Every Beautiful Thing

Drama • Running Time: 50 mins
Written by Jon Keevy | Performed by Briony Horwitz and Jazzara Jaslyn | Directed by Tara Notcutt.

From the team behind the acclaimed ‘A Girl Called Owl’ comes a story about two sisters. A play about silence and noise. About waiting. About old habits, blood bonds, miracles and spare parts. A play about the strange, powerful moments that carve into memory like water through sand.

Susan is adopted. Katelyn is her younger sister – the miracle baby. Susan is a lawyer, wife and mother. Katelyn just rolled her car down a mountain. In the hospital, pain meds and memory twinkle under fluorescent lights, circling ever closer to the truth.

The story behind the story:
Briony always felt that A Girl Called Owl was eerily connected to her own life. As if Jon had written her play (she wasn’t yet cast when he wrote it). She found herself thinking ‘but how does he know?’. Given the success of the partnership and her thirst to work on something challenging and beautiful again, she commissioned Jon to write a new play loosely inspired by events in her family. Once again, he wrote all kinds of things she hadn’t actually told him. Creepy. This time she asked for a two-hander so that she wouldn’t be so lonely on stage.

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