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Magic & Illusion • Running Time: 65 mins
Featuring Marcel Oudejans, Andrew 'Magic Man' Eland & Greg Gelb

Three of South Africa’s most loved comedy magicians perform together for their debut show, “3 Funny Guys & A Pack Of Cards” - a show filled with visual illusions, jaw-dropping sleight-of-hand magic and packed with belly laughter!

Andrew 'Magic Man' Eland was born in Cape Town but grew up in Canada, where he started his signature sleight-of-hand manipulation magic shows by performing as a street busker. On his return to South Africa in 1994, Magic Man became a unique comedy sensation on the South African stand-up comedy circuit. Since then, he’s performed at every comedy club and casino in the country. He spends the northern Summers performing at street festivals in Canada and Europe, and the southern Summers performing throughout South Africa, mostly seen at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Magic Man’s unique skills are highly regarded by magicians worldwide.

Marcel Oudejans is one of Africa’s leading corporate magicians, performing throughout the continent for blue-chip corporate clients at gala dinners, conferences and exclusive VIP functions for 15 years. He’s performed 3 one-man shows at the National Arts Festival and the Cape Town Fringe festival, and is the Producer of Africa’s only dedicated magic theatre company, ‘Cape Town Magic Club’. Drawn to visual magic & comedic wit, Marcel is adept at bringing audience members onto stage to help them ‘make magic’.

Greg Gelb may only recently have become a full-time magician but he has a life-long love of the Art, being a self-taught magician since his teenage years. Greg’s sense of humour and interest in ‘mental magic’ makes him a hilarious & captivating performer! Greg has spent years entertaining guests at restaurants and performed 2 one-man shows at the National Arts Festival and Cape Town Fringe festival, with multiple appearances in the Cape Town Magic Club’s “Monday Night Magic” show.

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Gender Bender Burlesque Show • Running Time: 60 mins
Presented by Black Orchid Burlesque & Vava Voom Entertainment | Hosted by King St.Fox | Performed by Bon Ho, Dear James, LiZetta Pi from Black Orchid Burlesque & Ziggy from The Rouge Revue
Warning: Partial Nudity | Guests must be over 18

1. transform in a surprising or magical manner.
2. to change completely the nature or appearance of an object or person.

This showcase is a fusion of gender-bending Boylesque and Burlesque performance pieces by some of your favourite burly artistes. By pushing the envelope of gender conformity, fashion and human spectacle through expression of elaborate, glamorous and often satirical performance art forms, our performers play on topics that are often considered taboo through splendid displays of diversity and transformation.

“Sometimes, I feel sexy in a slinky dress and lipstick. Sometimes, I feel handsome in a button down and tie. Sometimes, I wear ties with skirts, corsets and cufflinks. I am a gender-bender, and I can bend gender norms to fit my conception of who I am!” – Anonymous

4 years ago, King St.Fox started playing with the idea of creating a platform within a platform for performers like himself to express their creativity through the form of gender play. Burlesque had already opened doors to diversity within its art form, but a need for a Gender Bender stage become even more important to King St.Fox. Gender is not expressive but performative which allows a space to be created for breaking boundaries; and that's exactly what you can expect to see at a Gender Bender show. 

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Fri 22nd Feb 9pm: Sorry, sold out

Musical Theatre • Running Time: 70 mins
Directed by Jervis Pennington & Nic Leonidas | Written & Performed by Jervis Pennington | Produced By Nic Leonidas | Presented by Authentik Productions

From famous to homeless to fearless! The musical memoir of Jervis Pennington is a truly original performance from a superb storyteller and world class songwriter with razor-sharp wit. 

“It’s a hellofa story!....and powerful songwriting.”  - David Kramer at the Cape Town Fringe

“Emotionally overwhelming… and Jervis should be in stand-up comedy!” - Robyn Cohen, The Cape Times

“Brilliant Leonard Cohen-esque style folk songs!” - Bruce Dennill, Radio Today

“Raw, brutally honest, inspiring and hilarious. The most unusual piece of theatre I have seen.” - Alexander Upstairs audience review

Jervis Pennington began his song writing career as lead-singer of his 80’s pop group The Soft Shoes. The group won the 1983 TV Talent Show 'Follow that Star' with their song 'Elvis Astaire', written by Jervis, which went to No 1 on several radio stations. The group sold over 100,000 records. Later, as General Manager of EMI’s South African music label, CCP Records, he managed the careers of artists such as Brenda Fassie. After writing the songs and scripts for several successful musical theatre productions, this show sees a return to pop. Several of the songs from this show are being recorded by Jervis' new recording outfit The Capetonians with Jervis acting as writer and producer whilst using several singers born and bred in Cape Town (as is he!).

