Looking for things to do in Cape Town? Alexander Upstairs is an intimate performance space completely separate from the bar area with a festival-style programming model featuring drama, comedy, cabaret, jazz, acoustic sessions, readings and more. We often schedule more than one performance per night so please check times carefully when booking.

Xhopera, Xhosa funk, indigenous bow music • Running Time: 60 mins
Music written by Luyolo Lenga, performed by Mthwakazi and Luyolo Lenga
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Xho-pera, indigenous bow music, a musical journey, this is  Mthwakazi. Hailing from the Eastern Cape, Mthwakazi and her partner, acoustic guitarist and songwriter, Luyolo Lenga will thrill you with their vibrant and unique performance that combines the old with the new, the magical with the real. Join us for an intimate performance of this incredible duo that are warming the hearts of Capetonians across the city.
Mthwakazi, is a Xhosa Opera singer songwriter and performer from the Xhosa land of Eastern Cape. uMthwakazi has a pioneered a new style of music known as Xho-pera which synthesises African Indigenous bow music, Classical, Opera and Choral. Her repertoire is mainly derived from Xhosa Bow Music and is firmly entrenched on African dance rhythms. The songs are sung by an extremely dynamic, angelic and operatic (dramatic soprano) voice and carry a message which emphasizes optimism, progress and advocates for ubuntu (humanity) as a way of living. The music deeply explores our cultural heritage as Africans and powerfully promotes the use of the Xhosa language.

Mthwakazi seeks to awaken the forgotten times of great healing. The music represents unity between Africans, elders and the youth, different genders and different races; as everyone who listens to the music feels a sense of ownership and belonging to the music and message.

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Sun 19th Feb 7pm: Sorry, sold out

Drama • Running Time: 55 mins
Directed, Written and Designed by Penelope Youngleson | Perfomed by Rebecca Makin-Taylor and Michele Belknap | Presented by Rust Co-Operative
Warning: Mature Content | No under 16s
Sillage | /si:’ja:?/
the degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air when worn.
Sillage is the disquieting story of three generations of South African women and how their matriarchy sustains them – until they must pack up the family home.With cloying tensions heavy in the air, and lifetimes measured out in lost earrings, orphaned pen lids, and long-forgotten postcards; mother and daughter have to fit themselves into the (cardboard) boxes they’ve been avoiding their whole lives.

Sillage awarded the Standard Bank Gold Ovation Award for the best production at the National Arts Festival Fringe 2016, and has just been nominated for a Fleur du Cap award for Best New South African Script.

Starring Rebecca Makin-Taylor and Michele Belknap, Sillage showed in the Upstairs Theatre at Alexander Bar to sold out houses from 9-10 and 16-21 May 2016; and the Hilton Arts Festival in September 2016. It also travelled to the National Arts Festival in July 2016, where it was awarded the Standard Bank
Gold Ovation Award for the best production on the Fringe Festival. This was only the fifth Gold Ovation to be handed out since the inception of the prize; and the second to be awarded to a female theatre maker. The production features mature content and language some viewers may find offensive. It has an age restriction for those under 16 years old. 

The production makes use of gestural language and physical ritual to bridge the silences between verbose characters desperate to be heard and unable to listen. It is also Youngleson’s first monolingual work since Expectant – Standard Bank Ovation Award Winning play about female whiteness in the new South Africa – the last time she worked with Makin-Taylor.
Sillage re-examines some of the themes explored in critically acclaimed Expectant (it toured to the Afrovibes Festival in the Netherlands, The Market Theatre and various theatres and festivals in Cape Town) but locates the discomfort of South African identity and gender politics firmly in a domestic drama set in the garage of a family’s house. It draws on recent events leading up to and during student protests and political parties’ unrest; but circles back on the minutiae of the everyday in ways that every South African can relate to.

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Comedy • Running Time: 55 mins
Directed by Rob van Vuuren, Written and Performed by Westley Cockrell and Staurt Cairns

Fresh from The National Arts Festival, Two of Cape Town’s renowned comedians (Westley Cockrell and Stuart Cairns) have taken a new twist on comedy, where two whimsical characters take you on an explorative journey to becoming standup comedians. Hilarious, explorative, energetic. Those are just some of the words used (by critics) to describe Cairns’ and Cockrell’s The Plot Hole directed by Rob van Vuuren. 

Using a creatively unique story-telling method and creative use of props the characters expose the embarrassing and hysterical scenarios which they’ve had to overcome. 

