Current and Forthcoming Shows at Alexander Upstairs

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Workshop • Running Time: 90 mins
Sessions are led by Kemsley Dickinson, founder and owner of the Courtyard Playhouse in Dubai, and the new owner of the Alexander Bar.
NOTE: Times have changed from previously advertised to accommodate a extra session

Our drop-in improv sessions at the Alexander are open to everyone, whether you are an experienced actor or not. All levels of improv experience welcome, all that is required is a great attitude and a willingness to play! It's a great opportunity to practice, de-stress, have some fun and meet new people, and best of all, there's no fee to join! The workshop is free!

Improv is great for people who love to be on stage and want to learn the core elements of improvised theatre, or for business people learning to feel comfortable with public speaking... in fact, anyone who wants to have fun while learning to be more spontaneous, creative, playful, open and aware.

We're looking to put together an ensemble of actors to perform together at the Alexander on a regular basis. Casting for this will take place from the pool of people taking part in the drop-in sessions.

Please register your attendance here and if for any reason you can no longer attend then please let us know at least one hour in advance so someone else take jump in. 

Contact or Whatsapp 083 648 1324 for more details.

There is no workshop fee.

Book for Improv Drop-In Sessions by clicking this button:
Sun 25th Aug 3:30pm: Sorry, sold out

Improvisation • Running Time: 60 mins
Presented by ACT featuring current students
Running time may vary

The Awkward Turtles presents “I’m Trying, Janice!”, an Improvised Comedy Show consisting of both short and long form games, that you’ll WISH has a lifespan of 10-80 years!

Produced by Act Cape Town and performed by eight fully trained semi-professional actors for one night only, come and watch a show that will bring you out of your shell!

Annabelle Woolley
Daniel Pfeiffer
Eranne Hancke
Monique Jackson
Noah Kyle
Sofie Brugger
Tamryn McKenzie
Thabiso Ndaba

Book for “I’m Trying, Janice!” by clicking this button:

Drama • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Directed by Dara Beth | Performed by Mamello Makhetha, Jaimie Davids, Loren Loubser, Robyn Paterson | Presented by The Furies

If you really love Greek mythology, the old Divas of WWE or trashing other womxn then this is probably not the play for you. But if you love the Kardashians, candid CNN interviews, gold (everywhere), spelling womxn with an “x” and smashing the patriarchy one rape-culture-drenched mythological origin story at a time then this might just be your cup of tea. Drawing from the Greek mythologies of Persephone, Medusa and other not so well-known characters, Nasty Womxn is a collection of sketches about contemporary womxn just trying to get from day to day.

Dara Beth is first and foremost an angry, Jewish feminist. Secondly, she is one half of the cabaret duo “Plumsong”, which she has been performing as since 2011 with mom and fellow performer, Sharyn Seidel. Dara completed UCT’s Theatre and Performance programme last January (for which she received the class medal for theatre-making, the Ruth Peffer’s Prize and distinctions in Drama). Since graduating, Dara has written and performed in 'Just a Song and a Dance' with co-performer Sharyn at the Alexander Bar and National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Dara has also worked as a stage manager on Wessel Pretorius’s 'Klara Maas Se Hart Is Gebreek' (2017) and 'Die Ontelbare 48' (2017), Ameera Conrad’s 'Reparation' (2017) and Jon Keevy’s 'The Underground Library' for ASSITEJ’s Cradle of Creativity (2017). During her studies, Dara also directed her class’s production of 'Figs' (2016) for the National Arts Festival’s Student Festival at which she was nominated for Best Student Director. Dara also makes up one third of The Furies, a womxn-centric artistic co-op with whose help she will be staging her first second original production of 2017, 'Nasty Womxn'.

