Looking for things to do in Cape Town? Alexander Upstairs is an intimate performance space completely separate from the bar area with a festival-style programming model featuring drama, comedy, cabaret, jazz, acoustic sessions, readings and more. We often schedule more than one performance per night so please check times carefully when booking.

Pub Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins
presented by Alexander Bar

Who? What? When? How? Why are you shouting answers at me? Oh, it's because I'm the quiz master and have all kinds of drinkable prizes for the rightest of the righteous. Am I using those words right? Actually, don't answer that question. There will be others soon. And they will be a lot harder. So strap your smarty-pants on over your party-pants because 'Let's Get Quizzical' isn't your ordinary pub quiz. Stock up on strange facts! Prepare for Quiz masters with sexy voices! Thirst for spot prizes that almost 100% will be liquid! And of course there'll be quirky formats and categories like 'Um, Actually' and 'Famous Cats'!
Watch out for our Specialist Nights when we focus on categories like Film & TV or Music.

Ready? Then Let's Get Quizzical!

Kindly note: Quiz tickets are per person (not per team)

Each team must have at least 2 people but no more than 6.
Pineapples disguised as people will be counted as people.
Silly team names are compulsory.
The Quiz Master is always right. Even if google says no.
Brains only! No phones, laptops, or encyclopedias!

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Performance • Running Time: 60 mins
Written by Aimee Ntuli & Lidija Marelic | Directed by Bojan B | Music by Samuel Hyde | Produced by Samuel Hyde | Performed by Aimee Ntuli, Samuel Hyde, Ivan Nedeljkovic, and Max Du Toit Formerly presented as 'Cheers to Sarajevo'
Herbal cigarettes are smoked on stage. Play includes themes and depictions of sex and of sexual violence.

1992 Bosnia. Two lovers, Mirela a Bosnian Muslim and Aleksander a Bosnian Serb are due to be married. Slobo, their childhood friend, will be the best man. When civil war erupts the lovers are suddenly thrust onto opposite sides of a bloody conflict. Aleksander and Slobo are conscripted to the Serbian Army. The divide deepens. Told through the lens of an ambitious South African conflict journalist, Peter, who infiltrates their lives so deeply that he is no longer merely a voyeur. As the dream of Yugoslavia dies so does the dream of Aleksander and Mirela’s marriage.

We feel an absolute urgency to tell this story so it is remembered and never forgotten. So much of what happened in Yugoslavia was about violence against difference. Without expressing our traumatized past we continue to manifest war into our daily mentality. A mentality of destruction brought into our homes as rape, into our friendships as betrayal, and ultimately into our society as apathy. War, hate and violence are perpetuated on the international news daily. The power of theatre is to speak beyond the limitations of print and online media. Sarajevo epitomises the importance of compassion, forgiveness and love in a world that is submerged in fear, pain and discrimination. This story needs to touch the hearts of the enemy and remind them that the man we kill is our brother, the women we rape is our mother and the children we maim, they are the future of our humanity.

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Afro-folk, Alternative • Running Time: 60 mins
Blessing Tabang on vocals and guitar | G stickz on Drums | Ifeoluwa on bass | Uduak EJ on Keyboard

Come experience an evening of pure, intimate, afro-folk melodies with Nigerian musician Blessing Tangban at the Alexander theatre. For the first time ever in Cape town, The Nigerian queen of folk music will share her artistry, alongside her band for an unforgettable musical experience.

Tangban’s sound is a perfect blend of raw, pure, introspective, and emotionally stirring Afro- folk melodies fused with lyrics that are witty and very vulnerable. This is very evident in her debut EP ‘Nowhere Girl’. She is well known for her hit singles “Pennsylvania” and “Ba Damuwa”. She has also completed work on her first album 'Free' (released August, 2017) Which features a compilation of songs from her first EP, as well as brand new songs. She's also recently released a new single called 'Grow Up' (released August 2018) in which she featured Singer-songwriter, Johnny Drille; 'All her singles, and albums are available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms.

Tangban’s musical influences include John Mayer, Dido, Fally Ipupa, The Cranberries, Amos lee, Keith Urban, 2BABA, and Miranda Lambert to mention a few. She listens to a lot of country, Soukous, Makossa, contemporary Christian music, Afro-folk, Alternative folk, and a host of other genres of music.

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Improvisational comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Directed, created & performed the ImproGuise team
Running time may vary

Hot on the heels of their completely sold out short form improv festival at Alexander Bar, the ImproGuise team are gearing up for a run of brilliant, diverse and exciting long form improv. Aptly named ImproGuise Presents The Style High Club, each of five nights will be devoted to completely improvised hour long shows.

The Line-Up for each night is:

Mon 29
A Night at the Movies
ImproGuise, with the help of the audience’s suggestions, is inspired by movies, real and imagined, and plays out an hour long show of movie scenes. Imagine the lost scene including the kipper from Gone With the Wind. Imagine scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor, alternate endings to Marley and Me or Sleepless in Seattle, The Shining – the Musical. 