“Instead of quitting though, they transformed their trials and tribulations into one of the funniest stories you will ever hear.” 

-By Cassy Van Eden for www.mediaupdate.co.za 

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Quiz • Running Time: 90 mins
OMG Quiz Night has crash landed their trivia machine right into the belly of Alexander Bar. Every Wednesday the cosy chairs and tables of the bar get turned into your throne from which you will enter into a battle of the minds. But don't start googling general knowledge trivia answers just yet.... Among the 'what is the capital of...' this quiz has a plethora of hands-on, get-your-tastebuds-guessing, blind-fold-necessary questions. This is not just any games night, this is OMG QUIZ NIGHT AT ALEXANDER BAR. Minimum of 1 person per team (note: your name will automatically be entered as Han Solo) up to 6 players in a team. The game starts at 7:30pm sharp and finishes at 9:30pm

PS We take kindly to tweets and competitive slurs between teams.

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Sleight of Hand • Running Time: 60 mins
Created and performed by Stuart Lightbody

Just back from Fringe World Australia. This show contains some of his very favorite wonders from his performances at Amsterdam Fringe, Prague Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Cape Town Fringe, Grahamstown Fringe and Adelaide Fringe. Plus some brand new impossibilities!

Stuart has been nominated for the ABC Performance Award once and the Artrage Theatre Award three times at the Fringe World Festival. He has also won 4 Standing Ovation Awards at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival in South Africa. He is a winner of the Creative Award at the Prague Fringe, and a Best of Fest Award at Adelaide Fringe Festival. 

“Stuart Lightbody is a well spoken affable young man, lucky to be alive in the 21st century – otherwise he’d be burned as a witch.”- Adelaide Advertiser

“…everyone he invites up onto the stage becomes part of a quite amazing disruption of everyday belief” – Adelaide Advertiser 

“… he replaces normal human gullibility with an awestruck sense that what you have seen has to be magic” – Adelaide Advertiser

“The gasps and disbelieving shrieks from his audience are testament to his skill. Every part of the performance is breathtaking and so elegantly executed you find yourself, if only for a moment, believing in magic.” – Cape Times

“…beautifully impossible while still being impossibly beautiful.” – Cape Argus

“… an unreal experience that relies on pure artistry to entertain.” – Cape Argus

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  • Tue 14th Feb 2017 ★★★★★ Blogs

    So let Stuart Lighbody lie to you, it just might be the best lie you’re ever told.


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Music Performance • Running Time: 60 mins
Directed By Hezron Chetty | Hezron Chetty on Violin | C.J Duckitt on Bass | Jeanre Leo on Drums | Julienne Fenwick as the Narrator
Hezron Chetty presents a show that will take you into the dark and fantastic world of a traveling violinist. The show is a deep biographical account of what happens when a musician takes a plunge into an unknown world of music filled with factual characters and events that will make you question the road less traveled.

In 2007 violinist Hezron Chetty, left to pursue a dream of finding alternative ways to perform the violin. His journey took him to parts of the world where he spent time with people across many different cultures. Tales From The Violin is a personal account of all his travels, intertwined with a live music performance of his 3 piece band.
Hezron Chetty is a violinist and songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa. Hezron performs the violin through a loop station. His style is fresh and his progressive approach to instrumental music has captured the attention of the music scene – local and abroad. 

`The Fallacy of Composition’ is Hezron’s studio album released in November 2015. Groundbreaking techniques on the violin have seen him share events with Viewe Farka Toure, Dan Patlansky, Albert Frost Jocelyn Brown (Incognito) Raekwon (Wu Tang Clan),340 ml, The Blackjacks, Roger Lucey, David Kramer, Finley Quaye, Madala Kunene, Sannie Fox, Medicine Boy, Stelth Ulvang (The Lumineers), Just Jinger and Arno Carstens.
Hezron’s genre can be described as a New Age, thought provoking take on Instrumental music. With influences coming from some of the great instrumentalists of our time, namely Jaco Pastorious, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix ,Tommy Emmanuel, Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt. Hezron loops string arrangements live, and places melodies and solos on top of them. He is backed by drums, bass guitar and also performs solo shows. At times the listener will believe there is a full string quartet on stage.

