Look­ing for things to do in Cape Town? Alexan­der Upstairs is an inti­mate per­for­mance space com­pletely sep­a­rate from the bar area with a festival-style pro­gram­ming model fea­tur­ing drama, com­edy, cabaret, jazz, acoustic ses­sions, read­ings and more. We often sched­ule more than one per­for­mance per night so please check times care­fully when booking.


Drama • Run­ning Time: 75 mins
Writ­ten by Mike Bartlett | Directed by Paul Grif­fiths | Star­ring: Fran­cis Chouler, Matt New­man, Melissa Haiden and James Skil­ton
Warn­ing: Explicit lan­guage
Face­book Event
Unhappy in his rela­tion­ship, John wants out. Or maybe he just wants time out? A break from his boyfriend for a few weeks. Or maybe months? Actu­ally, the whole prob­lem is John doesn’t know what he wants. But the last thing he expects is to fall in love with a woman…

Win­ner of the 2010 Olivier Award for Out­stand­ing Achieve­ment in An Affil­i­ate The­atre, Mike Bartlett’s sharp, witty script takes a can­did look at one mans sex­u­al­ity and the dif­fi­cul­ties that arise when faced with a whole new world of possibility.
Praise for Mike Bartlett’s  script

“A smart, prickly and reward­ing view of sex­ual and emo­tional con­fu­sion” – Lon­don Evening Stan­dard

“With the excep­tion of Oscar Wilde, quar­relling lovers are never as artic­u­late and enter­tain­ing as they are in COCK, Mike Bartlett’s Bat­tle Royal of wit and per­sua­sion” – Vari­ety

“Robust and rol­lick­ing. Bartlett’s dia­logue crack­les and pops with the rhetoric of vitu­per­a­tion” – The New Yorker

“Bartlett man­ages, deftly, to explore many exi­gent ques­tions of iden­tity, sex­u­al­ity, our obses­sion with cer­tainty and our vis­ceral dis­com­fort with ambi­gu­ity.” — Huff­in­g­ton Post

“A ter­rific comedy…Hypnotic and utterly con­tem­po­rary.” — New York Times

Press & Reviews

Book for COCK by click­ing the but­ton of the per­for­mance you wish to attend:
Wed 4th Mar 9pm: Sorry, sold out Thu 5th Mar 9pm: Sorry, sold out Fri 6th Mar 9pm: Sorry, sold out Sat 7th Mar 9pm: Sorry, sold out Mon 9th Mar 9pm R100 (R90 online) Tue 10th Mar 9pm R100 (R90 online) Wed 11th Mar 9pm R100 (R90 online) Thu 12th Mar 9pm R100 (R90 online) Fri 13th Mar 9pm R120 (R100 online) Sat 14th Mar 9pm R110 (R90 online)

You Bet Your Life!

Musi­cal Com­edy • Run­ning Time: 60 mins
Book, Music & Lyrics by: Roland Per­old & David Fick | Directed by: Drew Rien­stra | Musi­cal Direc­tion by: Roland Per­old | Appear­ing: Amy Trout, David Fick, Roland Per­old
Face­book Event
A musi­cal com­edy of dev­il­ish delight.
Poor Jonny? BANG! Recently deceased Jonny finds him­self in limbo… his own game show where scenes from his life are replayed with pur­ga­to­r­ial rel­ish. Has Jonny been a good boy? Not from the looks of things…
“A funny story about an ‘80’s TV real­ity game show in pur­ga­tory. Great orig­i­nal songs per­formed by three hugely tal­ented actors.” Steven Lang, Cue 2014
YOU BET YOUR LIFE! may seem like a typ­i­cal TV game show – but it’s one with a bite! Hosted by the dev­il­ishly charm­ing Tim­o­thy Rad­cliffe, the show wel­comes a spe­cial guest whose heart and soul are on the line, due to the lit­tle fact that they have just cashed in their chips! So when the recently deceased Jonny arrives on set, the audi­ence is intro­duced to his neu­rotic mother, his crazy ex-girlfriends, a fero­cious Russ­ian drag per­former and a host of other char­ac­ters who all seem bent on keep­ing Jonny in limbo as Tim­o­thy tries to manip­u­late things to secure his own redemp­tion. Will Jonny be able to save his soul? Or will be stuck in after­life TV reruns for­ever and ever? Only a trip to YOU BET YOUR LIFE! can answer these ques­tions!

YOU BET YOUR LIFE! is the first col­lab­o­ra­tion by Roland Per­old and David Fick both of whom have writ­ten two musi­cals before decid­ing to work together on this project. Hav­ing had a fan­tas­tic run in Gra­ham­stown in 2014 the team is excited for the Cape Town pre­miere to be hosted at Alexan­der Bar.

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Thu 5th Mar 7pm R70 (R60 online): Hurry! Only 6 tick­ets left! Fri 6th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online): Hurry! Only 18 tick­ets left! Sat 7th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Mon 9th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Tue 10th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Wed 11th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Thu 12th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Fri 13th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Sat 14th Mar 7pm: Sorry, sold out Mon 16th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Tue 17th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Wed 18th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Thu 19th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Fri 20th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Sat 21st Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online)

Inher­ent End

Drama • Run­ning Time: 65 mins
Pre­sented by Instant Arts Col­lec­tive | Directed by Kim Ker­foot | Per­formed & writ­ten by Tamarin McGin­ley | Dra­maturgy by Kati Francis
A cheeky, ten­der, mixed-up play about mis­placed affec­tion. How do our early expe­ri­ences define us for­ever? Part con­fes­sion, part com­edy, and part sci­en­tific trea­tise, Inher­ent End ques­tions how we affect each other, how we alter each other and how we pass on the expe­ri­ences we received at the hands of oth­ers.

