ImproGuise presents: The Style High Club

Improvisational comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Created, directed & performed by The ImproGuise Ensemble
Running time may vary

ImproGuise are back by popular demand with their favourite kind of long form improv entertainment: The Style High Club. With its movie themed improv, you'll be treated to five nights of improvised movies like you’ve never seen them before – because you’ve never seen them before! Crazy, Hilarious and brilliant fun!

ImproGuise are Cape Town’s oldest and favourite improv troupe and they love giving audiences what they love – brilliant, unique and entertaining improv that excites and delights. Click on 'read more' to find out who and what you can expect on each night.

Tuesday 30th July: Night at the Movies
Scenes from movies, interviews with casts and directors, songs, deleted scenes, strange props, weird birds, curious special effects created live.
Cast: Anne Hirsch, Ryan Jales, Brett Anderson, Leon Clingman, Pete Faure, Keren Lindley, Troydan Berg and Dave Campbell Watts. Music by Godfrey Johnson

Wednesday 31st July: Seep
South African Soap will never be the same after ImproGuise gets hold of it. Slippery, saucy, strange and scandalous made up soap drama that will keep you wondering where that came from, and where it will go.
Cast: Anne Hirsch, Ryan Jales, Tandi Buchan, Megan Furniss, Leon Clingman, Pete Faure, Brett Anderson and Troydan Berg Music by Godfrey Johnson

Thursday 1st August: Senseless and Spontaneity – A Jane Austen inspired period drama
Time turns slowly. Each little rustle of emotion is deeply felt. A fluttering of the heart, a romantic disappointment, a turn about the garden. Tender and witty improv.
Cast: Anne Hirsch, Ryan Jales, Megan Furniss, Brett Anderson, Tandi Buchan, Leon Clingman, Pete Faure. Music by Godfrey Johnson

Friday 2nd August: Film Noir
The Big… an improvised film noir. Inspired by the much loved 1940s film genre, the actors explore the detective film with its hard boiled PIs, sultry back-stabbing dames and seedy criminals in a shadowy world. Suspense filled improvised drama.
Cast: Brett Anderson, Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan, Ryan Jales, Leon Clingman, Pete Faure, Keren Lindley and Music by Godfrey Johnson

Saturday 3rd August: Best of the Fest
A critic looks back at the highs and the lows and everything in between, with scenes from the movies that featured in the festival. Real flashbacks, award winning scenes, stand out performances and surprising cameos. Let’s face it, nobody knows what will happen on the night.
Cast: Megan Furniss, Brett Anderson, Ryan Jales, Leon Clingman, Pete Faure, Keren Lindley and Dave Campbell Watts. Music by Godfrey Johnson

ImproGuise, Cape Town's longest-running, award-winning, Improv Company have been performing continuously in Cape Town and around the country for the past 23 years, bringing you the internationally recognised short form Improv, TheatreSports. They have also introduced audiences to other fabulous Long form improv formats; some that they learned from fellow improvisers across the globe, and some that they invented themselves such as: Superscene, On the couch, Period drama, Improvised Chekov, Tribute, Little Space between, Soapathon, Jam Sandwich, First Kiss, Last kiss, Musical, Naked Improv, The Chair, Stuck in the Middle, Wordplay and their annual Improv fest, to name but a few. They perform and teach at various theatres, schools, corporates and festivals both in South Africa and abroad.

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