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Ashes to Ashes

Drama • Run­ning Time: 50 mins
By Harold Pin­ter | Directed by Gabriella Pinto. | Star­ring Terry Nor­ton as Rebecca & Mark Elderkin as Devlin
Face­book Event
After a suc­cess­ful run at the Cape Town Fringe Fes­ti­val, Harold Pinter’s ‘Ashes to Ashes’ comes to Alexan­der Bar.

On a sum­mer evening, Rebecca recalls a sado­masochis­tic rit­ual between her and a past over. An intrigued Devlin pro­ceeds to inter­ro­gate her in an attempt to rekin­dle their rela­tion­ship. She must revoke her repressed past to face her trou­bled present while his sus­pi­cions grow and his desire to secure and con­trol their future is threat­ened by her enig­matic rec­ol­lec­tions.

How do we live in the present if we repress past atrocities?
“Elderkin – who makes a wel­come return to seri­ous roles after a recent run of comedic per­for­mances – is cold, wry and qui­etly dom­i­neer­ing. Norton’s relaxed deliv­ery is at mas­ter­ful odds with the under­ly­ing inten­sity of her expe­ri­ence” — Carla Lever, The Daily Maverick

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Keep off the Grass

One Per­son Show • Run­ning Time: 50 mins
Directed by Gabriella Pinto | Per­formed by Kelly-Eve Koop­man | Writ­ten by Gabriella Pinto & Kelly-Eve Koop­man | Pro­duced by Fuzlin Esau
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In a secure sub­urb in the South, in the early morn­ing hours a woman suf­fo­cat­ing from sta­tus anx­i­ety sits enclosed by elec­tric fences, sur­rounded by roll on lawn, tucked behind a Trel­li­door and pro­tected by pri­vate secu­rity. In a street lulled by laven­der and deaf to her warn­ings of pot plant syn­di­cates, bin day con­spir­a­cies and stranger dan­ger, she reveals how far a vig­i­lant fyn­bos fundi must go, to serve and pro­tect a non­cha­lant neighbourhood.
Kelly-Eve Koop­man grad­u­ated from Stel­len­bosch Uni­ver­sity with a B-Dram in The­atre and Per­for­mance spe­cial­iz­ing in Cabaret. She has attempted to make the­atre ever since and is inter­ested in multi-genre work as well as social devel­op­ment. Over the course over the last few years she has been in pro­duc­tions that have toured the Afrikaans fes­ti­val cir­cuit and been nom­i­nated for some awards includ­ing Kan­nas and Fies­tas.

Gabriella has been cre­at­ing the­atre since she grad­u­ated from UCT with a BA in The­atre and Per­for­mance. She enjoys cre­at­ing new work as well as stag­ing exist­ing texts and was nom­i­nated for a Fleur du Cap for Best New Direc­tor in 2014.

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Play Things

Open-mic per­for­mance, writ­ing, film & music • Run­ning Time: 70 mins
Warn­ing: Run­ning time may vary
Wel­come to a new year. Do you remem­ber when ‘Beyond 2000′ was a cutting-edge-technology-of-tomorrow show look­ing to a future now fif­teen years in the past? No? That’s because you’re young and you should feel bad about that. I’ll tell what is still cut­ting edge though… Play Things. A night of fun, of try­ing out new writ­ing, short films, mak­ing music, mak­ing con­nec­tions and drink­ing spon­sored wine if you’ve taken the plunge and are pre­sent­ing some­thing. If you’re there just to watch it’s bunch of sur­prises, like unwrap­ping presents except with­out the pos­si­bil­ity of socks and under­wear (actu­ally I can’t rule that out). It’s also silly cheap. R20 if you pay online — and it’s best to book because it usu­ally sells out.

The first line-up of 2015 fea­tures: Robert Peter Hax­ton , Amy Lil­ley, Marie-Claire de Vil­liers, Pnina Fen­ster, Koleka Putuma, Cal­lum Tilbury and Oscar Leon Sanders.

