Jerry: An Unconventional Hero

Dramedy | Adventure • Running Time: 60 mins
Presented by: Vulture Productions | Written, Performed & Directed by Jeremeo Le Cordeur | Choreography by Lee Roodt | Photo Credits Vulture Photography / Warren Meyer
Warning: Strobe lighting | Language: English and Afrikaans

How does Jerry, a shy computer-nerd, wind up inside an interrogation room? In a convoluted tale of action and absurdity Jerry faces shady, larger-than-life characters as he's thrust into dangerous situations. He has to be brave and he has to learn that anyone can be a hero, even a nerd. But it all starts with a mysterious pizza delivery... 

Jerry is an action-packed performance about danger and courage with a storyline that combines pop culture and Le Cordeur’s passion for superhero comics. He skillfully morphs between numerous characters,  making use of physical theatre and unconventional lighting to set the scenes as the crazy story unfolds.

Jeremeo Le Cordeur is a creative soul, born and bred in Wellington. He is a young actor, director, writer, and photographer who graduated from City Varsity with an unstoppable drive and unfaltering commitment to his craft. He is an arts practitioner and founder of Vulture Productions, which he uses as a vehicle to support and create new work. He has been at the helm of many successful productions like 'Dress to Impress', 'RISK', 'February 14th', 'Tannie Dora goes Bos' and 'John'. 

He currently oversees a team of individuals who are responsible for the creative and technical aspects of various arts projects, one of which is The Vulture Photography Project, aimed at showcasing the works of South African theatre practitioners. 

Vulture Productions is an independent production & design platform that has achieved great successes in the Western Cape theatre industry for encouraging the creation of original South African works among directors, theatre-makers, performers, scriptwriters and other creative artists.  

Since founded in 2010, the platform has offered edgy, thought-provoking productions and engaged with diverse audiences through a variety of innovative and educational theatrical experiences. Through the platform, Le Cordeur also guides the work of other artists, ensuring that whatever contributions Vulture Productions receive are well spent on fostering the talents of their contemporaries in the field of performing arts in South Africa.

Lee Roodt is a former Springbok kickboxer. He completed his studies at The independent theatre movement of South Africa (ITMSA) Where he specialised in Shakespeare and Classical Greek. He is currently one of the artistic directors at ITMSA, along with the founder, Tauriq Jenkins.

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