Catering Calculator for your event

Enter your estimated number of guests and we'll suggest some quantities which you can adjust to suit your tastes and needs. There is no venue charge for use of space downstairs if your catering order is above R1,500. (If you require use of the theatre there will be rental+technical fees which will need to be negotiated based on availability over and above these costs.) Please note that while we strive to get these prices as accurate as possible there may be some differences, and entertainment or special requests will incur extra costs. Please make sure to fill this in at least 2 days before the event.
We usually give group bookings use of the parlour (side room) but let us know if you'd prefer a section of the bar. Kindly note that we do not ever close to the public.

In terms of drinks it's up to you whether you'd like to set a limit at the bar for your guests, or just to let your guests pay cash / run their own tabs.

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