Since graduating with a BA in Theatre and Performance from the University of Cape Town in 2012, Loren Loubser has worked extensively as an actor and filmmaker across the country. From ‘Niqabi Ninja’ by Megan Furniss (with many reoccurring performances due to public demand), ‘An Absolute Turkey’ by Chris Weare, ‘High Fantasy’ (feature film) by Jenna Bass, ‘Lifting Nic’ (short film) by Ian Gabriel to mention her favourites. She went on to use this training and experience in her social justice work with communities like her own. In 2014, she became one of the Co-Directors and Co-founders by starting FEMMEPROJECTS, a queer-owned, youth-led NPC created for the development of a Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) and Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) curriculum for young womxn enrolled at under-resourced schools based in rural and urban communities across the Western Cape in South Africa.

Robyn Paterson graduated with a BA in English, Psychology and Drama in 2017 and is currently doing her honours with a specialization in Applied Theatre at the Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies at the University of Cape Town. Robyn has a particular interest in drama and theatre techniques that facilitate healing through the body. She is passionate about creating and contributing towards spaces that encourage open and safe discussion surrounding womxn’s experiences, both emotional and physical. The Furies’ ‘Nasty Womxn’ is Robyn’s professional theatre debut. Going forward, she hopes to continue to be part of performance work that engages with womxn’s experiences today. She aims to always create safe performance spaces where womxn feel comfortable enough to relate to and engage with the performance. 

Mamello Makhetha is currently in her 4th year of her Acting: Nguni Bilingual degree at UCT. In 2015, while studying at AFDA, Mamello played the role of Reba in a 3rd-year AFDA (Johannesburg) Graduation television production called 'Nothing Personal'. She also produced a 1st-year film at AFDA, directed by Matthew Coxon, called 'Verdict'. Makhetha went on to direct an AFDA 1st-year short film called 'The Choice'. In 2016, during her first year at UCT, Makhetha played an ensemble actor in Shoko Yoshimura Coco’s 'Far Away'. In 2018, she played the role of Mandisa from John Kani's 'Nothing But the Truth' for her P3 Acting Project, 'Missing Pages'. In the same year, Makhetha performed in a two-hander, 'Raising Sunflowers' with Katlego Dikeledi, by Tshegofatso Mabutla. The play was staged at Baxter’s Masambe Theatre. Between 2017 and 2018, Makhetha performed and co-wrote Linda Makgabutlane’s production, 'Shacks and Yoga Mats', with Kylie Fisher. Makhetha recently performed the character of The Spotted Boy in 'Venus', directed by Warona Seane. She has been directed by Mandla Mbothwe in numerous productions over her university career. She played the Visionary Womxn in 'Nguvu Ya Mbegu' for the P2 Bilingual Project in 2017. In 2018, she performed in Mbothwe's production, 'In His Quest'. This year, she played Sarah in Mbothwe's P4 Bilingual Acting production, 'Nguvu Ya Mbegu: Entabelanga' . She’s been a part of various 3rd-year UCT Film and Media short films. In 2017, she played the role of Ella in Zoe Jancou’s film, 'Numb'. She played the role of Dimpho in Simamkele Mchako’s film 'Chemotherapy'. Makhetha is represented by APM, where she is currently involved with Voice Artist Work. Over the past year, she has been doing voice artist work for both Shoprite and SARS. She recently performed in 'Nguvu Ya Mbegu Entabelanga', which won a Standard Bank Ovation Award at this year's National Arts Festival in Makhanda. 

Jaimie Davids is a 23-year old acting graduate from Cape Town. Davids began her studies at City Varsity in 2015 and graduated with a BA Acting for Camera in 2017. Davids has performed in the student productions ‘ImPulse’ (2016), ‘Crown’ (2017) co-written and directed by Davids, and solo show ‘Strechmark’ (2017) written and directed by Davids. In 2018, she played Monnie in the winning play ‘Foolzeball’ at the PANSA festival of new writing.

Press & Reviews

  • Mon 13th Nov 2017 Blogs

    "You will laugh, but the play is undeniably a tragedy. The characters are inspired by well known public figures, the goddesses, and everyday womxn. Think Medusa and Persephone meeting with The Kardashians and “Small Town Anne”; in a universe made of gold, glitter, and unapologetic inter-sectional feminism."