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Mon 2nd Feb 8pm R30 (R20 online)

An Extra­or­di­nar­ily Ordi­nary Life

A Musi­cal Mem­oir / Com­edy • Run­ning Time: 70 mins
Pre­sented by KBT Pro­duc­tions | Writ­ten & com­posed by Jervis Pen­ning­ton | Vocals: Janine Cupido | Gui­tar & spo­ken word: Jervis Pennington
Intro­duc­ing singer Janine Cupido singing ten new songs from com­poser Jervis Pen­ning­ton (The Soft Shoes, Scrib­ble, A Town called Fokol-Lutho) woven into and drawn from his often hilar­i­ous, some­what sham­bolic, tragi­comic youth and truth. Under­sized and under­fed at school, the most sea-sick Mid­ship­man in SA Naval his­tory and reluc­tant 80’s pop teen-idol, the author takes us on a ride from famous to home­less in a heart-stopping beat.

Both per­form­ers are born and bred Capeto­ni­ans so they took that as their band’s name. The Capetoians. Don’t ask what city you live in, ask what city you live for.…
Jervis Pen­ning­ton began his song writ­ing career as lead-singer of his 80’s pop group The Soft Shoes. The group won the 1983 TV Tal­ent Show Fol­low that Star with their song Elvis Astaire, writ­ten by Jervis, which went to No 1 on sev­eral radio sta­tions. The group sold over 100,000 records. Later, as Gen­eral Man­ager of EMI’s South African music label, CCP Records, he man­aged the careers of artists such as Brenda Fassie. His songs writ­ten for The Capeto­ni­ans mark a return to pop after writ­ing the songs and scripts for sev­eral suc­cess­ful musi­cal the­atre pro­duc­tions.

Praise for Jervis’s pre­vi­ous works:
Who Really Freed Nel­son?!
“…incred­i­bly mov­ing, world-class show…”  C.K. The Cit­i­zen
“See this show? Hell Yes!”  A.S. The Star
“…leaves audi­ence beg­ging for more.”  This Day

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Porno 88

Table Read­ing | Com­edy • Run­ning Time: 90 mins
Writ­ten by Louis Viljoen | Directed by Greg Karvel­las
Warn­ing: mature lan­guage and sex­ual imagery | no under 18s
porn |pôrn| (also porno |ˈpôrnō|) infor­mal
1 pornog­ra­phy.
2 films, tele­vi­sion pro­grams, books, etc., regarded as cater­ing to a voyeuris­tic or obses­sive inter­est in a spec­i­fied sub­ject : a thrilling throw­back to the golden age of vam­pire movies—gothic porn of the high­est order.

Three friends, three actors, two pro­duc­ers, one nar­ra­tor, one ware­house, twenty four bats, five and a half mar­i­tal aides, 60 tubes of lube, one bucket of cheaper lube, bought ear­lier… um… nine other things to make up the list, and then more items until we got to eighty-eight or even 88… which is the coolest num­ber in the world, accord­ing to sci­en­tists and science.

The cre­ators of CHAMP bring you a read­ing of a play so sala­cious, so risque, so likely to offend the squares and tit­il­late the free and horny, that no the­atre was will­ing to pro­duce it. There was also a space issue and there are nine speak­ing roles and it’s quite a com­pli­cated set, so it’s a logis­ti­cal night­mare, but that’s nei­ther here nor there.

Join Greg Karvel­las and Louis Viljoen and their brave troupe of hungry-for-acclaim actors as they tackle the great un-produced script of this month or any other month (but prob­a­bly only this month).

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Wed 11th Feb 8pm R50 Thu 12th Feb 8pm R50

Mother City Sketch

Sketch Com­edy • Run­ning Time: 60 mins
Writ­ten & Directed by Robin Hitch­cock | Addi­tional Mate­r­ial by Mark Sykes | Per­formed by The Long Shots & Friends
Warn­ing: Not rec­om­mended for under 18s
“Mother City Sketch” presents orig­i­nal com­edy skits per­formed live by mem­bers of The Long Shots the­atre troupe and oth­ers from the Cape Town com­edy scene. This col­lec­tion of short sketches pokes fun at over-the-top Valentine’s Day presents, wine pair­ing courses, ugly new­borns and more. You’ll laugh until your cheeks hurt, but it will be worth it.
Writer/Director Robin Hitch­cock began pro­duc­ing sketch com­edy in 2011 with the all-female troupe Frankly Scar­lett, based in Pitts­burgh USA. Since mov­ing to Cape Town, Robin has been affil­i­ated with The Long Shots impro­vi­sa­tional com­edy troupe and Improv Cape Town. Mother City Sketch marks the South African debut of her writ­ten com­edy mate­r­ial. The Long Shots, who com­prise the core cast of the show, have been per­form­ing impro­vised com­edy in Cape Town since 2011, and are thrilled to branch out into pre-scripted mate­r­ial with Mother City Sketch.

