75 mins
Pro­duced by Kelly Smith | Read­ers: Bel­ladonna D’vil, Black Soda, Eva Bee & Sue Cubus
Warn­ing: Nudity | No under 18s
Face­book Event
What is Naked Girls Read­ing?

Naked Girls Read­ing is a nude lit­er­ary salon that takes place in twenty cities around the world and on five dif­fer­ent con­ti­nents. At each event, a small cast of beau­ti­ful ladies removes their cloth­ing (yes, all of it) and reads per­sonal selec­tions to an ador­ing audi­ence. It is enter­tain­ing, mag­i­cal, often funny, some­times heart wrench­ing and really very sexy.

Are the girls really naked?
Yes, we are.

Is the audi­ence naked?
No, they are not.

There’s some­thing beau­ti­ful, some­thing alto­gether more inti­mate, about a woman read­ing in the nude. It’s just that sim­ple.

Come and delight in the read­ings shared by the ghoul­ish Bel­ladonna D’vil, Black Soda, Eva Bee and Sue Cubus as they read chill­ing tales of ter­ror — if you dare.
Naked Girls Read­ing, called “appro­pri­ately racy” by Enter­tain­ment Weekly and “the best thing to hap­pen to books since they were put on tape…” by Car­son Daly, was founded in Chicago in March of 2009 by Inter­na­tional Show­girl Michelle L’Amour and hus­band Franky Vivid.

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Fri 24th Oct 9pm R150 (R140 online) Sat 25th Oct 9pm R150 (R140 online)

The Epicene Butcher

Sto­ry­telling • Run­ning Time: 50 mins
Directed by John Tren­gove, writ­ten by Gwydion Beynon, star­ring Jemma Kahn & Dylan Esbach as ‘Chalk Girl’. Illus­tra­tions by Jemma Kahn, Car­los Amato & Gwydion Beynon

A cult hit across the globe, The Epicene Butcher and Other Sto­ries for Con­sent­ing Adults returns to Alexan­der Upstairs for a mere week before the team dis­ap­pear off to another exotic loca­tion. Come and see the deploy­ment of a 12th Cen­tury Japan­ese Bud­dhist story-telling tra­di­tion known as kamishibai to tell 7 star­tling pop sto­ries. The show is a mash-up of manga, sex, gothic hor­ror and main­stream pop­u­lar cul­ture using hand-drawn illus­tra­tions and lus­cious narration.

The Epicene Butcher has to date received:
A Sil­ver Ova­tion Award, NAF Gra­ham­stown 2012
Crit­ics’ Choice & Audi­ence Favourite, Fringe Ams­ter­dam 2012
Best New Script & Audi­ence Favourite, Musho! The­atre Fes­ti­val
**** The Her­ald (Edin­burgh Fringe)
**** The List (Edin­burgh Fringe)
**** Broad­way­baby
**** Broad­way World

Jemma Kahn is bril­liant. I came away with my mind slightly blown.’ Annie Lennox, who saw the show at Alexan­der Bar!

Jemma Kahn was selected as one of M&G’s Top 200 Young South Africans in 2013 and as one of AfriPOP’s Top 5 Women to Watch in SA Theatre.

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Drama • Run­ning Time: 60 mins
Directed & Designed by Quintin Wils | Writ­ten & Per­formed by Jannes Eras­mus | Videog­ra­phy by Jaco Jansen van Rensburg
Smaar­ties is a pow­er­ful one-man show about Mr Lotz who finds him­self in a psy­chi­atric ward after the death of both of his parents.He still has a 12-year-old sis­ter he has to look after. The play looks at his daily life in the ward and how he is cop­ing and try­ing to word and explain what really hap­pened that night to him and his parents…
After a hugely suc­cess­ful run at the South African State The­atre ear­lier on in the year, Smaar­ties has been invited to play at var­i­ous other the­atres in South Africa, includ­ing the­atres in Rusten­burg, Pre­to­ria, Cen­tu­rion and Johan­nes­burg. Now the time has come for Cape Town to wit­ness this great pro­duc­tion.

With some of the country’s best the­atre artists who are eager to excel in their art and to enter­tain audi­ences, this young col­lec­tive is tak­ing the South African the­atre indus­try by storm. It is directed and designed by the­atre direc­tor Quintin Wils, who says that Smaar­ties is by far the most com­plex show that he has ever directed, but adds that “…it is by far the most excit­ing pro­duc­tion that I have directed thus far! A pro­duc­tion that makes you think twice about what schiz­o­phre­nia actu­ally is.”

Described as “…It is excel­lent the­atre, a real treat!” Hurter (Artslink.co.za) and “…Smaar­ties can com­pete with some of the best one-man shows in the coun­try!” Breyten­bach (Artslink.co.za) Smaar­ties is one show that is not to be missed this year!

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