Praise for Jervis's work:
'Who Really Freed Nelson?!'
“…incredibly moving, world-class show…”  - C.K. The Citizen
“See this show? Hell Yes!”  -A.S. The Star
“…leaves audience begging for more.”  This Day

Press & Reviews

  • Wed 13th Feb 2019 Weekend Special

    "I don’t know what to write about this one man, true-life, surreal, mystical, achingly funny show, other than I cried from laughter, wept in painful recognition, gasped in wonder and exited into a different universe than the one I arrived from tonight."

    Review of 'An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life' by Megan Furniss

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Comedy, Theatre • Running Time: 55 mins
Directed by Kei-Ella Loewe | Written by Kei-Ella Loewe and Tarryn Naude | Performed by Tazme Pillay and Rosa-Karoo Loewe | Featuring Jamie-Lee Money

"Attention passengers. Attention. This is your captain speaking. We are approaching a minor hurricane and might experience some violent and potentially fatal turbulence. Remain calm. If you are unable to do this and uncontrollable panic sets in, our cabin crew Meghan and Shivan are equipped to handle you. Or in the very least, keep you entertained Thank you for choosing Air Bermuda: Air Bermuda! We keep you coming, back!"

A new comedy set in mid-air! Fasten your seat belts, get a drink and try to relax, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

A new play by Kei-Ella Loewe in collaboration with Rosa-Karroo Loewe, Tazme Pillay and Tarryn Naude. Performed by Rosa-Karoo Loewe and Tazme Pillay. And featuring Jamie-Lee Money as 'The Captain'. 

From the director who brought you In Whorefish Bloomers! The Waitresses Lament, Avante-Gauva Productions is cooking up a new two-hander. With performers Tazme Pillay (Out Of Bounds, Woolworths) and Rosa-Karoo Loewe (The Room With Three Windows), Winging It! promises to be unlike any flight you've ever experienced. 

In flight snacks will be on offer. Please have your correct change ready should you want a snack or beverage off the trolley. 

Kei-Ella Loewe graduated from UCT Theatre and Performance in 2015 with an Honours in Theatre-Making, where she received the Mavis Taylor Award for most promising director. Since then, she has directed and written three original works - Monster performed at the Cape Town Fringe in 2016, In Whorefish Bloomers: The Waitress's Lament in 2017 and 2018 (Alexander Bar, Cape Town Fringe, Pop Art Theatre in Joburg and The Drama Factory in Somerset West). The show enjoy sold out performances and was nominated for Freshest Show and Fresh Creative (Directing) Awards at the Cape Town Fringe 2017. And The Room with Three Windows which premiered at the National Arts Festival in 2018. Winging It! Will be her fourth. Outside of play-making she works as a technician and stage manager at various institutions in and around Cape Town. 

Rosa-Karoo Loewe and Tazme Pillay graduated from UCT Theatre and Performance in 2017, in Theatre-Making and Acting respectively. 

Tazme Pillay is a Durban-born actor and performance artist. His performance in the Standard Bank Ovation Award winning Out Of Bounds (2016) garnered him a Best Actor nomination in the 2016 Awards. He also presents and exhibits performance art, a passion which has seen him present work across South Africa. He hopes to redefine the emphasis on patriarchal masculinity in the theatre and eradicate the ideal of the hetero-normative actor. Advocating that the yardstick for roles be shifted, he promotes the visibility of queer masculinity on stage. 

Rosa-Karoo Loewe is making art and waiting tables. She has been working as a stage manager and technician and made her professional debut in The Room with Three Windows at the National Arts Festival in 2018.

