Bal-Oog en Brommel: Moord In Ixiastraat

comedy thriller • Running Time: 75 mins
Directed by Gideon Lombard | Starring De KLerk Oelofse & Richard Septembir | Musical direction by Gertjie Besselsen | Written by Sjaka S. Septembir | a Swart Septembir production

Who murdered Kobus? What lies behind the murder?

Bal-Oog and Brommel decide to investigate. When Boltjie, Bal-Oog's dog, gets a sniff of something rotten, Bal-Oog and Brommel suddenly find themselves on an adventure filled with laughs and thrills, leading them into the dark underworld of Milnerton. To complicate matters, Bal-Oog is in love with Anja, Kobus’s girlfriend. And what is this mysterious bowl? Is it linked to Kobus‘s murder? Actually Bal-Oog en Brommel just want to enjoy their holiday and make music. Moord in Ixiastraat is Bal-Oog and Brommel's first detective adventure.

Moord In Ixiastraat is a rare event. A South African graphic novel of international standard - Bal-Oog en Brommel’s Moord in Ixiastraat - has evolved into a theatre piece.

Gideon Lombard and Sjaka S. Septembir - the same team that gave life to the acclaimed Nagwandelaars - are back. Giving birth to something magical. Physical Theatre and clowning meet in this detective thriller. 

On top of that we have the rare event of two super talented actors coming together on stage – Richard September en De Klerk Oelofse - which makes for theatre history.

To bring everything to light we have the live on stage music and sounds of Gertjie Besselsen who is well known as the front man of Mr. Cat and the Jackal and who has been involved with many award winning theatre productions.

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