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Theatre • Running Time: 70 mins
written by Neil LaBute | directed by Tara Notcutt | featuring Alicia McCormick & Jacques Theron
Warning: Mature and dark themes

A collection of three dark and delicious one act plays, “bash” explores the complexities of evil in everyday life. Made up of unforgettable personal accounts by seemingly nice people, “bash” is one of Neil LaBute’s most popular and biting plays. His signature rich, raw language fills the mouths of a woman who tells of her complex relationship with her high school English teacher; a businessman, who confides in a stranger in a Las Vegas hotel room; and a young couple, who recount the events of an anniversary weekend.

Written in 1999, the play went on to win the Time Out Critic's Choice Award, and has enjoyed hundreds of productions all over the world.

Described as ‘a dark vision of casual atrocity’ (Harvey O’Brien, Dublin review) and ‘presenting characters who put forth a wholesome facade that masks the explosive violence underneath’ (Variety), “bash” is a disturbing journey into the inner lives of seemingly ordinary people.

Featuring Alicia McCormick (Things You Left Behind, Angels on Horseback, Mate) and Jacques Theron (Shepherds and Butchers, LOT, Babbel), “bash” is directed by Tara Notcutt (…miskien, The Three Little Pigs, Mafeking Road, Stuart Lightbody’s Sleepless Dreams

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Theatre • Running Time: 55 mins
Written by Louis Viljoen | Performed by Rob van Vuuren | Designed by Rocco Poole
Warning: Trigger warning: sexual violence
Dangled is an adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s short story Diary of a Madman by mutli-award winning writer Louis Viljoen and performed by multi-award winning actor Rob van Vuuren. A dark psychosexual horror comedy exploring themes of sexual violence, verisimilitude and the creative process, Dangled is the first collaboration between Van Vuuren (The Three Little Pigs, A Dolls House) and Viljoen (The Pervert Laura and The Kingmakers) and promises to disturb, entertain and terrify in equal measure. Dangled is designed by Rocco Poole.

Viljoen describes Dangled as ‘a story about a madman written for one of the maddest men I know.’ Van Vuuren describes Dangled as ‘Shirley Valentine meets Steven Berkoff on tik.’

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Live reading • Running Time: 75 mins
Produced and curated by Kelly Smith | Performed by Charlie French, Ebony Katt, Lazz McQueen and Sister Kiss
Warning: 10-15 minute interval | No under 18s | Nudity

Naked Girls Reading Cape Town is back with the 2017 edition of Queerly Beloved – with an all-new reading list dedicated entirely to LGBTQI stories, queer readings and queer writers!

What is Naked Girls Reading?
Naked Girls Reading is a nude literary salon that takes place in twenty cities around the world and on five different continents. At each event, a small cast of beautiful women remove their clothing (yes, all of it) and read personal selections to an adoring audience. It is entertaining, magical, often funny, sometimes heart wrenching and really very sexy.

Are the girls really naked?
Yes, we are.

Is the audience naked?
No, they are not.

There’s something beautiful, something altogether more intimate, about a woman reading in the nude. It’s just that simple.The enthralling readers Charlie French, Ebony Katt, Lazz McQueen & Sister Kiss are not to be missed!

The Cape Town chapter of this international event has been described as a \"performance art sensation\" on eTV Primetime News and has been featured in The Sunday Times, Elle magazine and on Good Hope FM.

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Alternative/Folk • Running Time: 60 mins
Music written by Jules Terea | Arrangements by Jules Terea and Hezron Chetty | Jules Terea on Guitar and Vocals | David Van Vuuren on Lead guitar and backing vocals | Hezron Chetty on Violin | Alex Smillie (Southern Wild) on Bass | Eddy Kriel on Drums

An intimate and unplugged evening with the alternative/folk act that's got everyone talking. Stripped down especially for Alexander Bar's intimate theatre, this show will see Brynn's vocalist and guitarist, Jules Terea (NZ) and legendary violinist Hezron Chetty in their most raw and organic form, for one night only!

Since June last year, Brynn has performed at the Nu-Breed Folk Festival at the city hall, Blah Blah Bar, Cafe Roux, House of Machines, Alma Cafe, Waiting Room, and many other venues around the city. Brynn has also hosted many shows with their collaborative musical performance platform "Duende Sessions" at the Drawing Room, and the Bombshelter, sharing the stage with artists like Hatchetman, Manny Walters, David Van Vuuren, Mel Mwevi and Joshua K Grierson. 

