Improv Comedy with The Long Shots

Improv Comedy • Running Time: 50 mins
Performed by Andre Ballot | Eva Gilliam | Justine Buekes | Mark Penwill | Pags Bantwana | Rob Coutts | Steve Larter | Tamith Hattingh

Long Form Improv Comedy performed by The Long Shots!
They’ll be making it up on the spot…come see a series of Improvised scenes and stories inspired by audience suggestions.
The Long Shots will be performing two specific formats over the 4 nights at the Alexander Bar, see below for more details.

Everything is improvised - no planning, no script - just the comedy that comes from being in the moment!
The cast hails from South Africa, the UK and USA and have been performing together in some configuration or another since 2011.
The Long Shots are: Rob Coutts, Andre Ballot, Eva Gilliam, Sipumziwe Lucwaba, Tamith Hattingh, Mark Penwill, Justine Beukes and Steve Larter


 LA RONDE - Tuesday 23 May & Thursday 25 May 

Through the La Ronde we explore the intricate relationships of a small group of friends/family that come and go in one specific location. The La Ronde's hitch is that only two improvisors can be on stage at any point in time. Intrigue, romance, deception ensues, as these, often disparate personalities are forced to coexist. Oh the drama of the human existance! It could happen!

ARMANDO - Wednesday 24 May & Saturday 27 May

The "Armando" (named after Chicago Improv comedian Armando Diaz) begins with a personal monologue inspired by an audience suggestion. It is a true story as remembered by the performer. The improvisers then create a montage of scenes inspired by that monologue. Repeat.  As they say, there is comedy in truth!

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Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or by an adult with consent from a parent or guardian.
Seating is unreserved. All the seats are good seats but please arrive in good time to make sure you can sit together.
Also we unfortunately don’t have any wheelchair access to our theatre. There is 1 flight of steps.