Dinners to Die For

Immersive Dinner Theatre • Running Time: 180 mins
Performed and presented by Rowan and Danielle Studti

Special Treasury Agent Marriot Mess and Detective Lee Justice lead their guests in a murder investigation over a mouth-watering meal. Guests are given character briefs and play the suspects at the event. They have to analyse the evidence, consider clues and investigate each other in order to absolve themselves. Depending on the script, there are 8 suspects at each table, one of whom is the murderer… You can either book a full table or be adventurous and meet new people!

How it works:
Each ticket includes a welcoming drink and a main course (beef, chicken, veggie or vegan). You'll be prompted to select your seats  at either the red, green, blue or yellow table when you book. If you're getting your friends to book for themselves tell them which colour table to book at but hurry cos it's first come first serve!

It’s New Year’s Eve at The Pitz, the city’s most famous (or is it infamous?) supper club. The usual mix of customers, some noteworthy and some notorious, decorate the tables that surround the crowded dance floor. Everyone in the gregarious group of rarified revellers hoists a glass of champagne and readies their noise makers to celebrate the arrival of the year 1955.

As the clock strikes midnight, Lou Gumbardo and his band, “The Loyal Geraniums,” begin the familiar strains of Auld Lang Syne. The moment has arrived – a new year that promises to continue the post-war boom of the Eisenhower administration. Suddenly, without warning, the club is in darkness and, amid the rumbling of the assembled guests, three shots ring out. When the lights go on again, it’s deadly obvious that the darkened room provided a killer with the opportunity to put a strategic bullet hole into a surprised victim. Someone had dictated the dastardly demise of Sammy Fenetra, lead singer of the band. His mellow tones had made women swoon and music fans turn somersaults.

Guests are immersed in a murder investigation over a mouth-watering meal, where they are both defendant and detective. Each guest has to help us crack the case in order to absolve themselves.There are a total of 8 suspects at each table, one of whom is you! The mystery takes place over a delightful dish, allowing the suspects to indulge in their last meal before one of them is sent like a lamb to the slaughter to death row.

All guests are given a character brief including their background, relationship to the victim and alibi three days prior to the event. They are encouraged to arrive in character, ready to crack the case. Upon your arrival you will receive a welcome drink and will be shown to your table, where you can brush up on your backstory before we get started. Once you are settled in you will be given a chance to browse our selection of props and costume pieces and get into character.

As soon as everyone is seated, your food order will be taken and we will begin the mystery… The Police Chief will lead the investigation, providing extra clues throughout the event. There will be three clues at your table setting which you are welcome to trade with your fellow suspects at any time during the investigation. It is in your best interest to form alliances and obtain as many clues as you can get your hands on! Throughout the event you will interrogate the other suspects at your table to gain as much information as possible. All suspects must answer truthfully according to their scripts. The lies are built into the script so even the murderer doesn’t know whodunit! There will be prizes for best character and for the super sleuths who crack the case.

We are a dynamic duo with a flair for food and fun! We started Dinners to Die for in order to combine the two. We are both professional working actors based in Cape Town, making us the ideal cast for the role of Police Chief and Detective. We like to play good-cop, bad-cop as we run the murder investigation, engaging our guests and keeping them guessing! We offer our murder mystery events at different restaurants and at private functions around Cape Town.

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Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or by an adult with consent from a parent or guardian.
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