Over the Christmas/New Years period, Brynn traveled and played shows in New Zealand and Switzerland. Brynn will be starting the recording of their debut album in March this year at Popsicle Studios in Woodstock and will be touring the country after its release. Also on the cards is a Australia/New Zealand tour in 2018 and a UK tour.

Jules Terea is a vocalist, guitarist and poet originally born in Cape Town, South Africa. Raised between South Africa, New Zealand and Switzerland by his mother, a very active theatre actress and writer, Terea began to develope an intense passion for expression and authenticity. Terea formed Brynn in 2015 and has been growing with the project and as an artist more and more every day, intensively developing his vocal technique and songwriting, taking inspiration from artists like Jeff Buckley and John Martyn. 

Hezron Chetty officially joined Brynn in 2017 and his contribution to the band is absolutely breathtaking. Hezron performs the violin through a loop station. His style is fresh and his progressive approach to instrumental music has captured the attention of the music scene – local and abroad. Groundbreaking techniques on the violin have seen him share stages at the same events with Viewe Farka Toure, Jocelyn Brown (Incognito) Rae Kwan (Wu Tang Clan),340 ml, Aking, The Blackjacks, Roger Lucy, David Kramer, Finley Quaye, Madala Kunene, Fruits and Veggies, Stelth Ulvang (The Lumineers) and many more. Hezron is also the violinist in Arno Carstens's Big Band.

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Improv • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by ImproGuise | Tandi Buchan, Megan Furniss, Leon Clingman, Ryan Jales, Brett Fish Anderson, Anne Hirsch, David Luyt, Carolyn Lewis and Ardine Fick.

ImproGuise, Cape Town’s oldest and award winning improv troupe present their fifth, week-long annual improv festival. 6 Nights of different formats, some new and some old audience favourites. New formats include Alexander Abbey- a period drama,  “WestWord “– a word from the audience that allows them to improv travel, and The Show Currently Known as Tribute – an improvised tribute show about a made up band, with real, made up songs based on titles from the audience. Old favourites include Naked Improv , Documentary and Duo’s. Each night is different, so watch one or watch all!

ImproGuise, has been delighting audiences by playing TheatreSports for 23 years. Their most loved format TheatreSports and improv shows are made up as they go, always different, based on suggestions from the audience and always bring the magic of live theatre right onto the stage. ImproGuise is also a 2 time Fleur de Cap winner. Their team consists of Megan Furniss(Founder), Tandi Buchan (Artistic Director) and veteran players: Ryan Jales, Leon Clingman, Brett Fish Anderson, Anne Hirsch, David Luyt, Ardine Fick and Carolyn Lewis plus a few surprise guests!

After completing her drama degree and diploma at UCT in 1986, Megan has been involved in theatre of all kinds, specialising in writing, performing and directing her own creations.

Megan has been playing and teaching TheatreSports in Cape Town for almost 20 years after starting up Theatresports Cape Town in 1993.She writes plays, stories and a blog www.meganshead.co.za. In 2011 her play The Tent was selected to be part of an exiting programme of African plays at the National Theatre Studio in London. It was also published in the Proyecto 34°S Theatre in Translation 10 plays from South Africa and Argentina.

Tandi is currently the Artistic Director of Improguise. After graduating from U.C.T drama school in 1995, Tandi joined TheatreSports and has been playing and teaching improvisation ever since. She is an established actress and has appeared in many films, plays and commercials. In 1999 she moved to London and in 2001 she co -founded “Two Foot rule\'’ an Improv company in London performing a show called ‘Off the cuff\' in Battersea. Whilst in London she also worked extensively as a drama teacher, working for The Bigfoot Theatre Co , directed annual Theatre for Youth Projects at the Roundhouse in Camden and worked with The Natural theatre Co, masters of Invisible theatre and performance Art. She has taught and led workshops in Improvisation at schools, festivals and in business in London, parts of Europe, Australia, Reunion and South Africa. She freelances as an acting and Dialogue coach and currently works as a Lecturer in Improvisation and Voice at The Waterfront Theatre College.

Leon is a professional freelance actor and voice artist and has been part of Improguise since 2005.Leon studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York.Leon’s New York theatre credits include Blues for Mr Charlie, Julius Caesar and The Mischievious Machinations of Scapin.Since returning from New York Leon’s local theatre credits include The Graduate, Three Sisters, The Tent, Line and I am Hamlet which won the 2013 Fleur du Cap People’s Choice award.Leon has acted in many local and international films, tv shows and commercials including Interrogation Room, Isidingo, America: The Story of Us, The Philanthropist, Beaver Falls, Black Sails, The Lion of Judah and the Golden Globe nominated The Girl.