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Psychological Thriller • Running Time: 60 mins
Producer: Yasmin Hankel | Director: Allistine Bo Grady | Writer: Tash Futeran | Performed by Tash Futeran, Yasmin Hankel, Allistine Bo Grady & Vash Singh (voice) | with Original Music by Nash Singh

Veronica and Lucy, two actors at very different stages in their careers, find themselves unwittingly trapped in an audition which takes a dark turn they did not expect. The destructive tendencies of human nature are laid bare when these rivals are pushed to their personal, professional and moral breaking point in their obsessive pursuit for success.

The Match is a contemporary tale of rivalry, envy, and humiliation.


Tash Futeran is a versatile theatre and voice actor whose most recent performances were in "TERROR - Your Verdict" directed by Yasmin Hankel, and in "Othello: A Woman's Story", by Adolph de Beer and Regina Malan. She also performed in the "Halfway Inn" directed and written by Alastair Kingon-Daniels. In 2018 she received a CATA Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Abigail's Party" directed by Lynn Moss. In 2017 she was nominated for her role as Elizabeth Barrett Browning in "The Barretts of Wimpole Street" directed by Barrie Howard. Tash studied Drama through Trinity College London and the Waterfront Theatre College in Cape Town. She is also an avid writer who has obtained a BA Honours in English Language and Literature from the University of South Africa. 

Yasmin Hankel is a daring actor, who is also a savvy producer. Her most recent work includes 2018's "TERROR - Your Verdict" at the Alexander Bar Theatre -  in which she acted, produced and directed.  In 2017  she wrote, produced, directed and acted in "The Water Warrior" which was performed at The Cape Town Fringe Festival. She is also a film actor who recently appeared in the short film, "I'm With You" directed by Dylan Vermaak as well as "A Hero's Counsel" directed by Magnus Taljaard, which was part of the 48 Hour Film Festival. Yasmin obtained a BA in New Media at the University of Cape Town and received the majority of her acting training at Act Cape Town. In 2008 she received the David Marais Memorial Prize for New Media. 

Allistine Bo Grady is a captivating theatre and film actor who has most recently performed at the Alexander Bar Theatre in "TERROR - Your Verdict" directed by Yasmin Hankel, and "Vday 2018: A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, A Prayer" directed by Tamryn Speirs which will have a rerun in March. In 2017 she performed in "21 Lightyears" written by Nicola Hanekom and directed by Tamryn Speirs. Her film and television credits include the short film "Dirty Money" directed by Matthew Kalil (which was also a creative collaboration) and the Kyknet series "Dwaalster" written by Nicola Hanekom. Allistine Studied drama through Trinity College London and Film Acting at ACT Cape Town. She has a background as an assistant drama teacher at ACT Cape Town and she has recently ventured into directing.

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Pub Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins
presented by Alexander Bar

Who? What? When? How? Why are you shouting answers at me? Oh, it's because I'm the quiz master and have all kinds of drinkable prizes for the rightest of the righteous. Am I using those words right? Actually, don't answer that question. There will be others soon. And they will be a lot harder. So strap your smarty-pants on over your party-pants because 'Let's Get Quizzical' isn't your ordinary pub quiz. Stock up on strange facts! Prepare for Quiz masters with sexy voices! Thirst for spot prizes that almost 100% will be liquid! And of course there'll be quirky formats and categories like 'Um, Actually' and 'Famous Cats'!
Watch out for our Specialist Nights when we focus on categories like Film & TV or Music.

Ready? Then Let's Get Quizzical!

Kindly note: Quiz tickets are per person (not per team)

Each team must have at least 2 people but no more than 6.
Pineapples disguised as people will be counted as people.
Silly team names are compulsory.
The Quiz Master is always right. Even if google says no.
Brains only! No phones, laptops, or encyclopedias!

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Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Writer, Director & Performer J.Bobs Tshabalala | Featuring a unique line-up of guests each night

Celebrated Writer, Director and Performer J.Bobs Tshabalala is back in Cape Town with his live game show Off The Record.

What is it you ask?

Is it improvisation, theatre sports, stand up comedy?

It does borrow from the tropes of theatre sports. It does demand an inclination toward improvisation. There are elements of stand-up comedy in it. But, all in all, these are GAME SHOWS! We are talking Buzzers, Bells, Quizzes, Prizes, Challenges, Points, Teams, Rivalry, Cheats, The Works!