    Review of 'Nasty Womxn' by Misa Makwakwa Masokameng

  • Sun 5th Nov 2017 Theatre Scene CPT

    "Masali Baduza, Kathleen Stephens, and Maria Vos balance each other well in presence, attitude, and performance style – each bringing a unique perspective to this piece. I cannot imagine anyone else portraying their multitude of roles with the natural onstage intuition and chemistry they have. Their characters address a range of issues, from identity and stereotypes to body autonomy, with a strong feminist spirit."

    Review of 'Nasty Womxn' by Barbara Loots

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Storytelling • Running Time: 50 mins
Directed by John Trengove | written by Gwydion Beynon | starring Jemma Kahn | Illustrations by Jemma Kahn, Carlos Amato & Gwydion Beynon
Warning: Profanity, Profundity, and a white woman using a Japanese art form.
The Butcher is back! After years on the road touring this global cult hit, Jemma Kahn took a wee break to delight and astound us with her subsequent stories. But now she's dusted off her magic picture box and is ready to give The Epicene Butcher a fresh turn! The Epicene Butcher and Other Stories for Consenting Adults is back at Alexander Upstairs to satiate the demands of those who missed it and those who couldn't get enough of it. Come and see the 12th Century Japanese Buddhist story-telling tradition of 'Kamishibai' used to tell 7 startling pop stories. The show is a mash-up of manga, sex, gothic horror and mainstream popular culture using hand-drawn illustrations and luscious narration. It's a unique theatrical treat!

The Epicene Butcher has to date received:
A Silver Ovation Award, NAF Grahamstown 2012
Critics' Choice & Audience Favourite, Fringe Amsterdam 2012
Best New Script & Audience Favourite, Musho! Theatre Festival
**** The Herald (Edinburgh Fringe)
**** The List (Edinburgh Fringe)
**** Broadwaybaby
**** Broadway World

'Jemma Kahn is brilliant. I came away with my mind slightly blown.' Annie Lennox, who saw the show at Alexander Bar!

Jemma Kahn was selected as one of M&G's Top 200 Young South Africans in 2013 and as one of AfriPOP's Top 5 Women to Watch in SA Theatre.

Press & Reviews

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Pub Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins
presented by Alexander Bar

Who? What? When? How? Why are you shouting answers at me? Oh, it's because I'm the quiz master and have all kinds of drinkable prizes for the rightest of the righteous. Am I using those words right? Actually, don't answer that question. There will be others soon. And they will be a lot harder. So strap your smarty-pants on over your party-pants because 'Let's Get Quizzical' isn't your ordinary pub quiz. Stock up on strange facts! Prepare for Quiz masters with sexy voices! Thirst for spot prizes that almost 100% will be liquid! And of course there'll be quirky formats and categories like 'Um, Actually' and 'Famous Cats'!
Watch out for our Specialist Nights when we focus on categories like Film & TV or Music.

Ready? Then Let's Get Quizzical!

Kindly note: Quiz tickets are per person (not per team)

Each team must have at least 2 people but no more than 6.
Pineapples disguised as people will be counted as people.
Silly team names are compulsory.
The Quiz Master is always right. Even if google says no.
Brains only! No phones, laptops, or encyclopedias!

Book for Let's Get Quizzical by clicking this button:

Immersive Dinner Theatre • Running Time: 180 mins
Performed and presented by Rowan & Danielle Studti

Chief of Police Lauren Law and Detective Lee Justice lead their guests in a murder investigation over a mouth-watering meal. Guests are given character briefs and play the suspects at the event. They have to analyse the evidence, consider clues and investigate each other in order to absolve themselves. Depending on the script, there are 8 suspects at each table, one of whom is the murderer… You can either book a full table or be adventurous and meet new people!

