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Comedy • Running Time: 55 mins
Performed & Written by Gaëtan Schmid | Directed by Lara Bye | Sound editing by James Webb
The Mating Game returns to Alexander Bar, where it had its first run under the title BODY LANGUAGE 2: The Mating game.

Everything. Everything we think. Everything we do, we do it with one sole purpose in mind: Mating. Getting laid. SEX. Socially correct it might be not, but procreation is our ultimate goal. Says who? We do. And more specifically: our bodies. Everybody’s Body Language sneakily reveals our very naughty mind.  

Over the last 25 years Gaëtan has become obsessed with understanding our body language. The signification of our gestures. Our posturing. Our signs and signals. And what is their origin? What’s their initial spark? From the breath we hold when passing a stunning creature to our little pinkie we raise when drinking champagne … Every slightest movement has a specific raison d’être. 

Embark with Schmid on the discovery of the hidden secrets of our body Language. A witty and funny full of revelatory “Wow, what the …!” journey spanning from the massive explosion of the Big Bang to the microscopic neurons flashing in our brains. “It is an off-the-rails TedTalk!”, says director and wife Lara Bye, who kept performer and husband Gaëtan Schmid on the rails as long as possible.
What the audience had to say
 “To be honest I didn't think I would enjoy the show, but I ended up laughing for hours. That’s how great this show was. 5 stars :)” Madiba
“Guytan was amazing, as always.” Kelly
“Excellent - Gaeton's funniest show yet.” Melissa
“Myself and my partner cannot stop raving on about it. It was one of the best comedy shows we've been to!” Jodilee
“It was fantastic...hysterical, high-octane, informative and enlightening! 5 outta 5! Well done Gaetan - looking forward to the next one!” Leigh
“High energy, crazy and informative - loved it!” Tracy
FIVE STARS !!! Susan
What the press had to say
During the hour-long show, Schmid combines comedy and biology to present a doubly captivating and hilarious talk which analyses evolution, body language and the human need for procreation. He uses slideshows, mime, and monologue that results in a clever TEDtalkcumcomedy showhybrid.                
¬¬Heather Cameron Cue 2015
A fascinating and hilarious one-man comedy about the mating rituals of the modern man. The fast paced performance from Gaetan Schmid, who with his zany wit, shares the differences between the sexes in this sometimes risque but never boring show. Very entertaining!   
Wendy King Cue 2015


In our brand new world of hyper-active¬¬ connectivity we’ve become addicted to instant communication, to instant gratification. Quick and easy fixes but resulting in an obvious deterioration: plenty of pseudo connections, superficial relationships and hysterical miscommunications.

On the other hand, face to face contact is good old school communication. More slow food than fast food but refined over millions of years and with its original and most important ingredient: Body Language.

Unfortunately, today lots of us have lost the ability to read our body language properly and thus genuinely communicate with each other.
But it’s not too late!

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Mon 30th May 7pm R80 (R70 online): Hurry! Only 17 tickets left! Tue 31st May 7pm R80 (R70 online) Wed 1st Jun 7pm R80 (R70 online) Thu 2nd Jun 7pm R80 (R70 online) Fri 3rd Jun 7pm R80 (R70 online): Hurry! Only 19 tickets left! Sat 4th Jun 7pm R80 (R70 online)

Romance, tragicomedy, physical theatre • Running Time: 50 mins
Starring and created by Richard Wright-Firth and Candice van Litsenborgh | Directed by Claire-Louise Worby | Sound design by Wayne Joshua of Africa Audio Post
Gavin and Eleanor live on the fourth floor, across the street from a park. Eleanor likes French music, her Ginseng Ficus bonsai tree, "Ginny" and re-reading her favourite books in the park. She lives with a girl she found on Gumtree. Gavin likes Nik-Naks and listening to his neighbour's music through the walls. He lives with his best friend - a beagle named Ian.  Vacancy is the story of the quiet romance between two very shy and lonely people, who have never met.
Real life couple Richard Wright-Firth (Muldoon in Black Sails) and Candice van Litsenborgh (Fleur Du Cap and Naledi nominated actress) perform together in this romantic tragicomedy about loneliness, loss and connection. The show explores the power of non-verbal communication. Candice van Litsenborgh (Eleanor) is a Fleur Du Cap and Naledi nominee (Best Actress in a Musical - Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors) as well as the winner of the Broadway World Best Actress in a Musical for 2015. She was named one of the top 5 actresses of 2015 by Die Reviewer. Candice graduated from UCT with a BA Theatre and Performance in 2004. She was most recently seen in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and also co-produced and adapted the script of From The Heart. Other shows include: Understudy Blues, Sunset Boulevard, Evita, Chess, Showboat and Much Ado About Nothing. Richard Wright-Firth (Gavin) can currently be seen playing Muldoon on the Starz International series, Black Sails. He was also a member of the BBC's famed radio drama company as well as being a lecturer and director at Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts in London - one of the most prestigious drama schools in the world. Richard directed Understudy Blues and From the Heart for Canned Rice Productions. Performance credits: Black Sails (TV) Modder en Bloed (film) Julius Caeser, Macbeth and Robert Syverton in They Shoot Horses Don\'t They? (theatre) Claire-Louise Worby (director) left her home in Sante Fe, New Mexico when she was 16, to pursue a classical theatre education in London. After graduating from the Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts, she kicked off her career in Los Angeles, performing in sketch comedy shows such as "So You Think You Can Laugh?" and taking on roles in indie films (Cereal, Lossed) and TV (Real Cowboys: Wyatt Earp). Performance: Arsenic and Old Lace, Desdemona in Othello, Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing, Poppy 

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Mon 30th May 9pm R90 (R80 online) Tue 31st May 9pm R90 (R80 online) Mon 6th Jun 7pm R90 (R80 online) Tue 7th Jun 7pm R90 (R80 online) Wed 8th Jun 7pm R90 (R80 online) Thu 9th Jun 7pm R90 (R80 online) Fri 10th Jun 7pm R90 (R80 online) Sat 11th Jun 7pm R90 (R80 online)

Quiz • Running Time: 90 mins
OMG Quiz Night has crash landed their trivia machine right into the belly of Alexander Bar. Every Wednesday the cosy chairs and tables of the bar get turned into your throne from which you will enter into a battle of the minds. But don't start googling general knowledge trivia answers just yet.... Among the 'what is the capital of...' this quiz has a plethora of hands-on, get-your-tastebuds-guessing, blind-fold-necessary questions. This is not just any games night, this is OMG QUIZ NIGHT AT ALEXANDER BAR. Minimum of 1 person per team (note: your name will automatically be entered as Han Solo) up to 6 players in a team. The game starts at 7:30pm sharp and finishes at 9:30pm

PS We take kindly to tweets and competitive slurs between teams.