Stacey is only 11 but she is learn­ing about seduc­tion and love. A woman is hurtling towards dis­as­ter on par­al­lel tracks of inap­pro­pri­ate attrac­tion. A sci­en­tist seek­ing her own sal­va­tion in field of epi­ge­net­ics is hunt­ing down the genetic extent of trauma. United by cir­cum­stance these woman strad­dle the gaps between vic­tim and preda­tor, cir­cum­stance and action, inno­cence and guilt.
A solo show with Tamarin McGin­ley, directed by Kim Ker­foot, and pre­sented by the Instant Arts Col­lec­tive, Inher­ent End is fresh from artis­tic devel­op­ment in Lon­don and is pre­mier­ing in Cape Town before embark­ing on an inter­na­tional adven­ture.  It’s a reunion, a new inter-continental explo­ration and an exper­i­ment in sto­ry­telling and style. See it here first!

Book for Inher­ent End by click­ing the but­ton of the per­for­mance you wish to attend:
Mon 16th Mar 9pm R90 (R80 online) Tue 17th Mar 9pm R90 (R80 online) Wed 18th Mar 9pm R90 (R80 online) Mon 23rd Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Tue 24th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Wed 25th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Thu 26th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Fri 27th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Sat 28th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Mon 30th Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Tue 31st Mar 7pm R90 (R80 online) Wed 1st Apr 7pm R90 (R80 online) Thu 2nd Apr 7pm R90 (R80 online)

Boudoir Blues

Live Blues and Bur­lesque • Run­ning Time: 80 mins
Pre­sented by Vava Voom Enter­tai­ment | Per­formed by Diva Dis­as­tar, Miss B.have, Sap­phire Flex, Sue­Cubus & Crim­son House Duo
Warn­ing: Due to the risque nature of the con­tent, this show is for mature audi­ences only! “Slightly naughty theatre!”
Noth­ing beats a night of smok­ing hot blues on a warm Sum­mer evening…

… Except maybe blues and beau­ti­ful boudoir bur­lesque, art­fully paired together to cre­ate a unique LIVE expe­ri­ence that will leave audi­ences thrilled!

Take two of the hottest blues boys in Cape Town, add a hand­ful of sul­try bur­lesque beau­ties and you are instantly taken back to the speakeasy era where men were men, and femmes were fatales! Fol­low this comedic tale of life and love; where a man’s choices are swayed by the wink of an eye and bump of a hip. A tale as old as time; we invite you to wit­ness the heart­break, the drama and the thrill of the chase in this incred­i­bly sexy “Blues n‘ Bur­lesque” Show.

Book for Boudoir Blues by click­ing the but­ton of the per­for­mance you wish to attend:
Wed 25th Mar 9pm R150 (R130 online) Thu 26th Mar 9pm R150 (R130 online)

The Game: Redemption

Anti-Theatre • Run­ning Time: 55 mins
Col­lec­tive: Frik ‘The Leg­end’ du Perez, Tatiana Petrokova, Mil­ton Schorr & Bren­dan Mur­ray
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Tatiana, a giant female player from rural Rus­sia, is plan­ning to com­mit sui­cide after one last game with leg­endary Coach Frik ‘The Leg­end’ Du Perez. Her plans are scup­pered when they are locked in by a hap­less secu­rity guard, forc­ing them to spend the night together. As the sex­ual ten­sion mounts a dev­as­tat­ing secret is revealed. Will Tatiana live to play another day? Will she be raped by her father again? Will Frik finally face the awful real­ity of his secret life? All will be revealed when they play The Game.
The Game was first per­formed in Cape Town in June of 2009 before trav­el­ling to the Gra­ham­stown Fes­ti­val, where it received the worst review in the his­tory of humankind. “A waste of time and money..’, ‘I felt embar­rassed to be a part of the human race…’, and ‘no tal­ent, no story-line, no game…’ are just a few snip­pets from that land­mark text. The review went on to form an inte­gral part of the saga of The Game, as it con­tin­ued to chal­lenge audi­ences with it’s unique non-theatrical style. After a hia­tus of nearly four years, The Game is back with its third install­ment: Redemp­tion.

Some responses from atten­dees have been:

“It was like being on a fuck­ing roller­coaster!”
“Shock and awe.”
“It’s the kind of thing I’d rec­om­mend to my friends. And my ene­mies.”
“I felt embar­rassed to be a part of the human race.”
TOTALLY inap­pro­pri­ate.”
“funny as hell, brave as a moth­er­fucker”
“I agree: TOTALLY innapro­pri­ate!”
“I have never seen a room of peo­ple laugh this hard.”

Book for The Game: Redemp­tion by click­ing the but­ton of the per­for­mance you wish to attend:
Fri 27th Mar 9pm R90 (R80 online) Sat 28th Mar 9pm R90 (R80 online)
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