How it works:
Each game ticket includes a scrumptious 3-course meal - a soup starter, followed by your choice of main (beef, chicken, veggie or vegan options) and finished off with dessert. Excludes drinks. You'll be prompted to select your seats  at either the red or blue table when you book. If you're getting your friends to book for themselves tell them which colour table to book at but hurry cos it's first-come-first-serve! Please note that this event takes place downstairs while upstairs the theatre continues to operate so there will be a 15 min break to allow for theatre patrons to enter/exit the venue (good for smoke-breaks and chat breaks!). Expect the event to wrap up by around 10pm.

Melee Vineyards in the Nippy Valley celebrated the winery’s 10th anniversary last night, over a selection of Europe’s finest cheese and a glass of its world famous Melee Cabernet, which tickled the palates of wine connoisseurs across the globe, and has brought immense pride to owner Malcolm Melee. However, over the past decade, the winery’s outstanding achievements and the owner’s curt personality have brought both rivals and advocates. The celebration was open to the public and attracted Melee’s admirers and foes alike, some of whom openly expressed their opinions about his supposedly underhand business practices. Nonetheless, Melee simply shrugged off the negative words and dismissed the notion that someone was determined to end his reign as cabernet king. Around midnight as the event came to a close; Melee bid farewell to everyone and said he would stay around to turn off the lights. However, this morning, things had taken a deadly turn as someone had planned lights out for Malcolm Melee, for his body was found at the bottom of the staircase that leads to the oak casks in the wine cellar. Someone had put the cork on Melee and the consequences could be detrimental to the winery’s reputation.

Book for Dinners to Die For by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 29th Aug 7pm: Sorry, sold out Thu 5th Sep 7pm: Sorry, sold out

Burlesque • Running Time: 60 mins
Produced by Sophia Von Syren & Jezzy Belle | performed by Sophia Von Syren, Jezzy Belle, Red Baroness, Lady Danger, Scar-Lit Hearts & Mr Jay Catsby
No under 18s for quite obvious reasons

They say the best way to get warm in winter is to get naked. Alright, we know that is not precisely what they meant, but we’re taking them literally.

Von Syren Productions is teaming up with Jezzy Belle this winter to combat the great freeze with some saucy, steamy, scintillating burlesque! Come chase your winter chills away when Sophia Von Syren, Jezzy Belle, Scarlit Hearts, The Red Baroness, Lady Danger and Mr Jay Catsby turn up the body heat!

This show is guaranteed to get your pulses and - um -temperatures rising. 

Book for Winter Whiplash! by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Open-mic performance, writing, film & music • Running Time: 70 mins
Featuring talented musicians, writers, performers, film-makers, dancers, magicians, comedians and genre-bending folks of all kinds
Running time may vary wildly

Surprises. The unexpected. The unforeseen. If these words fill you with dread then Play Things is not for you. Play Things is a platform for the odd, the eclectic, the unpredictable. It's an open-mic night of multiple genres and styles... we have poetry and comedy, drama and dancing, film and shenanigans. What will you see this time? 

Play Things is the Alexander Bar’s monthly experimental space for performers both established and up-and-coming to showcase anything they might be “playing” around with.

To be involved with Play Things please visit our website.

Book for Play Things by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Sleight of hand magic • Running Time: 60 mins
Written & performed by Stuart Lightbody | Directed by Tara Notcutt

Stuart Lightbody brings you a magic show about making connections and rediscovering wonder. In the right hands, there might just be art in artifice. Stuart shares some of his favourite pieces of magic, old and new. Winner of the Theatre Award at the FRINGEWORLD Festival in Australia (2018) and the Spirit of the Fringe Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival (2019). "Splendid... sitting wide-eyed in the presence of the obviously impossible." - The Times (2017)

Stuart Lightbody is going to South East Asia in a couple of weeks, but first he needs to raise some funds, because noodles are cheap but they still cost money. Come join Stuart for some wonders before he wanders, and help him to spread his magic around the world. Even if you've watched every show Stuart has ever put on, there will still be some pieces to catch you by surprise. And if you give him your postal address after the show, you might get a postcard from an exotic jungle location. If you've never seen one of Stuart's shows, well then grab your tickets early. This is your chance to see an internationally awarded demonstration of theatrical sleight of hand.

