Downstairs Live Music Sessions

From time to time, and often on a Monday night, we host live music on a small stage downstairs – usually singer-songwriter soloists and duos. These work differently to theatre shows in that audience are encouraged to pay what they can to the artist with a suggested minimum of R50.

Live music downstairs • Running Time: 90 mins
Various Artists

The musicians have escaped from the theatre! Every Monday we'll be featuring live music downstairs in the bar for the pleasure of your ear canals. Kick back and enjoy bands and artists like Brynn, The Stone Jets, and Mischa Ruby. The line up will be revealed weekly so keep your ears ready.

Lara Frances | 25 June | 8PM

For Lara Frances, recording her new album was an exercise in musical honesty and vulnerability. On her latest release, “Relinquish” the talented singer/songwriter lays herself bare with a stripped down collection of songs that put her emotions front and centre.

With vivid lyrics and raw instrumentation layered over beautiful melodies, the new songs are captivating, atmospheric soundscapes with gentle hints of folk, rock and country. Based around the theme of letting go, “Relinquish” displays an artist whose sound has evolved and matured into something unmistakably honest and hauntingly beautiful.

Putting aside commercial concerns, Lara set out to create an album that would resonate with listeners on a deeper level, with universal themes based around poignant moments in her own life. It’s an album that was created organically rather than manufactured, and is an unfiltered reflection of thoughts, ideas and emotions. 

In a decade-long career in the South African music business, this will be Lara’s third release, following on from her two previous albums, “High on Life” and “Little Rendition”. With 4 top 10 radio singles, several music video releases aired on SABC2, SABC3 and MK324, a host of television appearances on various channels and even a number one single on KFM and Highveld Stereo, Lara is no stranger to the spotlight and is heavily involved in several charity initiatives supporting young artists and musicians. The new EP is a beautiful, profound musical statement delivered by an artist with unquestionable musical integrity. An artist set to make a serious impact on the SA music scene. 

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