Cast: Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan, Anne Hirsch, Ryan Jales, Leon Clingman, Peter Faure, Keren Lindley, Dave Campbell-Watts, Brett Anderson & music by James Harvey

Tues 30
Secrets, side effects, snide comments, sundowners, salacious sex, and snoekbraai. It’s our amazing, improvised, never scene before South African Soapie. Highly addictive – will leave you screaming for more.

Cast: Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan, Anne Hirsch, Ryan Jales, Leon Clingman, Peter Faure, Keren Lindley, Dave Campbell-Watts, Brett Anderson & music by James Harvey

Wed 1 May
Sick of the same old musicals in an endless cycle on our stages? We break the mold and create, from scratch, never seen before musicals, with on the spot openings, dangerous duets, daring dialogue and plots that we don’t have any idea about until they happen. 

Cast: Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan, Ryan Jales, Pete Faure, Leon Clingman, Keren Lindley & music by Godfrey Johnson

Thurs 2 May
The Big… an improvised Film Noir
Inspired by the much loved 1940s film genre, the actors explore the detective film with its hardboiled P.I.s, sultry backstabbing dames and seedy criminals in a shadowy world. High, and completely improvised, drama.

Cast: Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan, Ryan Jales, Anne Hirsch, Keren Lindley, Brett Anderson & music by Godfrey Johnson and Menashe Rousseau

Friday 3 May
Senseless and Spontaneity - a Jane Austen inspired period drama
Time turns slowly. Each little rustle of emotions is deeply felt. A fluttering of the heart, a romantic disappointment, a turn about the garden. Tender and witty improv. 

Cast: Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan, Ryan Jales, Leon Clingman, Pete Faure & music by Godfrey Jonson

Book for ImproGuise presents: The Style High Club by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Writer, Director & Performer J.Bobs Tshabalala | Featuring a unique line-up of guests each night

Celebrated Writer, Director and Performer J.Bobs Tshabalala is back in Cape Town with his live game show Off The Record.

What is it you ask?

Is it improvisation, theatre sports, stand up comedy?

It does borrow from the tropes of theatre sports. It does demand an inclination toward improvisation. There are elements of stand-up comedy in it. But, all in all, these are GAME SHOWS! We are talking Buzzers, Bells, Quizzes, Prizes, Challenges, Points, Teams, Rivalry, Cheats, The Works!

This show has become a cult gem due to its high energy, edgy and entertaining performance style. One second it is a riotous laughter festival and the next second it is a scathing critique of how complicit we all are in the horrors that make up this nation. It is an exploration rich in critical engagement, robust debate and thorough research. The competition element then decorates all these complex workings in a way that makes even the most gruesome subject matter digestible. 

This is the two time Cape Town Fringe Award winning performance which scooped the “Freshest Show” and “Spirit of Fringe” awards. In 2018, it won the Gold Ovation Award at The National Arts Festival.

Do yourself a favour and come and see why this concept is creating such a large buzz in the alternative live arts sphere. 

There's an amazing line up of fascinating and funny guests including entertainers, writers, intellectuals and smarty-pants. Here's the line-up so far, but be warned! It is subject to change.

Press & Reviews

  • Mon 28th Jan 2019 Blogs

    "The gameshow's success is based on rewarding our connections more than our divisions. On highlighting similarities in the veil of exposing our differences. On being scathing in a way that is cathartic for all, and on being funny in a way that is laughable only to our national humour. They are about using theatre to explore the theatrics of our reality."

    Carla Lever interviews Jefferson Tshabalala for Bookslive.om

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Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Conceived and Directed by Jenine Collocott | Performed by Taryn Bennett | Presented by Contagious Theatre | Written by Jenine Collocott and Taryn Bennett | Additional dramaturgy by Nick Warren | Sound effects by Peter Cornell

Winner of a 2018 Standard Bank Ovation Award, Contagious Theatre’s newest production, Silkworm, is an evocative exploration of the ordinary things that make life extraordinary. The story is told to us through the eyes of the at once gregarious and socially awkward Georgina. Georgina is about to have the single most important day of her life. On this day, she takes the audience on a journey that reveals how the small things are, ultimately, big things. 

Silkworm makes extensive use of storytelling and clowning techniques borrowed from Italy’s Helikos School of Theatre Creation, adding a dollop of humour and a touch of whimsy. The result is a theatrical experience that explores, pushes, and ultimately punctures the gossamer thin veil that divides the wistfully surreal from the frighteningly real.

Silkworm is conceived and directed by Jenine Collocott and stars Taryn Bennett, with additional dramaturgy by Nick Warren. Audiences can anticipate the sensitive and insightful entertainment delivered by other Contagious Theatre productions and collaborations, including The Snow Goose, The Old Man and The Sea, Babbelagtig, Kaput, Dirt, Sunday Morning and Making Mandela.

‘Superbly brought to life.’
- The Critter

‘A shining beautiful gem.’
- The Witness 

'Bennett is a delight to watch.'
- Robyn Sassen

Jenine studied theatre creation at Helikos in Florence, Italy. Her production Making Mandela won the 2016 Naledi for Best Youth Production and was most recently selected as part of the Assitej World Congress Main Programme. Much of her work has travelled internationally, namely Dirt (Official selection Fringe World, Perth and the Brighton Festival); Sunday Morning (Official selection Edinburgh Festival); A Day in the Desert (Sold out tour in California).