Stuart Lightbody is a South African National Champion of Magic who lives mostly in Cape Town and performs all around the world.

A few quotes from the press about Stuart past shows:

"There is nothing more splendid than sitting wide-eyed in the presence of the obviously impossible." - The Times (2017) 

"Every part of the performance is breathtaking and so elegantly executed you find yourself, if only for a moment, believing in magic."- Cape Times (2013)

"...Beautifully impossible while still being impossibly beautiful." - Cape Argus (2013) 

As a South African Magic Champion, Stuart has represented his country at the World Magic Championships in Sweden and at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. He has also won numerous local and international awards at arts festivals and magic gatherings, including two "Silver Ovation Awards" at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, a "Weekly Best of Festival Award" at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the "Creative Award" at the Prague Fringe Festival, and the Theatre Award at the Fringeworld Festival in Australia.

Artifice is directed by acclaimed local director Tara Notcutt (...miskien, Mafeking Road, The Three Little Pigs, and Three Blind Mice). Notcutt and Lightbody have worked together on numerous award winning shows, including Illusive, Devilish, Sleepless Dreams, and most recently Unique Wonders. They both live and work mostly in Cape Town.

Book for Artifice with Stuart Lightbody by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Comedy • Running Time: 90 mins
Created, directed & presented by The Brothers Streep (Dylan Hichens and Simon van Wyk) with Andrew Kerr
This show includes an interval

Join The Brothers Streep for a brand new panel show all about life’s quibbles and how to solve them. Each show Andrew, Dylan and Simon are joined by fellow comedians to answer Agony Aunt letters, debate worst world problems, and discover new life hacks for old troubles.

Hosted by Andrew Kerr (TheatreSports & The Brothers Streep Show), the Brothers bring their love of BBC panel shows (Would I Like To You?, Mock the Week, The Unbelievable Truth, QI), to inspire a fresh outlet for their fun and uplifting look on life.

The Brothers Streep are an acoustic comedy act from Cape Town, South Africa. Performing as both a duo and full band, they have made their mark locally through playing at major South African events such as Rocking the Daisies, Synergy, The Annual Comics Choice Awards and Grahamstown Festival, whilst also broadening their horizons internationally by playing to Anna Paquin on The Graham Norton Show and debuting their first full length show at The Gilded Balloon as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe back in 2010. They are perhaps best known in South Africa for their performance on the first and last episode of SA Idols Season IV.

Formed in 2005 by Dylan Hichens (guitar and vocals) and Simon van Wyk (guitar and vocals), The Brothers spent their early years performing their harmonious blend of comedy and music in the Cape Town band scene, before later branching into the comedy arena. The result is a comedy band where melody and music don't take the back seat to the laughs. Their songs span a variety of topics, from flavoured milk products to Disney princesses, as well as pirates, the economy, movie twists and other day-to-day observations - there's certainly something for everyone with The Brothers Streep.

When they're not playing music, the Brothers have also been known to host radio shows and produce podcasts, their most recent being The Brothers 

Book for Agony Uncles by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Solo Drama • Running Time: 70 mins
Written by Adam Rapp | Directed by Emily Child | Performed by Francis Chouler
The South African premier of Nocturne is by arrangement with United Artists

15 years ago, in Joliet, Illinois, a 17 year teenager accidentally runs over and kills his 9 year old sister in a ’69 Buick Electra while driving home from his summer job. The event cracks his life wide open. As the unnamed narrator flees his childhood home to restart his life in a bookshop in New York City, he has nothing but old memories and new books to rebuild his world.

NOCTURNE is the honest and unconventionally moving story of a man dealing with the effects of a life altering incident. It is a clear, arresting recollection of love, hilarity and pain as well as a boldly inspiring reminder of what it is to be human.