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Afro Jazz • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Singer, Song writer, and composer Odwa Bongo
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Odwa Bongo is paying tribute to two of the most influential musicians in South Africa, Simphiwe Dana and Mthwakazi. These respected musicians inspired Odwa's artistry through the soul-feeding music they produce. With this tribute Odwa will also introduce his own compositions inspired by Mthwakazi and Simphiwe Dana. Odwa Bongo promises that this will be an unforgettable intimate tribute filled with soul-feeding music.
The creation of this tribute will also contribute to Odwa Bongo's EP. 
Odwa Bongo (Singer, Song writer, composer and performer) is a solo artist inspired by African music and Jazz. He was classically trained at the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School under the guidance of Doctor Johann Van Der Sandt who was the main conductor of the choir at the time. Odwa Bongo also received training from Rykie Boeke who was the second conductor of the choir. In 2010 he was awarded “The Best Tenor Soloist” Award in the choir. He was also chosen to represent South Africa in South Korea with the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir. In 2012 Odwa was introduced into Jazz and in the same year he was chosen to be the vocalist for the Standard Bank School’s Big Band at the Grahamstown Jazz Festival. He then completed his matric at Bridge House School in 2013 and in 2014 he attended The Rainbow Academy. Odwa was awarded the “Best Student of the Year” Award in music. Currently Odwa is a student at UCT studying African Music, his first love. He is also a member of the UCT-Ibuyambo under the guidance of Dizu Plaatjies. In between his studies Odwa performs around Cape Town and occasionally leaves the country, representing Cape Town talent, to collaborate with other artists of Framewalk (a German youth programme focussed on creating music, dance and theatre). 

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Musical Theatre • Running Time: 80 mins
Written and performed by Sarah Tullamore | Original music and lyrics by James Burn | Directed by Frédéric Baptiste | Accompanied on the piano by John Florencio
She's jived in Japan, indulged in Italy, feasted in France… and suddenly woken up to find she's now a woman of a certain age. 
When you have to sit down to put your tights on, it's obviously time to take stock. So what's the next move, Sarah?
Gay Paree has been magnifique but maybe it's time for a change?
In this funny and moving account of her globetrotting life so far, Sarah Tullamore is packing her bags, waving au revoir and singing brand new songs all about it. 
Clear away the clutter…
A new show that fuses fab innovative music with an original story ! Situational comedy, heart-to-hearts with the audience, all with a narrative arc and song as an integral part of the storytelling to create a new type of show : a one-woman musical.
London – Paris – Roam ! premiered at La Comédie Nation Theatre, Paris in November 2015. In 2016, after cabaret excerpts at The Toulouse Lautrec Brasserie and The Bedroom Bar in London, Sarah performed a full version at The Rosemary Branch and Jermyn Street Theatres in London’s West End. The show ran at the Paris Fringe Festival in May to critical and public acclaim, continuing to the Edinburgh Fringe where it ran for all of August with theSpaceUK. These performances in Cape Town are part of the 2017 tour that is taking the show to France, South Africa and England.

" There is something layered and special at the heart of this production”.  
- TV Bomb, 4 stars **** 

"… hilarious, occasionally moving, this show left me wanting to sit down with Sarah and seek her advice on life…" 
- Remotegoat, 4 stars  ****

"The script is tight, the Franglish spot on, and the softer moments touching. A charming performance !" 
- Box Dust, 4 stars ****

Sarah Tullamore has travelled a lot for her work ! In France, she has appeared in Sweeney Todd, Sister Act, La Vie Parisienne, John of Arc, Alice in Wonderland and Pocahontas. She has starred in two Broadway compilation tours of Japan and also written and performed a one-woman musical, “Estelle Bright”. Originally written in French and performed over 200 times, Estelle was then adapted into English to be performed in UK regional theatres. Recently in the UK, Sarah performed in Singin’ in the Rain at Kilworth House as Dora Bailey/Miss Phoebe Dinsmore; played the part of Julie in the new musical Jog On! at The Soho Theatre and began her adventure with her latest one-woman musical, “London-Paris-Roam”. She is absolutely delighted to be taking the show on tour starting in the city where it all began, Paris, in December 2016 before moving on to South Africa and England in the spring of 2017. 

