Stripped Bare!

Burlesque • Running Time: 60 mins
Black Orchid Burlesque S.A.

Everybody knows that Black Orchid Burlesque SA is notorious for props and gimmicks in their acts, so we decided to take them away. The challenge is to create a performance piece that pays homage to the roots of burlesque and the quintessential essence of the cheeky bumps and grinds, the delightful tease of a seductive stocking peel and the power of a coy smile ,that can convey so much about a performer, while still concealing just enough to captivate imaginations. 

Diva Disastar and King St. FOX like to challenge their performers to experiment in all the genres and styles the burlesque world has to offer. Through this process they may discover a niche` in this multifaceted world of burlesque that transforms them into a force to be reckoned with in South African Burlesque, and with the right drive internationally too! 

And so, “Stripped Bare!” was created.

“The mark of a true burlesque performance is, knowing how to expose it all by showing not only fierce sexuality but also vulnerability as a performer who publically displays their art form through the use of their bodies. “ – Diva Disastar - \"S.A.\'s Dame of Burlesque\" and Headmistress of Black Orchid’s Burlesque Academy

“Stripped Bare!” is an intimate burlesque show being hosted at the well-known, and loved, Alexander Bar, Café and Theatre. Performers will showcase solo performances focused purely on the traditional art form of burlesque and striptease, pre 1950’s. Music can range from instrumental to modern without the weird and wonderful; however they won’t have the added distraction of props and gimmicks to beguile their audiences, as it’s all about how they can burlesque! 

We invite you to join us on the 10th, 11th and 12th July, and let us tweak your senses and titillate your mind with beautiful burlesque and boylesque performance art! 

Please note: R.O.A.R.
This is an adult themed show - Yes, the clothes come off! No, there is no full nudity! Our ladies and gents are classy! 

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Prefer to speak to a human? You can book by telephone on 021.300.1652. We might have to call you back if the bar is very busy.
Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or by an adult with consent from a parent or guardian.
Seating is unreserved. All the seats are good seats but please arrive in good time to make sure you can sit together.
Also we unfortunately don’t have any wheelchair access to our theatre. There is 1 flight of steps.