Join our loyalty programme, The Florin. We just need a few details from you below. You’ll get an email with your 5-digit number. Use this number whenever you buy anything from Alexander. That includes drinks, meals or theatre tickets.

You’ll receive a ƒ100 voucher for every R1,000 you spend. Vouchers are awarded on Mondays. ƒ1 = R1 and you can use your Florins for drinks and food (just not tickets, though you still earn Florins when you buy tickets) at Alexander. Where’s the catch? Not really any catch, except that the Florins do eventually expire after a couple months (see all our terms and conditions here). You don’t need to carry around any special card. Just that 5-digit number which you can keep in your head. If you forget it we can easily look it up for you. Once you have Florins due they are automatically deducted from your next purchase.

Regulars are the kingpins of our business so it’s important for us to reward you for returning to enjoy our bar and events so that you can tell your many friends.

See you soon.