Dinners to Die For

Immersive Dinner Theatre • Running Time: 180 mins
Performed and presented by Rowan & Danielle Studti

Chief of Police Lauren Law and Detective Lee Justice lead their guests in a murder investigation over a mouth-watering meal. Guests are given character briefs and play the suspects at the event. They have to analyse the evidence, consider clues and investigate each other in order to absolve themselves. Depending on the script, there are 8 suspects at each table, one of whom is the murderer… You can either book a full table or be adventurous and meet new people!

How it works:
Each game ticket includes a scrumptious 3-course meal - a soup starter, followed by your choice of main (beef, chicken, veggie or vegan options) and finished off with dessert. Excludes drinks. You'll be prompted to select your seats  at either the red or blue table when you book. If you're getting your friends to book for themselves tell them which colour table to book at but hurry cos it's first-come-first-serve! Please note that this event takes place downstairs while upstairs the theatre continues to operate so there will be a 15 min break to allow for theatre patrons to enter/exit the venue (good for smoke-breaks and chat breaks!). Expect the event to wrap up by around 10pm.

Melee Vineyards in the Nippy Valley celebrated the winery’s 10th anniversary last night, over a selection of Europe’s finest cheese and a glass of its world famous Melee Cabernet, which tickled the palates of wine connoisseurs across the globe, and has brought immense pride to owner Malcolm Melee. However, over the past decade, the winery’s outstanding achievements and the owner’s curt personality have brought both rivals and advocates. The celebration was open to the public and attracted Melee’s admirers and foes alike, some of whom openly expressed their opinions about his supposedly underhand business practices. Nonetheless, Melee simply shrugged off the negative words and dismissed the notion that someone was determined to end his reign as cabernet king. Around midnight as the event came to a close; Melee bid farewell to everyone and said he would stay around to turn off the lights. However, this morning, things had taken a deadly turn as someone had planned lights out for Malcolm Melee, for his body was found at the bottom of the staircase that leads to the oak casks in the wine cellar. Someone had put the cork on Melee and the consequences could be detrimental to the winery’s reputation.

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