James Burn studied music at Oxford University and worked for several years in Paris and Bermuda before returning to England to base himself in London. Credits include : Legacy Falls (New York Musical Theatre Festival; New Players Theatre in London); Joan of Arc; Nine Days - based on the life of Lady Jane Grey. He has also written extensively for pantomimes and Christmas shows, providing complete original scores for productions of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Firebird, Ali Baba, and Snow White.
Recently, his music was heard in Hawaii where two original songs were used in the score of Prince Dance Company’s touring production of Que Sueñes Con Las Angelitas. He has worked as Musical Director on numerous productions, including A Little Night Music (Earl Cameron Theatre, Bermuda), If I Were Me (Edinburgh Fringe Festival) An Evening of Johnny Mercer and An Evening of Bricusse and Wildhorn (Russell Scott Entertainment). He was Assistant MD on the French production of The Lion King (Stage Entertainment France, Théatre Mogador, Paris).

Frederic Baptiste is a theatre and film director based in Paris. He trained at The National Chaillot Theatre (Paris), As an actor he has been directed by Andrzej Seweryn and Robert Cantarella in plays by Shakespeare, Musset, Minyana, Nordmann, Fargeau at The National Chaillot Theatre, CDN Gennevilliers, The Blaye Festival, The Theatre of Rouen and The Belle de Mai Theatre. And in feature films by Jean-Marie Poiré (Les Visiteurs, Les Visiteurs 2); James Ivory (Jefferson in Paris); Alain Corneau (Le Nouveau Monde) and Michel Blanc (Grosse fatigue). As a director himself, Frederic was notably the resident director of Sam Mendes' musical "Cabaret" and Christopher Renshaw's "Zorro", both staged at the Folies Bergère. He is currently working on his first feature film "Les Amoureuses" that he hopes to film soon in England in English.

John Florencio started his musical training at the age of 5. He made his first appearance in public at 10. He finished his piano studies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. His years following the Conservatory were spent performing in concert halls across many cities in the U.S., Europe and Asia for artists in many genres ranging from classical, jazz, pop, rock and alternative music. Past shows include: “Sweeney Todd”, “Putting it Together: A Sondheim review”, “The Fantasticks”, “Songs for A New World”, “Edges”,” Ordinary Days” and “The Last Five Years”.

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Afro soul Acoustic | African folk • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Sibusiso Nkambule and Shamie

Swaziland musician Sibusiso Nkambule & Cape Tonian, Shamie will be bringing down the house with deep, intimate African tunes.
Two different cultures and countries meet for an African Intimacy Session filled with music , motivation & inspiration.

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Motown | African | RnB • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Sthe Mfuphi | Michelle Thomas | Bulelwa Sakayi | Presented by Glenda Eberlein and Coast 2 Coast Management
3 Tons of Fun, who have been hailed over the past 9 years as South Africa's most loved all-girl group will be doing 3 shows only at the Alexander Bar. An evening of music and fun! From Brenda Fassie to Gloria Gaynor and Diana Ross, from Pharrell to Robin Thicke, there is a bit of everything!

Starring Saxy Sthe, Mysterious Michelle and Beautiful Bee ... the girls who have wowed audiences from Cape Town to Cairo, from Vietnam to Dubai and beyond! Larger than life! The perfect end-of-year treat!

3 Tons of Fun has emerged over the past 9 years as one of South Africa's most loved all-female groups. Based in Cape Town they are in great demand on the corporate circuit throughout South Africa and overseas. Most recently they have performed at functions for top companies including amongst others Telkom, FNB, Nedbank, Tourvest, Sanlam, Woolworths, KFC, Spar, Absa, The Exporters Club, Wimpy and the Golden Arrow Bus Company.
3 Tons of Fun regularly perform at many prestigious events at the Arabella Sheraton Hotel (Kleinmond), Shimmy Beach Club, Val de Vie, The One & Only Hotel, The Castle of Good Hope, The Crystal Towers Hotel, The Lanzerac Hotel and they often travel to entertain clients at Sun City, Gold Reef City, Sabi Sabi and Phinda. 3 Tons of Fun are just as popular overseas where they carry the South African flag high and wow international audiences and expats alike. In the past few years they have travelled to Switzerland, Togo, Zambia, Ghana, Seychelles, Indonesia, Nigeria, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, London, Bahrain and Mauritius. 