Praise for Nocturne:

“Rapp… is an ambitious and prodigiously talented writer” - Charles Isherwood, Variety.

“There is an undeniable, cumulative power to the writing here” - Bruce Weber, The New York Times.

“At once beautiful and haunting, compelling and agonising… a bold, elegant and even funny exploration of how a single moment as the power both to connect us and chance our lives.” - Mark de la Vina, San Jose Mercury News.

Adam Rapp (Playwright)
Adam Rapp is an American novelist, playwright, screenwriter, musician and film director. His play, Red Light Winter, was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2006. Nocturne was first staged in 2001 at the New York Theatre Workshop. Nocturne was awarded Boston’s Elliot Norton Award for Best New Script as well as Best New Play by the independent Reviewers of New England. It was chosen as one of the ten “Best Plays of 2000-2001 by the annual Chronicle of U.S Theatre.

Francis Chouler (Performer)
Francis received his honours degree in Theatre and Performance, cum laude from the University of Cape Town in 2010. He has appeared in four seasons of Shakespeare at Maynardville Open Air theatre (Twelfth Night, As You Like It, Taming of the Shrew and Cardenio). He performed together with Emily Child in Born in The RSA (Baxter Studio Theatre, National Arts Festival, Hilton Festival) directed by Thoko Ntshinga. Francis has performed at the Alexander Bar theatre in Cock by Mike Bartlett and Over There by Mark Ravenhill directed by Fred Abrahamse. Francis is a member of The Long Shots Improv comedy troupe, and performs regularly at the Alexander bar and other venues in the city. This is his first solo theatre show.

Emily Child (Director)
Emily graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2007 with a Theatre and Performance Degree, specializing in Acting. Since then she has worked independently and as a proud member of acclaimed Cape Town based theatre troupe – The Mechanicals. Her work has garnered her numerous awards and nominations including the 2015 Fleur Du Cap for Best Actress for the role of “Laura” in Louis Viljoen’s The Pervert Laura last staged at the The Fugard Theatre. Other theatre projects include Lear, written by William Shakespeare and directed by Guy De Lancey, Champ, written by Louis Viljoen and directed by Greg Karvellas, which travelled to the Edinburgh Festival in 2013, as well as LA based Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre and The Mechanicals’ co-production Urban Death, directed by Jana Wimer. Emily’s one -woman show, based on Dorothy Parker’s short stories, A Certain Lady was directed by Greg Karvellas and performed around Cape Town in 2014. Emily was recently seen at The Baxter Studio Theatre, Grahamstown and Hilton Festivals in Born in the RSA, directed by Thoko Ntshinga as well as Mike Bartlett’s Contractions, at The Alexander Bar’s Upstairs Theatre, directed by Greg Karvellas in February 2016. In 2018 she worked with Karvellas again on Athol Fugard’s Road to Mecca at the Fugard Theatre with Sandra Prinsloo and Marius Weyers.  Emily’s recent  film projects include Beyond the River, directed by Craig Freimond,  and most recently, BBC‘s television series Troy - Fall Of A City  as well as  the HBO series - Warrior- conceptualized by Bruce Lee and released in 2019. Nocturne is her directorial debut.

Press & Reviews

  • Thu 22nd Aug 2019 Theatre Scene CPT

    "With Rapp’s exquisite text in hand, Chouler knew he had to find the perfect director to cherish the play as much as he does."

    Press Release on Theatrescene Cape Town

Book for Nocturne by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Tue 10th Sep 7pm: Sorry, sold out

Burlesque • Running Time: 70 mins
Created and Presented by Vava Voom Entertainment
Due to the risque nature of this show, it is for adult audiences only and no under 18s will be permitted

Nefarious nymphs, hungry carnivores, wonder women and iconic cult figures await you as we delve into the underbelly of burlesque with a celebration of geeks, girls and g-strings. Gorgeous Geeks invites you to indulge in a Nerdlesque adventure that will tickle your inner fangirl/boy. 

