Call for Director

We are looking for a theatre director for production of the new play The Finklesteins are Coming to Dinner. We have applied for Cape Town Fringe and we have confirmed dates at Alexander Bar.

The play is a funny and moving love story. Nate, a gay artist who is haunted by his dead mother is stuck in a life of hermitry. Into this quiet routine of scrabble and portrait painting bursts James, an exuberant and delightfully unusual young man. The play is composed of a series of twelve slice-of-life scenes that take place over a period of 6 months. It combines the rituals of hermit living, portrait painting and Jewish custom with humourous dialogue and action to create a world that is both unreal and extremely familiar. The script calls for some nudity. It will appeal to a general adult audience with special interest from gay and Jewish communities.

Rehearsals will take place from late August until mid September (approx 3 weeks). Director will be required for get-ins at CT Fringe – if we are accepted – (Late Sept, exact dates TBC) and Alexander Bar (10th Oct). This production follows a public reading of the play that took place earlier this year at Alexander Bar. The cast from the reading will continue with the production and they are Andrew Laubscher, David Viviers and Megan Furniss. The play is written by first-time playwright Richard Kaplan. Nicholas Spagnoletti is consulting producer.

This is an independently funded production. There will be a modest fee to be negotiated upfront.

Interested candidates please apply with a short bio to to receive the script.