The Scar-Lit Hour

Burlesque • Running Time: 60 mins
Produced by Miss Scar-lit Hearts | performances by Miss Scar-lit Hearts, Blue Haired Betty, Kitty Fay & Betty Behave

Miss Scar-lit Hearts invites you to an interlude with unadulterated seduction. With guest performances by Blue Haired Betty, Kitty Fay and Betty Behave, The Scar-lit Hour promises to be a sordidly intimate and interactive affair. A deliciously, smoldering show......leave your inhibitions at home.

Miss Scar-lit Hearts
As one of Cape Town’s most illustrious burlesque artistes Miss Scar-lit Hearts is a master of the art of strip tease. Miss Scar-lit Hearts is sizzling, sultry and oh so seductive. She is a mesmerizing contradiction of sweet cheekiness and blistering sexuality.

Blue Haired Betty
A real-life pin-up girl, stepping on to stage, as if off the pages of a magazine from a by-gone era. Oozing vintage glamour and sophistication, she'll command your attention from the very moment she has you under her gaze. Moving across the stage with poise and power, captivating you at every turn of her heel, and whip of her head. There's no feeling blue when this betty is dancing for you...

Kitty Fay
She enchants with her ethereal energy, feline grace and moody mystique, transporting audiences to mysterious, magical worlds.

Betty Behave
Her character driven performances convey effervescent energy with risqué choreography peppered with sophisticated charm. While her infectious personality gets audiences in the mood for bawdy ballyhoo and beautiful burlesque.

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Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or by an adult with consent from a parent or guardian.
Seating is unreserved. All the seats are good seats but please arrive in good time to make sure you can sit together.
Also we unfortunately don’t have any wheelchair access to our theatre. There is 1 flight of steps.