Most recently they were honoured to be asked to perform at the Pendooring Awards (2013), the Kirstenbosch Winter Season (2013), the Hermanus Whale Festival (2013) and the Gariepfees in Kimberley (2014). They enjoy giving back to charity and in the past year have performed pro bono for the Chris Burger Fund dinner (CTICC), the Christine Revell Children's Home fundraiser (CTICC), the Cape Times Big Walk and the uThando Charity Event at the City Hall. In between flying around the country they schedule public shows so that their hometown fans have time to reunite with them, and they can be seen at least twice a year at Café Roux – Noordhoek, The Caledon Hotel and The Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay. In 2013 they released their debut album entitled 'Larger than Life' which has a collection of old favourites as well as three original songs written by Saxy Sthe herself. 


STHE MFUPHI (known as Saxy Sthe) was born and bred in Durban. Her prosperity is in Cape Town. She has been a passionate singer since birth. She started singing whilst she was still in her mother's womb but never considered her powerful and distinctive voice would take her places. She has only concentrated on her singing since she studied Jazz at the Natal Technikon. Her precious voice brought her to the public's attention when she started her own jazz band in 1998 called Sthe and friends. After she finished her diploma in light Jazz music (2002) she moved to Cape Town and has worked as a music teacher since. She has taught theory of music, voice, ensemble, improvisation, keyboards and ear training at Athlone Academy of music and Jazz Workshop. In 2007 she joined the larger than life ladies group 3 TONS OF FUN and that is where her popularity grew in leaps and bounds as more and more people became dazzled by her voice. Her incredible voice has given her the opportunity to travel abroad and locally and to meet people all over the world. She is a very talented songwriter and penned three original songs for 3 Tons of Fun's debut album, 'Larger than Life'. A music video for her original song “Usibali” was released in 2014. Sthe also currently performs as a solo artiste and can be seen in the latest SPUR advert and has been a prelim judge for IDOLS for the past 5 years.

BULELWA SAKAYI (known as Beautiful Bee) was born and raised in the Eastern Cape's East London. As is widely known, for every South African, music has and continues to be a major way of expressing one's emotions. Bee moved from the Eastern Cape to study chemical engineering in Cape Town but this was not emotionally challenging for her. She then decided to go into performing arts. This is when she got her classical training, singing as a soloist in choral choirs and also joined an actor's agency. She has travelled internationally performing in a number of film productions of which her favourite was the Golden Bear winner UCarmen EKhayelitsha as Frasquita. She has also done a lot of Television and theatre work. She is the commercial queen of 3 Tons of Fun! Bee joined 3 Tons of Fun in 2007 where she adds her playful yet sexy flavour to the group. And this is where she feels at home!

MICHELLE THOMAS (known as Mysterious Michelle) was born in Cape Town. Her childhood memories are those of camping, laughter, fun and family get-togethers. Her favourite story was that of her father as a vocalist and drummer in a band called the "Shindigs”. Michelle thinks that the seed for her future was planted then already. Sadly her father died of a brain haemorrhage when she was 6 years old. It was the heaviest blow that she ever had to deal with! Michelle half-heartedly attempted a Bachelors Degree at UWC. She did exceptionally well with the least amount of effort, but her heart was not in it, so she dropped out in her 3rd year. Singing has always been Michelle's lifelong dream and in high school the school concerts were the platform to showcase her raw, untrained, but natural talent. Her first real stage performance was at the Baxter as a vocalist in a school initiative called "Music Active". After varsity Michelle worked in admin at a day hospital. Michelle joined 3 Tons of Fun in 2007 and a year later was forced to give up her day job to pursue her lifelong dream full-time. 

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Synthpop, musical performance • Running Time: 50 mins
Produced and directed by Anton Marshall

Eracode is the musical alterego of Anton Marshall, a Cape Town singer-songwriter known for involvement in projects like Three More White Guys, Long Time Citizen and The Dollyrockers. Restart is a musical performance project using live and video elements, influenced by the darker elements of synthpop and technopop genres of the 80s. 

Eracode embraces darker themes that most of Marshall's other bands, and features contributions with and collaborations with several of Cape Town's popular underground artists. On restart, Art Pereira, Carolyn Beyer, Dirk Hugo, Simon Tamblyn and others contribute work both live and digital to create a song list that explores themes of alienation, disconnect and discontent.

