Pub Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins
presented by Alexander Bar

Who? What? When? How? Why are you shouting answers at me? Oh, it's because I'm the quiz master and have all kinds of drinkable prizes for the rightest of the righteous. Am I using those words right? Actually, don't answer that question. There will be others soon.

'Let's Get Quizzical' will kick off in December and will include all the things you love about pub quizzes: Leagues with melodramatic team rivalries! Quiz masters with sexy voices! Spot prizes that almost 100% will be liquid! And of course quirky categories like Beat the Geek and Multiple Voice!

Ready? Then Let's Get Quizzical!

Each team should have at least 2 people but no more than 6.
Pineapples disguised as people will be counted as people.
Silly team names are compulsory.
The Quiz Master is always right. Even if google says no.
Brains only! No phones, laptops, or books!

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Today (Monday)

Music & Spoken Word
at 8pm

Tomorrow (Tuesday)

at 7pm
Couch & a Piano
Musical theatre
at 9pm

This Wednesday

12 Dec at 7pm
Let's Get Quizzical
Pub Quiz
12 Dec at 7pm
Couch & a Piano
Musical theatre
12 Dec at 9pm

This Thursday

13 Dec at 7pm
Couch & a Piano
Musical theatre
13 Dec at 9pm

This Friday

14 Dec at 7pm
Couch & a Piano
Musical theatre
14 Dec at 9pm

This Saturday

15 Dec at 4pm 7pm
Couch & a Piano
Musical theatre
15 Dec at 9pm

Rest of December

Mon 17 at 7pm
Tue 18 at 7pm
Wed 19 at 7pm
Thu 20 at 7pm
Fri 21 at 7pm 9pm
Sat 22 at 7pm 9pm
Let's Get Quizzical
Pub Quiz
Wed 19 at 7pm
Musical Performance - Singer Songwriter Pianist
Thu 27 at 7pm
Fri 28 at 7pm
Sat 29 at 7pm
A Queer Love of Dix
Otto Dix Weimar Cabaret
Fri 28 at 9pm
Test Show
Mon 31 at 3pm

January 2019

Let Me Go
11 Fri 8pm at 8pm
Five Women Wearing The Same Dress
14 Mon 8pm at 8pm
15 Tue 8pm at 8pm
16 Wed 8pm at 8pm
21 Mon 8pm at 8pm
22 Tue 8pm at 8pm
23 Wed 8pm at 8pm
24 Thu 8pm at 8pm
25 Fri 8pm at 8pm
26 Sat 8pm at 8pm
There's A Stranger In My Bed
17 Thu 9pm at 9pm
18 Fri 9pm at 9pm
19 Sat 9pm at 9pm
Marco Selvaggio
world | acoustic | Hang instrument
20 Sun 7pm at 7pm
CRAZY - Golden Oldies with a touch of Bipolar
Jazz | Cabaret
27 Sun 7pm at 7pm

February 2019

What you don't see - a mentalist story
7 Thu 7pm at 7pm
8 Fri 7pm at 7pm
9 Sat 7pm at 7pm

March 2019

28 Thu 9pm at 9pm
29 Fri 9pm at 9pm
30 Sat 9pm at 9pm

April 2019

1 Mon 9pm at 9pm
2 Tue 9pm at 9pm
3 Wed 9pm at 9pm
4 Thu 9pm at 9pm
5 Fri 9pm at 9pm
6 Sat 9pm at 9pm
Blessing Tangban Live
Afro-folk, Alternative
28 Sun 7pm at 7pm

May 2019

One Africa Concert
Afro soul & Poetry
26 Sun 7pm at 7pm

December 2019

Test Show
1 Sun 5pm at 5pm

January 2020

Ticket to Refund
1 Wed 12am at 12am
Season Ticket
1 Wed 12am at 12am

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