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Wed 1st Jun 7:30pm R40 (R30 online) Wed 8th Jun 7:30pm R40 (R30 online) Wed 22nd Jun 7:30pm R40 (R30 online) Wed 29th Jun 7:30pm R40 (R30 online) Wed 6th Jul 7:30pm R40 (R30 online) Wed 13th Jul 7:30pm R40 (R30 online) Wed 20th Jul 7:30pm R40 (R30 online) Wed 27th Jul 7:30pm R40 (R30 online)

Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Performed by Irit Noble | Co-written by Jean-Pierre and Murray-Kline
Warning: PG 16
Comedy Diva Irit Noble is an award-winning comic slash singer, renowned for her stylish one-woman shows and her work at Madame Zingara, SABC3, Cape Talk Radio. Oh, and her sex advice column in Cosmo. Her incisive, risqué shows are a mix of stand-up comedy and song parodies including hilarious versions of 9 To 5, Fever, and Taylor Swift’s Trouble. “My comedy is just me laughing at life as a way of coping with the all the insanity, and immensely relieved when everyone laughs with me!” All shows are PG 16. 
After many years off the comedy circuit, Irit Noble is back, bishes! This show is an hour of stir-crazy yet strangely sane perspectives on life as we all live it daily, touching on office politics, the news, child-raising and, of course, love and sexy times. Her shows are casual, spontaneous and audience-interactive, but feel safe to sit in the front, she really doesn’t bite … too hard. 

Book for Irit Noble by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Fri 3rd Jun 9pm R90 (R80 online) Sat 4th Jun 9pm R90 (R80 online)

Live Music - Folk • Running Time: 70 mins
Josie Field & Laurie Levine Live
The blues infused vocal-rock of Josie Field connects with the intimate folk, country styles of Laurie Levine to create a unique and intimate musical experience. Dubbed ‘Best Collaboration of the Year’ in 2013, winners of the Standard Bank Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival in 2014 and now South African Music Award Nominees for ‘Best Adult Contemporary Album of the Year’ for their band new release ‘Tigerlily’ - its clear that Josie Field and Laurie Levine are no ordinary folk duo.

Their new show has been developed to promote their first co-written album consisting of a collection of brand new original material. The first of its kind for two female South African singer songwriters, ‘Tigerlily’ is a rich blend of Josie Field’s deep, soulful blues tones with Laurie Levine’s velvet honey country inflections, with a strong focus on their elegant harmonies.
Ranging from heartfelt folk melodies to sassy, soulful and blues textured tracks, the album’s organic production allows the songs to breath. The result is an inspired and powerful collaboration.

“The audience is enraptured by the angelic beauty coming from the stage. And, surprise, surprise, their voices are finely tuned to each other.
This is world class, goose-bump material ... I have discovered something wondrous.”

- Therese Owen, IOL Tonight

Book for ‘Tigerlily’ Josie Field & Laurie Levine Live by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 9th Jun 9pm R120 (R110 online) Fri 10th Jun 9pm R120 (R110 online)

Jazz Pop, Swing • Running Time: 60 mins
Adele Wyngaard on Vocals | Claire de Kock on tenor saxophone | Elizabeth Gaylord on keyboard | Luke Otto on bass | James Lombard on drums
Facebook Event
"Something old, something new" - The Swing Collective is sure to get your toes tapping with their unique blend of swing pop. Come on down to vintage Alexander Bar's intimate theatre for a late night show on the 11th of June for an hour of pure entertainment as we take you right back to the roaring '20s with a modern twist!
The Swing Collective is a 5-piece swing/pop band new on the Cape Town scene comprising of professional musicians all active in the music industry. The group plays swing classics, as well as pop tunes given an old-school swing twist: mixing together vintage and retro into a sound that is interesting and distinctive. The perfect band for any event or function, The Swing Collective will provide a touch of class and enjoyable toe-tapping swing music reminiscent of the roaring ‘20s.

Book for The Swing Collective at Alexander Bar Upstairs by clicking this button:
Sat 11th Jun 9pm R100 (R90 online)

Indie | Folk • Running Time: 60 mins
Vocals and Guitar by Gemma Griffiths
"Before her time, and beyond her years" is one way to describe Zimbabwean indie/folk artist Gemma Griffiths. The 21 year old's voice holds a kind of vulnerability, that is so uniquely, unapologetically raw. A compilation of original compositions, and interpretations of a number of genres, all in one soulful package. This is not one to be missed.
Likened to Amy Winehouse, Birdy and Norah Jones, Gemma has one of those voices that you can't quite put a finger on, no matter how hard you try. After studying music composition, piano and trumpet performance in the USA, Gemma has performed on platforms worldwide, and has now come to Cape Town for the remainder of 2016. The indie/folk singer will perform an acoustic set that allows the audience to close their eyes and soak in that voice.

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Sun 12th Jun 7pm R90 (R80 online)

Cabaret • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Ghia Koch-Human, Charles Tertiens and Eve McVey
C’est Bizarre Cabaret is an hour of pure entertainment. Delicious characters bring magic, music and silliness in this soiree of dysfunctional delight. Comedy magician and actor Charles Tertiens, of Karl Ahari and cabaret hit show Madame Zingara fame, has teamed up with Ghia Koch-Human, songstress and cabaret character wiz, for this new show of surprises, thrills and laughter. 
Meet Tertiens’ Al Dente The Great. The grandest, flashiest magician in town, a vaudevillian cad whose magic never quite goes his way; and Ghia’s tormented Gigi La Chanteuse, the never-dying cabaret diva and her quirckily deceased stage hand.  Leave your troubles at the door as Gigi, attempts to revive her dead skeletal partner through mime and song, and the incredible maestro, Al Dente The Great, endeavours to blow your mind without letting his magician’s assistant stealing the show.

Book for C'est Bizarre by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Mon 13th Jun 7pm R100 (R90 online) Tue 14th Jun 7pm R100 (R90 online) Wed 15th Jun 7pm R100 (R90 online): Hurry! Only 4 tickets left!

Magic and sleight of hand • Running Time: 55 mins
Stuart Lightbody directed by Tara Notcutt
Come and revel in award winning wonder as Stuart Lightbody shares some of his favorite pieces from his last seven one-man shows (and a couple of brand new ideas).

He promises that you're pretty much bound to like something from them. I mean these shows have been nominated for the Australian Fringe World Festival's Theatre Award three times, and their Performance Award once. They've received four Standard Bank Ovation Awards, two Silver Ovation Awards, won a weekly Best-of-the-Festival Award at Adelaide Fringe and won the Creative Award at the Prague Fringe Festival.

So join Stuart for an evening of playfulness and wonder that you'll remember for a very long time.

Book for Memorable Moments with Stuart Lightbody by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Mon 13th Jun 9pm R120 (R100 online) Tue 14th Jun 9pm R120 (R100 online) Wed 15th Jun 9pm R120 (R100 online) Thu 16th Jun 9pm R120 (R100 online) Fri 17th Jun 9pm R120 (R100 online) Sat 18th Jun 9pm R120 (R100 online)

Poetry and Storytelling • Running Time: 50 mins
Directed By Mahlatsi Mokgonyana | Written and Performed by Billy Langa
Lyrical prose, poetry and physical storytelling entwine to interrogate the rules that govern life on earth, those such as power, creation, truth, connection, intuition - the performers' expression of his ‘source’.
Described by SHCC’s director Tricia Sibbons as “a meditation on the important things in life in a spellbinding hour.”  

