Building a Seventh Space

Audio visual performance • Running Time: 70 mins
Produced by Julia de Rosenworth, Dumama and Kechou | Creative direction and dance by Adriana Jamisse | Photography and projections Allesandra Griffin | Lighting design by Mandlilakhe Zunguze

This is an experiment between 3 members exploring a post-discipline approach to performance, where we see that each discipline has a set of tools and techniques available for cross-pollination. The performance project is called Building a Seventh Space. Seventh space is a performative investigation into 'horizontal' collaborative spaces of creativity and learning as opposed to hierarchical. The team for this performance is comprised of Dumama (vocalist; uHadi player from Eastern Cape Sounth Africa), Kechou (sound scape artist from Algeria-Berlin) and Julia de Rosenworth (dancer from Cape Town). Coming from different cultural, historical backgrounds and artistic influences, we are interested in what happens when all these aspects come together in an alchemy of artistic collaboration.  The 'seventh space' is a term we use to describe the space of the unknown that we aim to step into through collaboration.

The relevance and impact of this performance lies in its experimental and non-commercial nature. Through improvisation and real-time composition in performance, we question the idea of a static final product, allowing the performance to remain fluid and receptive to the environment it exists in. 

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