What is Nerdlesque you may ask? It's a subgenre of Burlesque that pays glorious tribute to cosplay, popular culture and all things considered "nerdy" in today's' society. Cult films, comic book heroes, food, anime, and social commentary acts are the name of the game; so if you're looking for a little something different for a fun night out- this is for you!

Pocket protectors, suspenders and spectacles become the height of coolness for Nerdlesquers everywhere; and the unique opportunity to pay homage to beloved film characters, favourite foods, sassy superheros and vivacious villains gives performers a chance to explore their nerdtatsic side in a sexy Neo Burlesque celebration of Pop culture.

Gorgeous Geeks: a Nerdlesque Adventure will feature the following Artistes from various companies:
- Betty Behave
- Bon Bon
- Diva Disastar
- Lady Danger
- Vita Nova
- And one surprise special guest each night!

Book for Gorgeous Geeks: A Nerdlesque Adventure by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Play • Running Time: 75 mins
Written by Brent Palmer | Directed by Adrian Collins | Starring Dianne Simpson & Brent Palmer

An unsettling yet darkly funny love story between a sassy sex worker and her smooth-talking client. Mike is a classic car dealer, successful and somewhat sleazy. He has the gift of the gab but he’s lonely. He desperately wants to woo Lillian and whisk her off to an exotic Greek island. Lillian, allergic to any form of rescuing or emotional connection, makes it clear to Mike that she will not go. Mike hears Lillian; but being a man who thrives on closing deals will not accept ‘no’ without a good fight.

The Room deals with themes of love, family and isolation. It is about two lonely people trying to get by, attempting to forge a connection, both with hugely tumultuous histories behind them. While the play is emotionally weighty and carries a clear sense of pathos and tragedy, there is also a thread of comedic yet sobering banter that permeates the whole piece. My intention as writer was to flesh out the vulnerability and humanity of the characters in a context that is complex; it’s at once carnal and liberating but also highly restrictive. I was moved and intrigued by the taboo world of the sex worker's domain. I wondered 'what if' a client wanted to disrupt that contract. What would happen? What would happen if real chemistry existed? What would she do? Many stories such as this exist in our popular culture but I wanted to walk this well trodden path and tell this kind of story through my own lens.

Book for The Room by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Directed by: Dara Beth | Exectuive Producer: Ravi Naidoo, Interactive Africa | Produced by The Furies With: Naledi Majola, Michaela Moses, Sesane Sealy, Jade Herbert and Thandi Wiggill

Whether it's prepping for first dates (stressful), going to the gynae (very stressful), learning how to give head (extremely stressful and a little scary), trying to tell your parents that you've had sex and may or may not be pregnant (incredibly stressful and exceptionally scary) or fighting for the attention from the very cute older cheer coach (problematic, but we'll talk about it), nothing is off the table for this Under 17 Cheer Squad.

Delve into the minds of horny teenagers as our team navigates new dance routines and the world of sex.

Book for The Chronicles of Athena, Babes by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Theatre • Running Time: 50 mins
Performed and co-written by Faeron Wheeler and Erika Marais | Directed by Sue Diepeveen | Produced by F Creations

A woman should have it all – a career and a family! But what if you don’t? Karlien and Caitlyn are at their 20 year reunion, bracing for the “So? What have you been up to?” questions. One has the family, the other the career. Neither is sure they have what they want.

Your Perfect Life won a 2019 Standard Bank Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda (formerly known as Grahamstown).

F Creations is proud to present Your Perfect Life – a loosely autobiographical story, inspired by the lives of the writers and performers: Erika Marais and Faeron Wheeler. They play Karlien and Caitlyn, who were close friends in high school but attending different universities and having to make grown up decisions just got in the way. It’s now twenty years later and they couldn’t be more different.

As the one-time friends reminisce about their high school years, ex-boyfriends and all the fun they had, it’s almost hard to imagine why they haven’t kept in touch. Your Perfect Life is a poignant and funny look at how life can take unexpected turns and how society judges us for dealing with it the best way we can.