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Fri 13th Feb 7pm R90 (R80 online)

Ottoman Slap: an itin­er­ant tale through music & dance

Mid­dle East­ern music & dance • Run­ning Time: 60 mins
Musi­cal direc­tor: James van Min­nen | Raoul Spiegel: sax­o­phone, hulusi, saw | James van Min­nen: per­cus­sion, man­dolin | Simone Chiara: vocals, gui­tar, per­cus­sion | Marissa Cue­noud: per­cus­sion, dance | Callan Wolff: dou­ble bass
Ottoman Slap brings you melodies from the moun­tains of Al-Andalus, rhythms from the Mid­dle East and dance from the sands of the Sahara… right to the foothills of Table Moun­tain. Come enjoy this feast of flavours rang­ing from sul­try to sub­lime as this unlikely troupe takes you on a trip down the road less travelled!

This Cape Town ensem­ble has been slowly brew­ing over the last few years, cre­at­ing a reper­toire of ancient tra­di­tional music mixed with orig­i­nal pieces inspired by these lesser-known gen­res, with appear­ances at Alexan­der Bar, Rock­ing The Daisies and Cape Town World Music Fes­ti­val.
The five-piece com­prises vocals in Span­ish and Roma, Mid­dle East­ern bel­ly­dance and an artillery of instru­ments, rang­ing from dou­ble bass, sax­o­phone and man­dolin to accor­dion, dar­buka and hulusi!

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Sat 14th Feb 7pm R100 (R90 online) Sat 14th Feb 9pm R100 (R90 online)

Dirty Words

Sketch Com­edy • Run­ning Time: 55 mins
Per­formed by Ali­cia McCormick & Dylan Esbach | cre­ated by Jon Keevy
Warn­ing: Con­tains all the dirty words | no under 18s
Dirty Words was born in the fast and loose cru­cible that is Alexan­der Upstairs’ own monthly exper­i­men­tal plat­form, Play Things. Imme­di­ately it became a cult sen­sa­tion. Filthy, Explicit and incred­i­bly funny… Dirty Words pulls back the cov­ers on erot­ica, chat sex, dirty talk and naughty sexy gram­mar. In seven sketches Ali­cia and Kim turn up the raunch, slip­ping in sexy tongue twisters and bur­lesque shenani­gans.

Warn­ing: con­tains all the dirty words and also some almost nudity.

Press & Reviews

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Naked Girls Read­ing Cape Town presents Queerly Beloved

Live Read­ing • Run­ning Time: 75 mins
Pro­duced by Kelly Smith
Warn­ing: Nudity | No under 18s
Face­book Event
Come and let our read­ers lead you away from tales of the straight and nar­row at the first Naked Girls Read­ing event ded­i­cated to queer writ­ers and LGBTI sto­ries.

What is Naked Girls Read­ing?
Naked Girls Read­ing is a nude lit­er­ary salon that takes place in twenty cities around the world and on five dif­fer­ent con­ti­nents. At each event, a small cast of beau­ti­ful ladies removes their cloth­ing (yes, all of it) and reads per­sonal selec­tions to an ador­ing audi­ence. It is enter­tain­ing, mag­i­cal, often funny, some­times heart wrench­ing and really very sexy.

Are the girls really naked?
Yes, we are.

Is the audi­ence naked?
No, they are not.

There’s some­thing beau­ti­ful, some­thing alto­gether more inti­mate, about a woman read­ing in the nude. It’s just that simple.

Naked Girls Read­ing, called “appro­pri­ately racy” by Enter­tain­ment Weekly and “the best thing to hap­pen to books since they were put on tape…” by Car­son Daly, was founded in Chicago in March of 2009 by Inter­na­tional Show­girl Michelle L’Amour and hus­band Franky Vivid.

Book now by click­ing the but­ton of the per­for­mance you wish to attend:
Sat 21st Feb 5pm R160 (R140 online) Sat 21st Feb 7pm R160 (R140 online)
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