Billy Langa is a graduate of the Market Theatre Laboratory, Co- founder and Artistic Director of Kofifi Theatre Company, based in Sophiatown at the Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre (THMC) and also a founding member of The Movement RSA.

Billy started his career professionally in 2010 at THMC with a production by UK based theatre company, Tongues of fire Youth theatre Company. “Zanandule -The Spirit of the Elephant” (Uk & SA) Directed by Alexander Gifford. “Ubuntu-Spirit” (UK & SA) Contacting the World 2010 Manchester. Billy was also in The Market Theatre’s “Little-Foot” Directed by Malcolm Purkey in 2012. He did “Thirst” Directed by James Ngcobo in Afrovibes (Netherlands & UK) 2012. He starred in “Passages” directed By Robert Haxton at the NAF 2013; “Ntwa Ya Dipaka” at Wits Amphitheatre Directed by Raezeen Wentworth; “Cat-Walk” street performance Directed by Mongi Mthombeni. “PoetOtype” at The Market Theatre Foundation, in the Barney Simon Theatre and The South African State Theatre, Directed by Jefferson Tshabalala; and “Sixes & Sevens”, a staged reading at The Platform directed by Omphile Molusi.

Billy was also part of the twelve actors that were chosen by the Royal Court Theatre for the Staged readings of the NEW SOUTH AFRICAN PLAY after 20 years of Democracy. Billy Staged His One-Man Show “NGWEDI” at the African Freedom Station which returned from a tour in Germany and now produced by Wits theatre Solo Festival. He has directed various works including an Under the Oceans-apart Project and intercoolcultural exchange, with improv-performance poetry called REFUGE (E). He also directed “Sophiatown -the Play” produced by Kofifi Theatre Company in April 2013 @ Soweto Theatre & Jo’burg Theatre.

Billy collaborated with the  Nirox-Foundation to celebrate The Third Paradise and create “Rebirth Day”, a site-specific performance at the Cradle of Humankind. He also directed the Street Performance “Slow taste of Sky & Earth” at the Arts on Main, in collaboration with Touchstone Collaborations (UK).Billy continues to search and explore his love for Physical Theatre with “Le Club” at Well Worn Theatre.

Mahlatsi Mokgonyana is a Director, Performer, Storyteller, Stage Manager and he describes himself as a multi-Disciplinary artist. The winner of 2011 Sibikwa Storytelling without borders.  His Directing credits include: Nine to Fivers Anthem (Wits Theatre So Solo Festival)   Running (Wits theatre So solo festival)   See Me Naked (Market theatre Laboratory)  Cockroach: A trilogy (Moses Molelekwa Arts Centre) and he is currently directing JUST ANTIGONE an adaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone to be staged at PopArt Centre and National arts Festival and TSWALO/SOURCE to be staged at The Alexander Bar theatre in cape town and at the National arts Festival.  

Performance credits: Ketekang by James Ngcobo (Market Theatre),   Egoli by Matsemela Manaka and Directed by Phala O Phala (Market Theatre)   Sex and Me by Clara Vaughan and Directed by Craig Morris(A touring production)  DET BOYS HIGH by Phyllis Klotz and Smal Ndaba (Joburg citytheatres),  (NAF, Market Theatre, Joburg city Theatres),   The pipers tune by Jacques De Silva (a touring production). South Venturing North, Poetry overload and Sketching Hard by Jefferson Tshabalala(Joburg city theatres). Stage Management; Searching for Somebody, Annual Zwakala Festival, TO no Ma7, Synapsis and Broken Chant.

Mahlatsi is also a facilitator for the Hillbrow theatre project for their annual inner city schools festival and a founding member of The Movement RSA theatre company. He continues to learn and create more work with artists in Joburg and other parts of the world.

Book for Tswalo/Source by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 16th Jun 7pm R100 (R90 online) Fri 17th Jun 7pm R100 (R90 online) Sat 18th Jun 7pm R100 (R90 online)

Drama • Running Time: 75 mins
Written by Mike Bartlett | Directed by Paul Griffiths | Starring: Francis Chouler, Matt Newman, Melissa Haiden and James Skilton
Warning: Explicit language
Unhappy in his relationship, John wants out. Or maybe he just wants time out? A break from his boyfriend for a few weeks. Or maybe months? Actually, the whole problem is John doesn’t know what he wants. But the last thing he expects is to fall in love with a woman…

Winner of the 2010 Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in An Affiliate Theatre, Mike Bartlett's sharp, witty script takes a candid look at one mans sexuality and the difficulties that arise when faced with a whole new world of possibility.
Praise for Mike Bartlett's  script

“A smart, prickly and rewarding view of sexual and emotional confusion” – London Evening Standard

“With the exception of Oscar Wilde, quarrelling lovers are never as articulate and entertaining as they are in COCK, Mike Bartlett’s Battle Royal of wit and persuasion” – Variety

“Robust and rollicking. Bartlett’s dialogue crackles and pops with the rhetoric of vituperation” – The New Yorker

“Bartlett manages, deftly, to explore many exigent questions of identity, sexuality, our obsession with certainty and our visceral discomfort with ambiguity.” - Huffington Post

“A terrific comedy…Hypnotic and utterly contemporary.” - New York Times

Press & Reviews

Book for COCK by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Wed 22nd Jun 9pm R100 (R90 online) Thu 23rd Jun 9pm R100 (R90 online) Fri 24th Jun 9pm R100 (R90 online) Sat 25th Jun 9pm R100 (R90 online)

Physical Theatre meets Dance • Running Time: 40 mins
Choreographed and Directed by Steven van Wyk, Kristina Johnstone and Thalia Laric
Pulp begins in a hazy dream, a silent movie where bodies hide secrets. Mysterious beauty, dark comedy, and seat-shifting tension co-exist in a world that follows the peculiar logic of dreams. Film Noir meets Dance Theatre in the most intimate work yet from Cape Town's award-winning leaders in innovative dance.
Fresh from winning the Blue Couch Award at the Kyknet Fiestas for producing the most ground-breaking work of 2015, Underground Dance Theatre are back with their latest genre-bending production!  Like the iconic film noir private detective navigating a morally ambiguous, labyrinthine city populated by ingénues, criminals and femme fatales, so must the audience navigate the world that is presented to them in Pulp, searching for clues, gathering evidence, and perhaps preparing an alibi as they deal with their own demons.  

Pulp stars Steven van Wyk (Fleur du Cap 2016 nominee for Best Actor in a Musical for Singin’ in the Rain), as well as Thalia Laric (First Physical Theatre), and Cilna Katzke (Cape Town City Ballet, iKapa).  

“For anyone interested in South Africa’s next generation of dance leaders should be watching Underground Dance Theatre closely as they approach creating their original stamp on SA dance” 

- Sarah Roberson (thecritter.co.za)  

Background Underground Dance Theatre (UDT) is a collective of young and upcoming choreographer-directors who want to explore new performance styles and create progressive, high quality work that is at the meeting point of physical theatre, contemporary dance and dance theatre. The company uses a collaborative choreographic approach to look for original movement and images that deconstruct and redefine the limits of dance in South Africa. Working collaboratively has also allowed the collective to pool resources and join forces in order to navigate the challenges of the South African arts scene.  