This show has become a cult gem due to its high energy, edgy and entertaining performance style. One second it is a riotous laughter festival and the next second it is a scathing critique of how complicit we all are in the horrors that make up this nation. It is an exploration rich in critical engagement, robust debate and thorough research. The competition element then decorates all these complex workings in a way that makes even the most gruesome subject matter digestible. 

This is the two time Cape Town Fringe Award winning performance which scooped the “Freshest Show” and “Spirit of Fringe” awards. In 2018, it won the Gold Ovation Award at The National Arts Festival.

Do yourself a favour and come and see why this concept is creating such a large buzz in the alternative live arts sphere. 

There's an amazing line up of fascinating and funny guests including entertainers, writers, intellectuals and smarty-pants. Here's the line-up so far, but be warned! It is subject to change.

Press & Reviews

  • Mon 28th Jan 2019 Blogs

    "The gameshow's success is based on rewarding our connections more than our divisions. On highlighting similarities in the veil of exposing our differences. On being scathing in a way that is cathartic for all, and on being funny in a way that is laughable only to our national humour. They are about using theatre to explore the theatrics of our reality."

    Carla Lever interviews Jefferson Tshabalala for

Book for J. Bobs Live: Off The Record by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Sleight of hand and psychological illusion • Running Time: 75 mins
Written and performed by Stuart Lightbody | Directed by Tara Notcutt | Graphic art and set design by Sharleen Hollick

The magicians' secret world exists behind locked doors, Stuart Lightbody offers you a key. Spend an evening inside Stuart's mind, a place full of fading memories where strange impossibilities lurk. Each night the audience chooses exactly which wonders unfold, so no two performances are alike and anything could happen. Welcome to "Unique Wonders".

Press & Reviews

  • Fri 18th Aug 2017 Broadway World

    "Lightbody has always been a disarming worker of wonders; his manner is as masterful as his magic. In UNIQUE WONDERS, he excels himself. Whether he is working with cards or coins, he is captivating from start to finish, the meticulous eye of director Tara Notcutt an active and valuable collaborator in his work."

    Review of Unique Wonders by David Fick

  • Fri 18th Aug 2017 Times Live

    "I knew it would be all right when I heard one 14-year-old gasp "What?!" and the other hiss "No way!" There's nothing more splendid than sitting wide-eyed in the presence of the obviously impossible: it makes an adult feel like a kid. Even better, it makes a teenager feel like a kid too."

    Review of Unique Wonders by Darrel Bristow-Bovey

  • Wed 16th Aug 2017 Fine Music Radio

    Rodney Trudgeon interviews Stuart Lightbody on People of Note for Unique Wonders

  • Tue 15th Aug 2017 Weekend Special

    "[Stuart Lightbody] is warm and self-deprecating in just the right amounts. And he is so, so neat and precise that he makes every single move a dance. His cards flow from his hands. His glances are so precise and intended we never look in the wrong place, and he has an absolute gift when handling each member of the audience; especially those he brings onto stage. He is also very, very funny in a totally old fashioned and delicious way."

    Review of Unique Wonders by Megan Furniss

  • Mon 14th Aug 2017 Weekend Argus

    Review of Unique Wonders by Bianca Coleman

  • Fri 21st Jul 2017 Cape Times

    "The Magicians' world exists behind locked doors and this is the curious audience's opportunity to see what lies behind them."

    Newflash: Unique Wonders - An Opportunity to See a Master of Misdirection

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Clown • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Performed by Chris Lynam | Directed by Tomas Kubinek
Warning: Nudity | Smoke | Mind bending imagery

Chris Lynam has worked as an uncategorisable solo clown/comedian for over forty years, which has earned him a reputation for unpredictable hilarity and mayhem.With his raw physicality, an exquisite grasp of the grotesque and a seemingly endless supply of explosive tricks, he has been feverishly subverting the tradition of alternative comedy, shattering our cosy pre-conceptions with his extraordinary off the wall surrealism and spontaneous modern clown.

Indescribably wild and wondrous physical comedy Chris Lynam, the infamous iconoclastic clown, brings you his interactive, acrobatic, manically musical and gloriously epic show!