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Acoustic folk Rock • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Performed by Michael Narajo

A powerful and intimate performance on the acoustic guitar by one of the greatest voices in the music industry, stories of travels to new countries, heartache, forgiveness, redemption and love expressed through a collection of original songs and some covers. A journey to connect people through the power of music.

Michael Naranjo is the lead singer of the South African band One Day Remains who shot to fame in 2008 with their hits " Never Say Die" from 2008 Vodacom Tri Nations Rugby Anthem and "The Need" that stayed at #1 on 94.7 for 12 weeks . After leaving SA in 2013 for a few years on family matters he has been able to travel South America and meet people from all walks of life. Certain life events and people have inspired a collection of songs that tell their stories. Performing in some of the best venues in Uruguay and Argentina have seen this show receive rave reviews and now coming to South Africa ,this is a show not to miss!

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Kamishibai Memoir • Running Time: 80 mins
Written by Jemma Kahn and Tertius Kapp | Directed by Jane Taylor | Illustrated and performed by Jemma Kahn | Sound Design by Charl Johan Lingenfelder | Lighting Desgn by Themba Stewart | Costumes by Ella Buter
What could follow The Epicene Butcher and We Didn't Come to Hell for the Croissants? In bocca al lupo, Jemma Kahn's third kamishibai show: a graphic and candid and whimsical journey across three continents, using four story boxes, one giant cicada, a naked Catholic (or two) and one golden surprise.

Using simple but beautifully drawn images displayed on cardboard story panels, Jemma Kahn has spent the last four years captivating audiences from Alexander Bar to Edinburgh to Amsterdam with her unique take on the 12th century Japanese art form 'kamishibai'. The effect is like watching a sort of live Manga cartoon, her sheer verve in combination with all the elements at play create an utterly original and sometimes bizarre theatre experience, a joyous tribute to visual and verbal storytelling.

Premiered at the National Arts Festival 2016 | Produced by POPArt Productions and Jemma Kahn, in association with the National Arts Festival and Arts and Culture Trust and Nedbank Arts Affinity. 
In bocca al lupo like Kahn's two shows before it, brings together a truly wonderful creative team. And like the two shows before it, In bocca al lupo is not for the faint hearted or the easily offended.

Jane Taylor:  writer, Ubu and the Truth Commission (1997), writer Wild Dogs (winner of the Olive Schreiner Prize 2006), director After Cardenio (2011)

Tertius Kapp: theatre, Rooiland (Fleur Du Cap, Smeltkroes & Fiesta Awards 2013), Oorsee (Smeltkroes, 2014). Kapp won the Herzog Prize for theatrical work in 2015. His screen adaptation Dis ek, Anna won the SAFTA for best script in 2015 as well as the Silwerskerm for Best Picture.

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Live Music • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and performed by Spenelo | Riaan Oppelt on bass | Lead guitarist Robin Lang | Bert Zona on Drums

Get taken on a musical journey through the mind of Spenelo. Filled with Ballads, tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, and up-beat dedications to muses as he, with the assistance of his band, MakeShifte, paint a tapestry of memorable stories through song and stories about Life, Love and Lust.

Spenelo has been singing and playing music seriously from the year 2000, as a songwriter and vocalist he has performed and recorded in studio professionally for a many years and in his band, MakeShifte, has been forging ahead a indie-rock sound. He is joined by fellow experienced instrumentalists, Robin Lang and Riaan Oppelt who themselves have impressive histories and experience in performing live and in studio. Joining them is young and energetic drummer Bert Zona whose energy and knowledge of music has been refreshing to the group.

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OMG Quiz Night
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Stuart Lightbody's Little Lies
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Stuart Lightbody's Little Lies
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Tales From The Violin
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Shirley Valentine meets Steven Berkoff on Tik. A psycho-sexual horror comedy.Tue 28 at 7pm


Shirley Valentine meets Steven Berkoff on Tik. A psycho-sexual horror comedy.Wed 1 at 7pm
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OMG Quiz Night
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Intimacy session
Afro soul Acoustic | African folk
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3 Tons of Fun
Motown | African | RnB
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Eracode | Restart
Synthpop, musical performance
Sun 30 at 7pm


Michael Naranjo Traveller
Acoustic folk Rock
Sun 28 at 7pm
In bocca al lupo
Kamishibai Memoir
Mon 29 at 7pm
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In bocca al lupo
Kamishibai Memoir
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Life, Love, Lust
Live Music
Sun 9 at 7pm

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