All members of the collective have completed or are completing Master’s degrees within the fields of dance and theatre. As active members of the theatre community they consistently publish and present papers at numerous academic conferences, and perform regularly across a variety of professional platforms, from classical ballet to physical theatre, from performance art to musical theatre.  

Works The collective first came together for the production Featherweight in 2010 which was performed at University of Cape Town’s Hiddingh Campus and at the Dance Transmissions Festival in Kampala, Uganda.

In 2011, members of Underground Dance Theatre were awarded a 2011 Creative Arts Award by the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) for the creation of Fractography: The untold story of Napoleon and Josephine. The work debuted at The Arena Theatre, Hiddingh Campus. It was then performed at Hiddingh Hall as part of the GIPCA Emerging Modernities Conference, Baxter Dance Festival 2011, and the UCT School of Dance’s Confluences 6 Conference (2011). The dance film adaptation of Fractography, made in collaboration with filmmaker Mandilakhe Yengo, was presented at GIPCA’s Dance and Film Conference (2011), as well as the National Arts Festival Film Festival (2012).

Keepsake Minus 3 (2012) was produced in collaboration with Nicola Elliott for the National Arts Festival Fringe. The production received a Standard Bank Ovation Award (2012) and was named the Best Dance or Physical Theatre Production at the Kyknet Fiesta Awards (2013). Keepsake Minus 3 was also presented at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective in Cape Town. Two of the works from the production were presented on the Main Programme at the Baxter Dance Festival. Reviewers called the work “highly entertaining and thoroughly unpredictable” (Cape Times) and Adrienne Sichel listed the company as one of the year’s emerging companies to look out for. 

Plastic, featured at the National Arts Festival Fringe 2013, is a double bill programme consisting of Room choreographed by Kristina Johnstone, and Skoonveld choreographed by Steven van Wyk and Thalia Laric. The production was generously supported by funding from ECPACC (Eastern Cape Performing Arts and Culture Council). The production was awarded a Standard Bank Ovation Award, and Skoonveld was awarded a Special Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award. Plastic toured as Plastiek to KKNK in 2014. 

In 2014, UDT was awarded funding from the Arts and Culture Trust to create BOK – the company’s first full-length a production. Additional funding from the National Arts Council enabled BOK to be staged at the Magnet Theatre in Cape Town in December 2014. BOK toured to KKNK in 2015.

UDT was asked to create Mode the commissioned work for the Baxter Dance Festival’s 10th Anniversary in 2014.

The Gordon Institute of Creative and Performing Arts commissioned Underground Dance Theatre to create Eyes Closed with Pinata for the 2014 LiveArt Festival.

Askoop (2015) UDT’s first cabaret, debuted at KKNK. An extract was performed at the 2015 Kyknet Fiesta Awards. 

The production LoveZero (2015) was presented on the Arena Platform at the National Arts Festival. The production toured to the 2015 Vrystaat Kunstefees in Bloemfontein, and was performed at the Youngblood Gallery in Cape Town. One of the works from LoveZero, Cipher was presented at the Baxter Dance Festival 2015. 

Awards Donald Gordon Creative Arts Award awarded to Kristina Johnstone for the work Fractography (2011), Standard Bank Ovation Award for the production Keepsake Minus 3 (in collaboration with Nicola Elliott) (2012), Kyknet Fiesta Award for Best Dance Production for the production Keepsake Minus 3 (in collaboration with Nicola Elliott) (2013), Standard Bank Ovation Award for the production Plastic (2013), Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award for the work Skoonveld (2013), Kyknet Fiesta Award for Best Dance Production for the work Skoonveld (2014) Kyknet Fiesta’s Blue Couch Award for the Most Ground-Breaking Production of 2015 for Askoop.

Book for Pulp by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 23rd Jun 7pm R80 (R70 online) Fri 24th Jun 7pm R80 (R70 online) Sat 25th Jun 7pm R80 (R70 online)

World Music • Running Time: 50 mins
Written and performed by Ottoman Slap | Simone Chiara on vocals, percussion, guitar | Raoul Spiegel on saxophone, saw, hulusi) | Douglas Armstrong on trumpet, guitar | Marissa Cuenoud on accordion, percussion, dance | Callan Wolff playing double bass | James van Minnen on drums, percussion, mandolin |
Spice Roots explores themes of restlessness and rootlessness in a succession of pieces featuring vocal and instrumental music and Tribal Fusion bellydance. As well as set repertoire, the troupe explores free-form improvised arrangements, allowing every performance to be a unique expression. Besides performing original pieces, Ottoman Slap draws from a range of traditional music, including Andalusian, Romanian, Kletzmer and Arabic folk songs. They strike a resonance between local and global music by weaving together Middle Eastern and Cape rhythms along with vocals in Spanish, Roma and Afrikaans. Instruments include saxophone, trumpet, saw, hulusi, mandolin, guitar, accordion, double bass, darbuka, daf, riq, cajón, zils and castanets.
This unique blend of music and dance is a feast for the senses, simultaneously shedding new light on traditional culture and finding common roots. "Ottoman Slap has taken music from the world of Kletzmer and other celebratory folk music and made it their own. They haven't climbed on any bandwagon - they are the bandwagon" Nigel Vermaas, Cue Magazine, 4 July 2015  They released their debut album, Idiomatic, in 2015, along with a music video directed by Jon-Luke Lourens: 

You can listen to and download their album here: 
Ottoman Slap are Simone Chiara (vocals, percussion, guitar), Raoul Spiegel (saxophone, saw, hulusi), Douglas Armstrong (trumpet, guitar), Marissa Cuenoud (accordion, percussion, dance), Callan Wolff (double bass), James van Minnen (drums, percussion, mandolin)

Book for Ottoman Slap - Spice Roots by clicking this button:
Sun 26th Jun 7pm R110 (R100 online)

Drama • Running Time: 55 mins
Written and Directed by Louis Viljoen | Starring Emily Child and Andrew Laubscher
The Emissary is a dark study of a friendship rooted in a lie. Written and directed by Louis Viljoen (The Pervert Laura, The Kingmakers) and starring award winning actors Emily Child and Andrew Laubscher. While waiting for her long-term boyfriend to return from an extended stay overseas, Delia agrees to meet Douglas, her boyfriend’s best friend, in order to discuss the tensions that have been brewing between them since the beginning of their relationship. But one of them is hiding something terrible and this is the night when old wounds resurface and secrets are unearthed. What follows is an unnerving examination of two troubled people who think they know each other, but have no idea what awful things can lurk in the soul. 
Louis Viljoen is a Cape Town based playwright and director. He has written and produced numerous plays including, The Bile Boys, The Frontiersmen, The Verbalists, Champ, Porno 88, The Kingmakers and The Pervert Laura. He is one of the creators (along with playwrights Nicholas Spagnoletti and Jon Keevy) of the successful short-play initiative “Anthology” which has had three successful seasons at The Alexander Bar’s Upstairs Theatre. Viljoen has won Fleur Du Cap Theatre awards (Best New South African Script) for Champ (2013) and The Kingmakers (2015). He was the recipient of the Rosalie van Der Gucht Best New Director award for his plays, The Kingmakers and The Pervert Laura. Viljoen is currently the Writer In Residence for The Fugard Theatre.