Ever felt like you needed a theatrical alarm clock? Go and get woken up!”
– The Independent

“Wild clown in a class of his own.”
– The Times

“The prospect of a variety night headed by wildly inventive comedian, clown, and man of many parts, Chris Lynam, is irresistible!”
– Time Out

“Surreal, unhinged quality that makes for comic greatness.”
– You Magazine

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Live Reading • Running Time: 60 mins
Produced by Kelly Smith | Featured Readers are Baby Ray, Charlie French, Tswana Hippie & Velvet Nix
Warning: Nudity | No under 18s

They’re here, they’re queer, they’re naked! 

Naked Girls Reading presents Queer AF is exactly what it sounds like - completely nude, queer women reading literature aloud. It's a sexy book club and a sumptuous and scandalous event sure to arouse, educate and entertain all at once. 

We’ll be sauntering through a literary landscape of all things camp and our unclad readers will share a lively selection of LGBTQI literature sure to leave you laughing, provoked and full of Pride.

The Cape Town chapter of this international event has been described as a "performance art sensation" on eTV Primetime News.

Book for Naked Girls Reading presents Queer AF by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

physical-drama • Running Time: 58 mins
Performed by Carlo Daniels and Abigail Mei

A new and original physical theatre play that holds very important messages, performed in Afrikaans. The play is created and performed by two upcoming theatre makers Carlo Daniels and Abigail Mei. Onweer follows the story of a young woman Tammy Solomons. Her abusive father, Joe Solomons, is returning home after a 10 year prison sentance. For Tammy, this causes anxiety and waiting in anticipation. His return brings many questions to his family and the community. The play provokes an audience who buries the truths in silence .

ONWEER is a new and relavant theatre piece, that tells a very important story about a young woman Tammy Solomoms who is caught in a web of emotional abuse by her father. The play is created by Carlo Daniels and Abigail Mei both trained in physical theatre at Magnet theatre under Jenny Reznek. Onweer won the “ Zabalaza Festival ‘’ in 2018 out of 40 productions and is the the first Afrikaans play to do so. The production got five nominations and two awards  ( Best Production and Carlo Daniels as Best Actor ) . This production is also directed by Carlo Daniels who has played in several David Kramer and Fugard Theatre productions like: Kat and The Kings, Orpheus in Africa and District Six Kanala.  Daniels was last seen in Friedrich Durrenmatt  “ The Visit “ at Maget Theatre directed by Mark Fleishman.

With the high levels of violence against women in South Africa, the timing ofOnweer’s staging could not be better planned. It is a physical theatre work about a young woman Tammy (Mei), who lives on the Cape Flats. She is overwhelmed by her abusive father’s (played by Daniels) return after his 10-year prison sentence. His return causes much anxiety and leaves many unanswered questions for the family and the community. Did being incarcerated for a decade make him a better man?

“Onweer was a chance for me to create my own language,” says Daniels. “It was a way for me to communicate my vision as a director. When I wrote this play I’d heard of many cases of rape around me. It motivated me to research the theme and the impact on the victim and the community. Abigail and I developed the piece, first for a competition as a 20-minute play, then as a fully-fledged production.

 He is a physical theatre-trained actor, singer and theatre-maker, who grew up in Mitchell’s Plain where he started performing on street corners. He later performed at Madame Zingara and had his first big break in David Kramer’s 2011 musical hit production Some Like it Vrot. He went on to star in several other David Kramer productions such as Kat and the Kings, Blood Brothers, Orpheus in Africa, District Six Kanala and Fred Abrahamse’s Robin Hood Canal Walk. He also performed alongside David Kramer in Platteland, at the 2018 Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK). Both artists recently completed the 2-year, full-time, training and job creation programme at Magnet Theatre.

Book for ONWEER by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Magic / Illusion • Running Time: 60 mins
Created and Performed by Brendon Peel

This April catch one of South Africa’s busiest performers in the art of illusion in an all new show that is guaranteed to blow minds. The Trickster is a show filled with mentalism, psychological illusion, as well as classic magic tricks. Brendon Peel is back to perform in Cape Town's amazing Alexander Bar. Brendon is regarded nationally as one of the top in his field of magic and mystery. Avoid missing out by booking a ticket today and find out for yourself why he is known as The Trickster. 

