Pride Book Affair: Wednesday 7th March, 18h30

18h30 at Alexander Bar & Café, 76 Strand Street. Entrance Free. Part of Cape Town Pride 2012.

Meet author Trevor Kleinhans who has been causing waves with his brutally honest and sometimes shocking autobiography about growing up gay in South Africa, Secrets Make You Sick. Innocence and abuse, guilt, confusion, sleazy public sex, raves and pink parties, orgies, flirtation, lust, seduction, drugs and disease, mind-blowing sex, joy and heartache, HIV, courage, bravery, depression and anxiety, Agony and ECSTACY, addiction, tattoos and body piercings, steroids and gym….Got your attention yet? This is just a taste of things to come in a rollercoaster of a story. The author experienced a lot of adversity in his life, including sexual abuse, depression, heartache, a string of emotionally abusive relationships, sickness and addiction which nearly destroyed him. Yet he somehow survived to tell the tale, which he does quite graphically in his book. It is a cautionary tale, without being preachy, illustrating that no matter how in command you think you are, your life can easily spiral out of control.

Trevor will be talking about Secrets Make You Sick and the amazing reaction he has had to it. Book lovers will be able to meet him at the Pride Book Event being hosted at the fabulously quirky Alexander Bar & Café. He will also be signing copies of the book.