Emily Child  

Emily graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2007 with a Theatre and Performance Degree, specializing in Acting. Since then she has worked independently and as a proud member of acclaimed Cape Town based theatre troupe – The Mechanicals. Her work has garnered her numerous awards and nominations including the 2015 Fleur Du Cap for Best Actress for the role of “Laura” in Louis Viljoen’s The Pervert Laura last staged at the The Fugard Theatre. Other theatre projects include Lear, written by William Shakespeare and directed by Guy De Lancey, Champ, written by Louis Viljoen and directed by Greg Karvellas, which travelled to the Edinburgh Festival in 2013, as well as LA based Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre and The Mechanicals’ co-production Urban Death, directed by Jana Wimer. Emily’s one -woman show, based on Dorothy Parker’s short stories, A Certain Lady was directed by Greg Karvellas and performed around Cape Town in 2014. Emily was recently seen at The Baxter Studio Theatre, Grahamstown and Hilton Festivals in Born in the RSA, directed by Thoko Ntshinga as well as Mike Bartlett’s Contractions, at The Alexander Bar’s Upstairs Theatre, directed by Greg Karvellas in February 2016. On camera, Emily’s projects include the SAFTA winning series pilot, Armed Response, BBC’s youth series Young Leonardo as well as the feature films Shirley Adams, directed by Oliver Hermanus and Beyond the River, directed by Craig Freimond, to be released in early 2017. 

Andrew Laubscher  

Andrew Laubscher is a Cape Town-based film and theatre actor. Some theatre highlights include Mirror Mirror directed by Geoffrey Hyland and written by Mike van Graan; As You Like It directed by Geoffrey Hyland; Cosi directed by Scott Sparrow; Antony and Cleopatra directed by Marthinus Basson; A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Guy de Lancey; Lovborg\'s Women directed by Chris Weare (Fleur Du Cap nomination for Best Supporting Actor); Mafeking Road directed by Tara Notcutt; A Comedy Of Errors directed by Matthew Wild; and Balbesit directed by Jaco Bouwer. In 2014, Andrew won the Fleur de Cap Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for his performance as Riff-Raff in The Rocky Horror Show. Andrew\'s most recent work include Anthology: Anti-Matter directed by Louis Viljoen and the South African feature film Modder en Bloed. 

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Experimental Theatre • Running Time: 65 mins
Written by Anton Chekhov | Directed by Rachel Shull and Raven Scott | Performed by Gabriel Meltz, Rachel Shull and Mathew Bazulka | Music by Mathew Bazulka | Set Design by Jake Singer
Using the classic text of The Seagull, Black Hole Collective explores performance and performing gender. Three actresses pick apart Chekhov's creative constraints and reimagine his boundaries in an unpredictably intimate, ruthless search of soul and self worth. Lift our curtain, find your light and witness the songs of our soaring starlet.

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Tue 28th Jun 9pm R100 (R90 online) Wed 29th Jun 9pm R100 (R90 online)

Burlesque Variety Show • Running Time: 60 mins
Produced by Black Orchid Burlesque | Starring Diva Disastar | Bon Bon | Dear James | St.Fox | Sapphire Flex | Honeybun Shortcake | Red Baroness | Devilyn Mae | Velveteen Noir
Warning: Mature audience only | No under 18s | Partial Nudity
A villainous variety of vivacious vixxxens and vamps dancing on stage for a night a feisty fantasy, especially created for the fun-loving viewer looking for a spot of tongue-in-cheek humour and loads of wild abandon! Showcasing some of their upcoming new group acts for the insanely gorgeous Neo-Burlesque Production launching in august, Black Orchid is proud to bring you a varietease showcase filled with all sorts of different modern burlesque acts, alongside some old vintage treasures! 
What is Burlesque you may say? Well, there are many forms or genres of Burlesque, but essentially when attending a Burly show you can expect to see glitter, stockings, stilettos, glitter, bare tushies, nipple tassels and a whole lot of delicious curves laid bare for your viewing pleasure. Burlesque is about self-expression in a world where far too much emphasis is placed on what is the “right” or “normal” body image. Everyone is welcome on our stages, and we encourage the weird and wonderful to embrace their inner showgirls as we dance the night away! 

We say throw caution to the wind and kick up your heels with 9 of Black Orchid’s sassy performers. As a variety showcase, you can expect to see the seasoned professionals strut their stuff with the newest starlettes on the scene, allowing for a platform that strives for inclusivity and empowerment through sensual dance.  Expect acts inspired by comic books, Disney and other fairy tales of all sorts!  

Black Orchid Burlesque was the pioneering company to bring burlesque to a South African audience during the international revival of this artform in 2007. Black Orchid strives to produce nothing but the best in "slightly- naughty" entertainment, and performs for theaters, corporate events and private functions across S.A.

Headmistress of Black Orchid's Burlesque Academy, Diva Disastar (dubbed 'S.A.'s Original Dame of Burlesque" by her contemporaries) is proud to present a dazzling array of seasoned professionals and brand spanking newbies in this fun-filled Varietease Showcase.

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/BlackOrchidBurlesqueSA @BlackOrchidBurl Additional Media Urls: https://www.youtube.com/user/SABURLESQUE

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Fri 1st Jul 9pm R150 (R120 online) Sat 2nd Jul 9pm R150 (R120 online)

Drama • Running Time: 65 mins
Directed by Richard Wright-Firth | Written by Candice van Litsenborgh | Performed by Candice van Litsenborgh and Claire-Louise Worby
Warning: Strong language | Adult Content
1. a body of people presided over by a judge in civil and criminal cases. 
1. be involved with (someone) romantically 
2. pay special attention to (someone) in an attempt to win their support or favour.

Tawny's life would be perfectly ordinary if it weren't for the fact that 22 years ago she was ‘the girl’ in a high-profile celebrity rape case. 
Caught between running from a story she doesn’t want to tell and knowing that the media chase won’t end until she speaks out, ‘Court.’ explores the mutability of story, truth and victimhood.

A fictional story inspired, in part, by the life and experiences of Samantha Geimer.  Two actresses portray one woman, pursued for 22 years for "the truth".

Directed by Richard Wright-Firth. Written by Candice van Litsenborgh Bios: Candice van Litsenborgh is a Fleur Du Cap and Naledi nominated actress (Best Actress in a musical - Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors) as well as the 2015 Broadway World Best Actress in a musical winner. She was also named one of the top 5 actresses of 2015 by Die Reviewer. Performance: Vacancy, Sweeney Todd, Little Shop of Horrors, Sunset Boulevard, Showboat. Court. is her first full-length original script having previously adapted From the Heart and written her one woman cabaret, Understudy Blues.

