Five Women Wearing The Same Dress

Comedy • Running Time: 90 mins
Directed by Emma Di Bona | Written by Alan Ball | Performed by Emma Di Bona, Harley Ferguson, Jo mari Malan, Nicole Grobler, Kerryn van der Merwe, Annette Benz Rights by arrangement with DALRO

Five very different bridesmaids find themselves hiding together in an upstairs bedroom, hoping to escape the wedding reception of a bride that, they soon realize, none of them actually like! There's Meredith, the rebellious little sister of the bride; Frances, the very religious cousin; Mindy, the groom's blunt and clumsy sister; Georgeanne, an old  friend with problems of her own; and Trisha, a jaded beauty with doubts about men. In this crowded room above the wedding, these five identically dressed women talk, argue, cry and laugh together.

After a successful run at the Galloway Theatre, 'Five Women Wearing the Same Dress' is back to thrill audiences. This hilarious show will have you laughing and crying!

Alan Ball’s 'Five Women Wearing the Same Dress' was written and set in the early 1990s and is a wonderfully witty and sensitive look at the issues and struggles of young women. Best known for his highly acclaimed HBO series, “Six Feet Under,” and his award-winning 1999 film, “American Beauty,” Ball has an ability to combine dark and light humor, quirkiness, and serious themes. There is a lot of drinking and gossip and fooling around, but at the heart of the play are serious issues, and the ability of the women to come together.

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