“a well-rounded performance filled with the … nerves that surface during a dreaded reunion day” – The Herald Spotlight

“very thought provoking” – Rachelle Scott, audience member

“Wheeler and Marais held nothing back … a thoroughly entertaining piece of local theatre” – Cape Town Theatre Desk

“It’s been a long journey getting to this point, and winning a Standard Bank Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival up in Makhanda this year was just incredible,” say Faeron Wheeler (producer, writer, performer). “The feedback from audience members was really great too. Young and old, male and female, they all said that the characters and the emotions resonated with them. I guess, we all do it – look at other people’s lives and compare ourselves to them – all the time.”

The idea for this play first sparked when the two real-life friends, Erika Marais and Faeron Wheeler, were struck time and again by how close they were despite leading such vastly different lives. They also regularly have a good eye roll at how society judges women for not managing to do it all. It’s a conversation the pair have had many times and turning it into a play seemed like the natural progression.

As a testament to women for women, director Sue Diepeveen was brought in to help steer Your Perfect Life from conversations over catch-up coffees to a thoughtful, funny and truthful take on women’s lives. We all know that other people’s lives aren’t perfect, but we can’t help thinking that somehow, they are.

Book for Your Perfect Life by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

testing • Running Time: 1 mins

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Nasty Womxn
29 Aug at 7pm
Dinners to Die For
Immersive Dinner Theatre
29 Aug at 7pm
The Epicene Butcher
29 Aug at 9pm

This Friday

Nasty Womxn
30 Aug at 7pm
Winter Whiplash!
30 Aug at 9pm

Rest of August

Nasty Womxn
Sat 31 at 7pm
Winter Whiplash!
Sat 31 at 9pm


Play Things
Open-mic performance, writing, film & music
New writ­ing, exper­i­ments, mono­logues, physical theatre, film, and music.Mon 2 at 7pm
Artifice with Stuart Lightbody
Sleight of hand magic
Mon 2 at 7pm
Tue 3 at 7pm
Wed 4 at 7pm
The Epicene Butcher
Tue 3 at 9pm
Wed 4 at 9pm
Thu 5 at 9pm
Fri 6 at 9pm
Sat 7 at 9pm
Dinners to Die For
Immersive Dinner Theatre
Thu 5 at 7pm
Agony Uncles
Mon 9 at 8pm
Solo Drama
Tue 10 at 7pm
Wed 11 at 7pm
Thu 12 at 7pm
Fri 13 at 7pm
Sat 14 at 4pm 7pm
Tue 17 at 7pm
Wed 18 at 7pm
Thu 19 at 7pm
Fri 20 at 7pm
Sat 21 at 7pm
Gorgeous Geeks: A Nerdlesque Adventure
Fri 13 at 9pm
Sat 14 at 9pm
The Room
Mon 23 at 7pm
Tue 24 at 7pm
Wed 25 at 7pm
Thu 26 at 7pm
Fri 27 at 7pm
Sat 28 at 7pm


The Room
Tue 1 at 7pm
Wed 2 at 7pm
Thu 3 at 7pm
Fri 4 at 7pm
Sat 5 at 7pm
The Chronicles of Athena, Babes
Tue 1 at 9pm
Wed 2 at 9pm
Thu 3 at 9pm
Fri 4 at 9pm
Sat 5 at 9pm
Play Things
Open-mic performance, writing, film & music
New writ­ing, exper­i­ments, mono­logues, physical theatre, film, and music.Mon 7 at 8pm
Agony Uncles
Mon 14 at 8pm
Your Perfect Life
Thu 24 at 9pm
Fri 25 at 9pm
Sat 26 at 9pm


Play Things
Open-mic performance, writing, film & music
New writ­ing, exper­i­ments, mono­logues, physical theatre, film, and music.Mon 4 at 8pm
Agony Uncles
Mon 11 at 8pm


Test Show
Sun 1 at 5pm