Claire-Louise Worby left her home-town of Sante Fe, New Mexico when she was 16 to pursue a classical theatre education in London. After graduating from the Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts, she kicked off her career in Los Angeles, performing in sketch comedy shows such as “So You Think You Can Laugh” and taking on roles in indie films (Cereal, Lossed) and TV (Real Cowboys: Wyatt Earp, SAF3). This is Claire-Louise’s debut on a South African stage, having previously worked with Canned Rice Productions as the director of Vacancy. Performance: Arsenic and Old Lace, Desdemona in Othello, Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing, Poppy. 

Richard Wright-Firth can currently be seen playing Muldoon on the Starz International series, Black Sails and was also a member of the BBC’s famed radio drama company as well as being a lecturer and director at Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts, one of the most prestigious drama schools in the world. Richard directed Understudy Blues and From the Heart for Canned Rice Productions. Performance: Vacancy, Black Sails (tv), Modder en Bloed (film), Julius Caesar, Macbeth and Robert Syverton in They Shoot Horses Don’t They? 

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Mon 4th Jul 9pm R100 (R90 online) Tue 5th Jul 9pm R100 (R90 online) Wed 6th Jul 9pm R100 (R90 online) Mon 11th Jul 9pm R100 (R90 online) Tue 12th Jul 9pm R100 (R90 online) Wed 13th Jul 9pm R100 (R90 online) Thu 14th Jul 9pm R100 (R90 online) Fri 15th Jul 9pm R100 (R90 online) Sat 16th Jul 9pm R100 (R90 online)

Alternative/Folk • Running Time: 60 mins
Jules Teres on Vocals and acoustic guitar | Joy Millar on drums
Inspired by the likes of Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice and David Gray, Brynn plays a poetic blend of folk and alternative rock. Gathering a positive following through their performances at varieties of venues and festivals around Cape Town (such as the Cape Town Fringe Festival, Folk and Acoustic Festival Cape Town and Straight No Chaser) Brynn delivers powerfully honest performances that linger in the hearts of its audiences long after their shows have ended. Brynn will be performing a stripped back and acoustic set and with Alexander Bars' wonderfully intimate venue, it's going to be a truly special evening. This will also be one of the last shows Brynn will be playing in Cape Town for the year, you won't want to miss it! 
Brynn began in July 2014 and quickly released a live EP called "seeds", a medley of rock and folk tracks created during their first few practices. As the band progressed and began to perform more frequently their sound changed and matured dramatically and drifted into its own blend of folk, acoustic jazz and alternative/rock. After a year of recording and playing shows around Cape Town, Brynn is growing more and more everyday, and loving every minute of it.

This set will have Jules Terea (Vocals and acoustic guitar) and Joy Millar (Drums) performing together for an intimate acoustic evening.

 Jules has performed around Cape Town regularly since immigrating to South Africa from New Zealand four years ago. Mostly playing in small and intimate venues around the city (Down South, Carnival Court, Obviously Armchair etc). Julian has had the creative freedom and space to develop his musical abilities and understanding extensively over the years. Julian claims that Brynn has been his most personally fulfilling and exciting project yet. 

Joy Millar has been drumming for bands on the Cape Town music scene for over 8 years, namely the likes of "Highly Strung", Ripcord (a regular at the Hermanus Whale Festival) and award winning Hotel Iris who headlined the 2014 Barleycorn music festival. 

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Sun 10th Jul 7pm R60 (R50 online)

Jazz & Literature • Running Time: 120 mins
Vuyelwa Maluleke - Spoken word Artist | Christian Radovan - Composition, Arrangements & Trombone | Justin Bellairs - Alto Sax | Nduduzo Makhathini - Piano | Benjamin Jephta - Bass | Lukas Ligeti - Drums
Based on the book by  Margit Niederhuber & Albie Sachs, 'My Johannesburg' is a collection of inspiring, true stories of South Africans on their journey from oppression to freedom. From high court judge Albie Sachs and writer Mandla Langa, to teachers, travel guides and Soweto’s first bicycle tour operator, the stories are brought to life with original music by Christian Radovan and wonderful reading by Vuyelwa Maluleke.
Christian Radovan is an Austrian musician, trombonist and composer whose range encompasses jazz, pop, blues, Latin, soul and world music. His career was greatly inspired by nine years spent in South Africa as a child. Jon Davies, the South African trombonist, mentored him and invited him to play with his band Okto Plus in the jazz clubs of Pretoria and Johannesburg. At age 16, Christian returned to Austria to study at the Vienna Conservatory. He was soon invited to join the legendary Vienna Art Orchestra and spent the next 17 years playing and touring the world with the VAO and other top musicians:Cecil Taylor, Carla Bley, Joe Zawinul, Abdullah Ibrahim, Wilhelm Breuker, Slide Hampton, Raul de Souza, Kenny Wheeler, Enrico Rava,Thomas Stanko, Rob McConnel, Bill Russo, George Lewis, Albert Mangelsdorff, Alegre Correa, Eumir Deodato, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Chaka Kahn,The Temptations and Omara Portuondo.Today, he continues to play and tour internationally with a variety of ensembles while also composing. Since 1989 he has also been Senior Trombone Lecturer at the Bruckner University for Music in Linz, Austria.

Vuyelwa Maluleke, is a Joburg based Spoken Word Artist, Scriptwriter and Actor, with a BA in Dramatic Arts from the University of Witwatersrand. She was shortlisted for the Brunel University African Poetry in 2014, is the author of a chapbook ‘THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE’. The slam champion of the Word and Sound 2015 Poetry league competition. She describes herself explicitly as a storyteller, archiving, through her writing a personal experience of her blackness and womanness whilst navigating present day South Africa. Her writing serves as evidence that the black female body in South Africa is consistently being broken into in various spaces, that it can love and affirm itself is evidence of its ability to survive and want to survive.

Bassist and composer Benjamin Jephta has already made a name for himself as one of South Africa’s premier jazz double bass and electric bass players. After releasing his debut album ‘Homecoming’ earlier last year and being confirmed as one of the acts for the acclaimed Cape Town International Jazz festival this year, his debut album has been nominated in the ‘Best Urban Jazz Album’ category at this years 15th Metro Fm Music Awards among the crème of the crop of South African Jazz. 

Although Jephta grew up in Mitchell's Plain, it was when he attended Muizenberg High School that he fostered a love for jazz under the mentorship of his music teacher Fred Kuit (winner of the 2012 SAJE Lifetime Achievement Award in Jazz Education). Aside from performing in venues and festivals locally since the age of 15, Benjamin has also performed with various orchestras and small ensembles in Africa, Europe and Asia. A graduate of the jazz program at the prestigious South African College of Music at the University of Cape Town, he graduated in 2013 with the fourth year class medal. Jephta has performed with a range jazz musicians including McCoy Mrubata, Sibongile Khumalo, Paul Hanmer, Feya Faku, Jimmy Dludlu, Simphiwe Dana, Hugh Masekela, Marcus Wyatt, Kyle Shepherd and many others. He has also performed with South African artists such as Mi Casa, Cassper Nyovest, Tresor, Lira and many more. He is involved in various original projects ranging from playing double bass in a free jazz orchestra to synth-bass in a pop band. 

