ImproGuise presents: The 6th Annual Improv fest

Improvisational comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
The improguise team | Tandi Buchan | Megan Furniss | Ryan Jales | Leon Clingman | Anne Hirsch | Brett Anderson | Carolyn Lewis | Peter Faure | Troydan Berg | James Harvey | Godfrey Johnson

ImproGuise, Cape Town’s oldest and award winning improv troupe present their sixth, annual improv festival at their favourite theatre, The Alexander Theatre, upstairs. Five nights of completely different formats, some brand new and some old audience favourites. 

They are thrilled to be debuting their brand new format “The Big...” A sizzling hot Improvised Film Noir. They will also be bringing back “Tribute”, an improvised tribute show about a made up band, with real, made up songs based on titles from the audience and “Fake Place” where a fictional place is suggested by the audience and the highly skilled actors will portray all the eccentric and loveable characters in it. Old favourites include the wildly popular and super competitive “Theatresports” and “Superscene”. 

Their brand of improvised theatre is superbly crafted, sometimes edgy and always highly entertaining. If you are already a fan or have always wanted to be on, then don't miss out!

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect on each night!

Tuesday 15 May – Theatresports- 2 Teams of actors compete against each other in a series of short scenes, with suggestions from the audience and are given scores by “the Judges”- Highly competitive, fast paced, hilarious fun- An Audience favourite!
Cast: Anne Hirsch, Tandi Buchan, Carolyn Lewis, Brett Anderson, Troydan Berg, Ryan Jales
Music by Godfrey Johnson

Wednesday 16 May- Tribute- an Improvised “Rockumentary” type tribute show about a made up band, with real, made up songs based on titles from the audience. Raucous, rambunctious fun! It will Rock your socks off!
Cast: Tandi Buchan, Anne Hirsch, Megan Furniss, Leon Clingman, Brett Anderson, Ryan Jales, Troydan Berg
Music by: James Harvey , Pete Faure 

Thursday 17 May- The Big... An Improvised Film Noir- Inspired by the much loved 1940’s film genre, the actors explore the ‘detective film” with its hard-boiled Private detectives, sultry backstabbing dames and seedy criminals in a dazzling but shadowy world. A much anticipated debut performance.
Cast: Megan Furniss, Leon Clingman, Ryan Jales, Tandi Buchan, Anne Hirsch, Brett Anderson
Music by: Godfrey Johnson

Friday 18 May- Superscene- 5 actors take to the stage and each one directs the others. One by one the scenes are voted off by the audience with a clapometer. At the end there is 1 winner of the ultimate prize of “SuperScene!”- This is Improv at its best. Wildly Creative , hugely competitive and highly entertaining!
Cast: Leon clingman, Ryan Jales, Carolyn Lewis, Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan, Peter Faure
Music by: James Harvey

Saturday 19 May- Fake Place- This fairly new format, is a homespun tale, where a handful of highly skilled improvisers explore a fictional place and play all the loveable and eccentric characters in it. Heart-warming and gut- wrenchingly funny.
Cast: Ryan Jales, Megan Furniss, Leon Clingman, Carolyn Lewis and Peter Faure.
Music by: Godfrey Johnson

ImproGuise, Cape Town's longest-running, award-winning, Improv Company have been performing continuously in Cape Town and around the country for the past 23 years, bringing you the internationally recognised short form Improv, TheatreSports. They have also introduced audiences to other fabulous Long form improv formats; some that they learned from fellow improvisers across the globe, and some that they invented themselves such as: Superscene, On the couch, Period drama, Improvised Chekov, Tribute, Little Space between, Soapathon, Jam Sandwich, First Kiss, Last kiss, Musical, Naked Improv, The Chair, Stuck in the Middle, Wordplay and their annual Improv fest, to name but a few. They perform and teach at various theatres, schools, corporates and festivals both in South Africa and abroad.

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