For the last 4000 years magic and illusion has been a popular art form in the theatre realm and 2019 is no different. Brendon has performed all over South Africa and even internationally including the world famous Edinburgh Festival, he is a true artist and a hard-working talent that is on the pursuit of spreading the magic to where ever he goes. There are so many different disciplines, genres, and facets of the art of magic and in this show Brendon covers practically all of the prominent forms of magic. Not only is the show highly entertaining but it is also somewhat educational as he weaves you through the ins and outs of the history of magic and illusion. Brendon Peel is a true trickster as he has been performing tricks and illusions for well over a decade. In this truly magical show, satisfaction is an absolute guarantee - so come along and witness something different and truly magical.

Press Info: Brendon Peel has written, created, and starred in over 12 totally different and unique magic shows. With his majorly successful show 'Hocus Pocus' being performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 2017 as well as being toured all across South Africa in 2018. Even at quite a young age, one could consider him to be somewhat of a veteran performer with over 500 live performances under his belt. All this hard work and dedication led him to be the winner of The South African Theatre Magazine's 'Performer of the Year' award in 2017. 

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Afro-folk, Alternative • Running Time: 60 mins
Blessing Tabang on vocals and guitar | G stickz on Drums | Ifeoluwa on bass | Uduak EJ on Keyboard

Come experience an evening of pure, intimate, afro-folk melodies with Nigerian musician Blessing Tangban at the Alexander theatre. For the first time ever in Cape town, The Nigerian queen of folk music will share her artistry, alongside her band for an unforgettable musical experience.

Book for Blessing Tangban Live by clicking this button:

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Conceived and Directed by Jenine Collocott | Performed by Taryn Bennett | Presented by Contagious Theatre | Written by Jenine Collocott and Taryn Bennett | Additional dramaturgy by Nick Warren | Sound effects by Peter Cornell

Winner of a 2018 Standard Bank Ovation Award, Contagious Theatre’s newest production, Silkworm, is an evocative exploration of the ordinary things that make life extraordinary. The story is told to us through the eyes of the at once gregarious and socially awkward Georgina. Georgina is about to have the single most important day of her life. On this day, she takes the audience on a journey that reveals how the small things are, ultimately, big things. 

Silkworm makes extensive use of storytelling and clowning techniques borrowed from Italy’s Helikos School of Theatre Creation, adding a dollop of humour and a touch of whimsy. The result is a theatrical experience that explores, pushes, and ultimately punctures the gossamer thin veil that divides the wistfully surreal from the frighteningly real.

Silkworm is conceived and directed by Jenine Collocott and stars Taryn Bennett, with additional dramaturgy by Nick Warren. Audiences can anticipate the sensitive and insightful entertainment delivered by other Contagious Theatre productions and collaborations, including The Snow Goose, The Old Man and The Sea, Babbelagtig, Kaput, Dirt, Sunday Morning and Making Mandela.

‘Superbly brought to life.’
- The Critter

‘A shining beautiful gem.’
- The Witness 

'Bennett is a delight to watch.'
- Robyn Sassen

Jenine studied theatre creation at Helikos in Florence, Italy. Her production Making Mandela won the 2016 Naledi for Best Youth Production and was most recently selected as part of the Assitej World Congress Main Programme. Much of her work has travelled internationally, namely Dirt (Official selection Fringe World, Perth and the Brighton Festival); Sunday Morning (Official selection Edinburgh Festival); A Day in the Desert (Sold out tour in California).

Jenine is an acclaimed director and designer and has been nominated for a number of awards. Her most recent work Silkworm won a 2018 Ovation Award and The Old Man and the Sea was nominated for two Naledi Awards and have played to critical and audience acclaim. Her most recent production Babbelagtig won Best Youth Production and Best Debut at the KKNK Kanna Awards and has been nominated for Best Production at the 2019 Fiestas.

Instagram @jeninecollocottwarren
Twitter @jeninecollocott

Taryn studied theatre at Rhodes University. She has performed for TV and stage and is a regular at the National Arts Festival with hits like The Snow Goose, Doctor Colliinger’s Funeral Service, Kaput and Sie Weiss Alles. Taryn performed nationally for both Ubom and FTH:K theatre companies to critical and audience acclaim. In 2015 she worked on twenty-six episodes of the children’s TV series Silly Seasons. Taryn was most recently nominated for Best Supporting Actress for The Old Man and the Sea at the 2018 Naledi Theatre Awards. Her critically acclaimed Silkworm won a 2018 Ovation Award.