The Austrian-American composer and drummer/improvisor Lukas Ligeti divides his time between Southern California and South Africa. His highly original music draws upon Downtown New York experimentalism, contemporary classical music, jazz, and traditions from around the world. His compositions have been commissioned by Bang on a Can, Kronos Quartet, Ensemble Modern, the American Composers Orchestra, Colin Currie and Håkan Hardenberger, and others. He has performed with John Zorn, Gary Lucas, Marilyn Crispell, John Tchicai, Jon Rose, Henry Kaiser, Michael Manring, Jonas Hellborg, George Lewis, Tarek Atoui, Jonathan Crossley, etc., and has given solo electronics performances on 4 continents, including at the first Unyazi Festival in Johannesburg in 2005. A pioneer of experimental intercultural collaboration in Africa, he co-founded the ensemble Beta Foly in Abidjan, Côte d\'Ivoire in 1994; he later co-founded Burkina Electric, the first electronica band from Burkina Faso, which, among many other projects, will collaborate with the Mitteldeutsches Rundfunk-Orchester in Leipzig (Germany) in 2016. He is also active in sound art and created a sound installation for the Goethe Institute Rio de Janeiro on the occasion of the 2014 Soccer World Cup. In 2010, he received the CalArts Alpert Award in Music, one of the most important awards for artists in the US. Ligeti is completing a PhD at Wits (with Prof. Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph) and serves on the board of New Music South Africa. After living in New York City for many years, he is, since 2015, Assistant Professor of Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology at the University of California, Irvine. www.lukasligeti.com

Nduduzo  Makhathini: Growing up in the small town uMgungundlovu near Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, Makhathini was surrounded by music as a child. Coming from a very musical family – his mother was a pianist and his father a guitarist – he was exposed to a range of music including traditional Zulu music. He recalls turning the knob on the radio until it reached the end, where he would listen to Indian music. He was part of the choir at school and would sing at church, and until he was finished school, his voice was his instrument. It was only after High School that he started to study jazz piano.
 “I reached a point where my voice limited me from expressing the music, and that’s when I focused on the piano.”
He feels his career has developed in what he describes as an organic process, starting with his upbringing and the influence of his mother being his first piano teacher. “Over the years I have learnt that if you submit yourself to the music or whatever your dream is then mother-nature has a way of taking care of the rest”.
Nduduzo Makhathini has three albums out ‘Sketches of Tomorrow’ ‘Mother Tongue’ (nominated for best jazz at the SAMA’s 2015 and ‘Listening To The Ground’. He is also this year’s (2015) Standard Bank Young Artists For Jazz and 1st recipient of the British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship Masters Scholarship.
Makhathini has played and recorded with Busi Mhlongo, Zim Ngqawana, Feya Faku, Jimmy Dludlu, Herbie Tsaoeli and many others. He has also produced albums for Lindiwe Maxolo, Sisa Sopazi, Mbuso Khoza and others.
Recently performed at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown 2015 and Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival 2015 in Johannesburg.

Justin Bellairs is a Cape Town-based jazz saxophonist, who has quickly become one of the most frequently-booked jazz musicians.
Justin graduated from the University of Cape Town with distinction in 2011, under the tutelage of the internationally-renowned saxophonist, Mike Rossi.
While at UCT, Justin was selected as an exchange student to study for a year abroad and attended the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway, where he studied saxophone and improvisation with Morten Halle. He was also selected for the prestigious National Youth Jazz Band at the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Festival held in Grahamstown, which performed at the Joy of Jazz Festival in Johannesburg, and toured Sweden.
He has recorded-and-shared the stage with some of South Africa’s most distinguished musicians, including Feya Faku, Nduduzo Makhathini, Kyle Shepherd, Melanie Scholtz, Bokani Dyer, Darryl Andrews, Mike Campbell and Andrew Lilley. Justin also played on Shane Cooper’s SAMA award winning album, Oscillations, in 2013.
A highlight of his career was the opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall in New York in 2014. Justin toured internationally with drummer Kesivan Naidoo’s band, Kesivan and The Lights, becoming one of the youngest South African musicians to perform at the world-renowned concert hall. Internationally, Justin has also played in Norway, Sweden and Botswana and Mauritius.
Locally, Justin is a regular feature at all major jazz festivals, including Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Standard Bank Joy of Jazz and the Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

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Sun 17th Jul 7pm R90 (R80 online)

Drama • Running Time: 60 mins
Written by Sara Shaawari | Directed by Megan Furniss
"In 2015 I was involved in the International Women's Playwrights Conference and I directed an excerpt of this extraordinary play, written by a young Egyptian playwright Sara Shaawari. During the Rhodes University "Reference List" protests earlier this year I was haunted by memories of Niqabi Ninja, set in Egypt during the uprising, but totally valid and relevant to South Africa, and the issues of sexual violence." 

Book for Niqabi Ninja by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Mon 18th Jul 7pm R90 (R80 online) Tue 19th Jul 7pm R90 (R80 online) Wed 20th Jul 7pm R90 (R80 online)

One man show, personal narrative, Storytelling • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Performed by Ter Hollmann Directed by Moses D. Rasekele
 A show about how one man brought down apartheid and the forces of evil, freed Mandela, sucked  nigger balls and learnt to live with white guilt. A funny, thought-provoking journey to find an answer  to what makes us South African, what makes us African, what makes us human? 
To Stand Somewhere is a collection of monologues about being white in South Africa. It is a journey through the last days of Apartheid into the muddled mess of the Rainbow Nation. It explores ideas like crime, privilege, stereotypes, 1994, and the conundrum of should I stay or should I go with with, charm and gentle insight.

Book for To Stand Somewhere by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 21st Jul 7pm R90 (R80 online) Fri 22nd Jul 7pm R90 (R80 online) Sat 23rd Jul 7pm R90 (R80 online)

Drama • Running Time: 60 mins
Directed and designed by Nico Scheepers | Performed by Antoinette Louw, Milan Murray and Cintaine Shutte | Written by the company
“Mense sê die Vrystaat is waar geheime die emmer skop, waar die aarde so plat is jy sien jou toekoms as jy \'n windpomp klim . . . Drie vervreemde susters ontmoet vir Ma se begrafnis in Amper, 'n dorpie duskant nêrens. Daarby het die vreemde omstandighede rondom hulle ma se dood die hele kontrei aan die gons . . .” Amper, Vrystaat ontvang Beste Debuutproduksie by die Vrystaat Kunstefees 2015, asook vyf Fiësta-nominasies in 2016.
Amper, Vrystaat was awarded Best Debut Production 2015 at the Free State Arts Festival. Also nominated for five Fiesta Awards in 2016 with Nico Scheepers receiving the award for Best Design. 

