Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins

OMG Quiz Night has crash landed their trivia machine right into the belly of Alexander Bar. Every Wednesday the cosy chairs and tables of the bar get turned into your throne from which you will enter into a battle of the minds. But don't start googling general knowledge trivia answers just yet.... Among the 'what is the capital of...' this quiz has a plethora of hands-on, get-your-tastebuds-guessing, blind-fold-necessary questions. This is not just any games night, this is OMG QUIZ NIGHT AT ALEXANDER BAR. Minimum of 1 person per team (note: your name will automatically be entered as Han Solo) up to 6 players in a team. The game starts at 7:30pm sharp and finishes at 9:30pm. Please be aware that portions of the quiz will be filmed for use on Channel24.

PS We take kindly to tweets and competitive slurs between teams.

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Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins

After the hugely popular recent sell-out madness we are back to give you another opportunity to play THE FRIENDS TRIVIA QUIZ:  The one where you win, maybe.

Two hours of one-liners, Monica's OCD moments, and sing along moments with Phoebe.
There will be an act out round, so channel your inner ego and put Joey's acting to shame.
If you think that you know that they don't know what you know then book now before it sells out...again.
And remember, no more than 6 in a team. Do not be seven... SEVEN.....sevennn.

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Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins
Ondine Mond

This is Ondine's final night at Alexander Bar. Come and play, say goodbye and maybe win a microwave.
Questions will be from the archives. Ondine's favourites (bonus if you actually like them as well) along with classic questions that we've gotten wrong (turns out Stephen King didn't write Stranger Things). It's a night of the usual general knowledge questions, just with a sad and drunk ending.Expect shouting - hopefully from joy.

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