Dandelions and Stones: Death goes to Therapy

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Creative Team: Directed by Beren Belknap | Written by Jessica McCarthy and Lady Aria Grey | Starring Claire Watling and Lady Anjelica MacDeath | Featuring music by Godfrey Johnson and Chris Davidson
Warning: The play contains content that may not be suitable for younger viewers | An e-cigarette is smoked on stage.

A play about death and therapy... and Death going to therapy.

Dandelions and Stones is a brand new play by Jessica McCarthy and local drag sensation Lady Aria Grey that explores our relationship with life and death through drag, comedy, song and the therapeutic process. Many people don't know what to say about death, but what if Death had something to say about us?

The embodiment of Death, collector of souls (who also happens to be a fabulous drag queen) decides to go to therapy in order to work through her feelings surrounding her job, her relationship with mankind, and her sense of self worth. Through the conversations between Death and her therapist, the audience are invited to explore the connections between life, death, and time, as well as see mortality from a completely different angle... that of Death herself. 

The play stars acclaimed actor Claire Watling as the therapist and features the debut of Lady Anjelica MacDeath, playing the Reaper herself and performing a new musical number by Godfrey Johnson.

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