Book for Amper, Vrystaat by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Mon 5th Sep 7pm R120 (R100 online) Tue 6th Sep 7pm R120 (R100 online) Wed 7th Sep 7pm R120 (R100 online) Mon 12th Sep 7pm R120 (R100 online) Tue 13th Sep 7pm R120 (R100 online) Wed 14th Sep 7pm R120 (R100 online) Thu 15th Sep 7pm R120 (R100 online) Fri 16th Sep 7pm R120 (R100 online) Sat 17th Sep 7pm R120 (R100 online)

Motown | African | RnB • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Sthe Mfuphi | Michelle Thomas | Bulelwa Sakayi | Presented by Glenda Eberlein and Coast 2 Coast Management
3 Tons of Fun, who have been hailed over the past 9 years as South Africa's most loved all-girl group will be doing 3 shows only at the Alexander Bar. An evening of music and fun! From Brenda Fassie to Gloria Gaynor and Diana Ross, from Pharrell to Robin Thicke, there is a bit of everything!

Starring Saxy Sthe, Mysterious Michelle and Beautiful Bee ... the girls who have wowed audiences from Cape Town to Cairo, from Vietnam to Dubai and beyond! Larger than life! The perfect end-of-year treat!

3 Tons of Fun has emerged over the past 9 years as one of South Africa\'s most loved all-female groups. Based in Cape Town they are in great demand on the corporate circuit throughout South Africa and overseas. Most recently they have performed at functions for top companies including amongst others Telkom, FNB, Nedbank, Tourvest, Sanlam, Woolworths, KFC, Spar, Absa, The Exporters Club, Wimpy and the Golden Arrow Bus Company.
3 Tons of Fun regularly perform at many prestigious events at the Arabella Sheraton Hotel (Kleinmond), Shimmy Beach Club, Val de Vie, The One & Only Hotel, The Castle of Good Hope, The Crystal Towers Hotel, The Lanzerac Hotel and they often travel to entertain clients at Sun City, Gold Reef City, Sabi Sabi and Phinda. 3 Tons of Fun are just as popular overseas where they carry the South African flag high and wow international audiences and expats alike. In the past few years they have travelled to Switzerland, Togo, Zambia, Ghana, Seychelles, Indonesia, Nigeria, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, London, Bahrain and Mauritius. 

Most recently they were honoured to be asked to perform at the Pendooring Awards (2013), the Kirstenbosch Winter Season (2013), the Hermanus Whale Festival (2013) and the Gariepfees in Kimberley (2014). They enjoy giving back to charity and in the past year have performed pro bono for the Chris Burger Fund dinner (CTICC), the Christine Revell Children's Home fundraiser (CTICC), the Cape Times Big Walk and the uThando Charity Event at the City Hall. In between flying around the country they schedule public shows so that their hometown fans have time to reunite with them, and they can be seen at least twice a year at Café Roux – Noordhoek, The Caledon Hotel and The Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay. In 2013 they released their debut album entitled \'Larger than Life\' which has a collection of old favourites as well as three original songs written by Saxy Sthe herself. 


STHE MFUPHI (known as Saxy Sthe) was born and bred in Durban. Her prosperity is in Cape Town. She has been a passionate singer since birth. She started singing whilst she was still in her mother's womb but never considered her powerful and distinctive voice would take her places. She has only concentrated on her singing since she studied Jazz at the Natal Technikon. Her precious voice brought her to the public's attention when she started her own jazz band in 1998 called Sthe and friends. After she finished her diploma in light Jazz music (2002) she moved to Cape Town and has worked as a music teacher since. She has taught theory of music, voice, ensemble, improvisation, keyboards and ear training at Athlone Academy of music and Jazz Workshop. In 2007 she joined the larger than life ladies group 3 TONS OF FUN and that is where her popularity grew in leaps and bounds as more and more people became dazzled by her voice. Her incredible voice has given her the opportunity to travel abroad and locally and to meet people all over the world. She is a very talented songwriter and penned three original songs for 3 Tons of Fun\'s debut album, 'Larger than Life'. A music video for her original song “Usibali” was released in 2014. Sthe also currently performs as a solo artiste and can be seen in the latest SPUR advert and has been a prelim judge for IDOLS for the past 5 years.

BULELWA SAKAYI (known as Beautiful Bee) was born and raised in the Eastern Cape's East London. As is widely known, for every South African, music has and continues to be a major way of expressing one's emotions. Bee moved from the Eastern Cape to study chemical engineering in Cape Town but this was not emotionally challenging for her. She then decided to go into performing arts. This is when she got her classical training, singing as a soloist in choral choirs and also joined an actor's agency. She has travelled internationally performing in a number of film productions of which her favourite was the Golden Bear winner UCarmen EKhayelitsha as Frasquita. She has also done a lot of Television and theatre work. She is the commercial queen of 3 Tons of Fun! Bee joined 3 Tons of Fun in 2007 where she adds her playful yet sexy flavour to the group. And this is where she feels at home!

MICHELLE THOMAS (known as Mysterious Michelle) was born in Cape Town. Her childhood memories are those of camping, laughter, fun and family get-togethers. Her favourite story was that of her father as a vocalist and drummer in a band called the "Shindigs”. Michelle thinks that the seed for her future was planted then already. Sadly her father died of a brain haemorrhage when she was 6 years old. It was the heaviest blow that she ever had to deal with! Michelle half-heartedly attempted a Bachelors Degree at UWC. She did exceptionally well with the least amount of effort, but her heart was not in it, so she dropped out in her 3rd year. Singing has always been Michelle's lifelong dream and in high school the school concerts were the platform to showcase her raw, untrained, but natural talent. Her first real stage performance was at the Baxter as a vocalist in a school initiative called "Music Active". After varsity Michelle worked in admin at a day hospital. Michelle joined 3 Tons of Fun in 2007 and a year later was forced to give up her day job to pursue her lifelong dream full-time. 

Book for 3 Tons of Fun by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 15th Dec 9pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 16th Dec 9pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 17th Dec 9pm R140 (R120 online)
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Sat 2 at 9pm
Mon 4 at 9pm
Tue 5 at 9pm
Wed 6 at 9pm
Mon 11 at 9pm
Tue 12 at 9pm
Wed 13 at 9pm
Thu 14 at 9pm
Fri 15 at 9pm
Sat 16 at 9pm
Brynn Live
Sun 10 at 7pm
My Johannesburg
Jazz & Literature
Sun 17 at 7pm
Niqabi Ninja
Mon 18 at 7pm
Tue 19 at 7pm
Wed 20 at 7pm
To Stand Somewhere
One man show, personal narrative, Storytelling
Thu 21 at 7pm
Fri 22 at 7pm
Sat 23 at 7pm


Amper, Vrystaat
Mon 5 at 7pm
Tue 6 at 7pm
Wed 7 at 7pm
Mon 12 at 7pm
Tue 13 at 7pm
Wed 14 at 7pm
Thu 15 at 7pm
Fri 16 at 7pm
Sat 17 at 7pm


3 Tons of Fun
Motown | African | RnB
Thu 15 at 9pm
Fri 16 at 9pm
Sat 17 at 9pm

For enquiries please call 021.300.1652.
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