Dating, Mating and Relating for Dummies

Comedic Play • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Directed by Michaela Richards | Performed by Jess Pybus, Katie Swanepoel, Kelsey Lyn Gouldie, Michaela Richards, Mitch Matyana, Quinlan Oliphant and Guy Macdonald.
Warning: Explicit language and language of a sexual nature

Back by popular demand after sold out performances for ONE night only, From the creators of "The Woods" and "Romeo and Juliet, Sort Of" comes "Dating, Mating and Relating for Dummies".

A comedic compilation of Monologues, Duologue's and Scenes taking on the hilarious, awkward, embarrassing and completely normal experiences that Dating, Mating and Relating to the world around us have to offer.

Written and Directed by Michaela Richards, a sex comedy unlike any you’ve NEVER seen before!

Follow the journey of a handful of individuals muddling through Puberty, First Loves, First Times, Sex Slumps and Heart Break making for a side-splitting comedy guaranteed to have you in stitches.

Make it a date, Dating, Mating and Relating for Dummies- A show not to be missed!

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