The Heroin Diaries

Drama • Running Time: 60 mins
Written by Milton Schorr | Produced by Abrahamse & Meyer Productions | Directed by Fred Abrahamse | Starring Milton Schorr as Craig and Melissa Haiden as Leila.
Craig is a heroin dealer. At 34 he’s been a using drug addict for 20 years and finally his lifestyle is catching up to him. He is planning to check out quietly, the way he always knew he would, by overdose. But when young Leila arrives at his flat searching for her own oblivion, he is given one last chance to question the life he’s lead thus far, and perhaps to choose a different ending.

The Heroin Diaries is the winner of the 2016 Imbewu Scribe Playwriting Competition. 
“As an 18 year old I had an affair with heroin. It didn't last long, it was a phase in all of the other drug phases I went through, from the age of 14 to 25. The Heroin Diaries is a play about the people I met during that time, the shadows of those I remember, both living and dead. It's about how we use drugs, people, things, to plaster over the cracks in ourselves hoping they'll go away, but instead they dig deeper, ripping into our souls. It's also a play about the other side: In speaking of death we speak of life, in looking at the shadow we imagine the sun.” 
- Writer and actor Milton Schorr

Milton Schorr is a writer and actor into all sorts. With a background in theatre he continues to create plays, act, write scripts, stories, features, and travel. His favourite topics are alternative, from Permaculture to Hitch-hiking to Mixed Martial Arts. His previous theatre works include The Game of the Heart, The Homeless Menace, Wrestlers, and the #seriouscomedy series The Game. See more of his work at
Melissa Haiden: Known internationally for her film and television work, 2016 has been a year filled with theatre for Melissa. In February she starred as the doomed Desdemona in Fred Abrahamse's Othello at the Maynardville Open Air Theatre, and joined a star cast for Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, directed in Cape Town by Marlissa Doubell. Thereafter she teamed up with director Paul Griffiths for an acclaimed staging of Cock, presented at the Alexander Bar and later at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, and took the role of ‘Girl’ in Abrahamse’s ground-breaking presentation of Tennessee Williams’ Green Eyes at the Vineyard Hotel. The Heroin Diaries is Melissa’s third collaboration with Abrahamse this year. 

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  • Tue 25th Oct 2016 False Bay Echo Award Publicity

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