Instagram @tarynsandrabennett

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Comedy • Running Time: 65 mins
Written by Pierre Malherbe | Directed by Adrian Collins | Designed by Guy de Lancey | Performed by Juliette Pauling, Brett Williams, and Pierre Malherbe
Warning: Some fruity language.

That which is seen, cannot be unseen; unless that which is seen was never seen in the first place. Or maybe it was seen, but not quite in the way that it happened. If it even happened at all.

Apple Face is a surreal comedy adventure that takes place at an outdoor music festival. A 40th birthday celebration turns sour when somebody witnesses something disturbing. Is this just a mid life crises on party sweets or did they really see something? 

Pierre Malherbe is an actor and writer with over 20 years theatre experience. More recently he has appeared in David Mamet’s Sexual Perversty In Chicago and a number of Louis Viljoen plays. He was most recently seen in Brent Palmers The Visit and had a brief stint in Shakespeare In Love. His camera credits include Black Sails, Roots, Troy: Fall Of A city, and the SAFTA award winning short film Armed Response. His has written and performed stand up comedy as well as three one man shows. Apple Face is his first self penned show to feature additional cast members.

Juliette Pauling has a BA in drama from Rhodes University. There, she performed in several productions which were featured at the National Arts Festival. She took a brief break from acting in 2013 and obtained a diploma in culinary arts. She has appeared in both Suzelle DIY and Tali's Wedding Diary and now in 2018 we see her in Apple Face.

Brett Williams, is a seasoned actor and reluctant entrepreneur with a penchant for karaoke. Having glimpsed the greener pastures of Australia, he returned to Cape Town to make his fortune in film and is now doing theatre. Due to the drought, his #hotbathcoldtea calendar photos have come to a close but you can find him on Instagram at @notbluesteel and @albanywatchco. Please enjoy the play.

Press & Reviews

  • Wed 2nd May 2018 Weekend Special

    "I could not stop laughing."

    "All three of them are absolutely perfect at delivering this bizarre and hilarious piece."


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Thu 14 at 9pm
Fri 15 at 9pm
Sat 16 at 9pm
Mon 18 at 9pm
Tue 19 at 9pm
Wed 20 at 9pm
Thu 21 at 9pm
Fri 22 at 9pm
Sat 23 at 9pm
Beast Of The Theatre
Fri 8 at 10pm
Sat 9 at 10pm
Naked Girls Reading presents Queer AF
Live Reading
Fri 22 at 7pm
Sat 23 at 7pm
Thu 28 at 9pm
Fri 29 at 9pm
Sat 30 at 9pm


The Trickster
Magic / Illusion
Mon 1 at 7pm
Tue 2 at 7pm
Wed 3 at 7pm
Thu 4 at 7pm
Fri 5 at 7pm
Sat 6 at 7pm
Sun 7 at 7pm
Mon 1 at 9pm
Tue 2 at 9pm
Wed 3 at 9pm
Thu 4 at 9pm
Fri 5 at 9pm
Sat 6 at 9pm
Blessing Tangban Live
Afro-folk, Alternative
Sat 27 at 7pm


Mon 6 at 7pm
Tue 7 at 7pm
Wed 8 at 7pm
Thu 9 at 7pm
Fri 10 at 7pm
Sat 11 at 4pm 7pm
Mon 13 at 7pm
Tue 14 at 7pm
Wed 15 at 7pm
Thu 16 at 7pm
Fri 17 at 7pm
Sat 18 at 4pm 7pm
Apple Face
Mon 13 at 9pm
Tue 14 at 9pm
Wed 15 at 9pm
Thu 16 at 9pm
Fri 17 at 9pm
Sat 18 at 9pm
Mon 20 at 9pm
Tue 21 at 9pm
Wed 22 at 9pm
Thu 23 at 9pm
Fri 24 at 9pm
Sat 25 at 9pm
One Africa Concert
Afro soul & Poetry
Sun 26 at 7pm


Test Show
Sun 1 at 5pm

January 2020

Ticket to Refund
1 Wed 12am at 12am
Season Ticket
1 Wed 12am at 12am