Jenine is an acclaimed director and designer and has been nominated for a number of awards. Her most recent work Silkworm won a 2018 Ovation Award and The Old Man and the Sea was nominated for two Naledi Awards and have played to critical and audience acclaim. Her most recent production Babbelagtig won Best Youth Production and Best Debut at the KKNK Kanna Awards and has been nominated for Best Production at the 2019 Fiestas.

Instagram @jeninecollocottwarren
Twitter @jeninecollocott

Taryn studied theatre at Rhodes University. She has performed for TV and stage and is a regular at the National Arts Festival with hits like The Snow Goose, Doctor Colliinger’s Funeral Service, Kaput and Sie Weiss Alles. Taryn performed nationally for both Ubom and FTH:K theatre companies to critical and audience acclaim. In 2015 she worked on twenty-six episodes of the children’s TV series Silly Seasons. Taryn was most recently nominated for Best Supporting Actress for The Old Man and the Sea at the 2018 Naledi Theatre Awards. Her critically acclaimed Silkworm won a 2018 Ovation Award.

Instagram @tarynsandrabennett

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Solo Comedy Theatre • Running Time: 55 mins
Directed by Jenine Collocott | Written by Nick Warren | Translated and performed by James Cairns
Performed in Afrikaans

'n Hond en drie vervreemde pelle is oppad na die begrafnis van ’n vierde. Die manne hap mekaar oor die verlede al wil hulle dit net eintlik begrawe. Teen ’n helse spoed kom hulle langs die graf tot stilstand, maar nie sonder ’n paar aangrypende, pynlike, soms skreeusnaakse oomblikke en nuwe insigte oor die aard van vriendskap.

Gerhard, ’n dalende sepie held wie nooit in sy lewe aan enigiets kon commit nie — behalwe sy beste vriende se vrouens.

Johan, ’n staatmaker, ’n genuine ou, ’n man se man, voordat hy sy vrou se man geword het. Nou filosofeer hy in supermarkte op soek na koolblare.

Gawie, ’n knorrige, afgestompte, vent. Hy dink hy’s oppad na ware liefde, maar die vrou in die verhaal is onder die indruk dat hy iemand anders is—letterlik.

Hulle is saam in a motor vir 1400km, van Johannesburg af Kaap toe via Fokfontein, ’n poot, ’n kroeg en ’n bietjie lekker outydse moeilikheid en dit sit ’n effense druk op hul verhoudings met mekaar…

Named on of the Mail & Guardians top young South Africans, James Cairns has performed and written nationally and internationally for both stage, film and television. His short story Ossewa Mulaudzi has been translated into three languages. His performance work over the years has included South African classics (Pale Natives), Shakespeare (Hamlet and A Comedy of Errors), international festival hits (The Three Little Pigs, Dirt, El Blanco), mask work (The Snow Goose), soapies (Rhythm City), action (Strikeback, Donkerland), period work (Sie Weiss Alles) amongst others. He is generally cast in comedic roles and brings a sensitivity and inner life to them that has impressed audiences and reviewers alike. His comedy improv work with Jittery Citizens and Shakespeare improv with The Framework are also well loved by audiences. James is a popular fringe artist at the National Arts Festival and his theatre work has also been seen in Australia, the UK and the Netherlands.

Named one of Cosmopolitan magazine’s fun fearless females, Jenine is the Artistic Director of Contagious Theatre. She studied theatre creation under master pedagogue Giovanni Fusetti at his school Helikos in Florence, Italy. Her production Making Mandela won the 2016 Naledi for Best Youth Production and was most recently selected as part of the Assitej World Congress Main Programme. Much of her work has travelled internationally, namely Dirt (Official selection Fringe World, Perth and the Brighton Festival); Sunday Morning (Official selection Edinburgh Festival); A Day in the Desert (Sold out tour in California). Jenine is an acclaimed director and designer and has been nominated for a number of awards, namely; best director and lighting designer for Sunday Morning at the Naledi Theatre Awards; Best design and director for The Snow Goose at the Fleur du Caps and the Naledi awards respectively; The Handspring Puppet Company Award for best design for High Diving. She has won Ovation Awards for High Diving, A Day in the Desert and Making Mandela. 

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/contagioustheatre/

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Comedy • Running Time: 65 mins
Written by Pierre Malherbe | Directed by Adrian Collins | Designed by Guy de Lancey | Performed by Juliette Pauling, Brett Williams, and Pierre Malherbe
Some fruity language.

That which is seen, cannot be unseen; unless that which is seen was never seen in the first place. Or maybe it was seen, but not quite in the way that it happened. If it even happened at all.

Apple Face is a surreal comedy adventure that takes place at an outdoor music festival. A 40th birthday celebration turns sour when somebody witnesses something disturbing. Is this just a mid life crises on party sweets or did they really see something? 

Pierre Malherbe is an actor and writer with over 20 years theatre experience. More recently he has appeared in David Mamet’s Sexual Perversty In Chicago and a number of Louis Viljoen plays. He was most recently seen in Brent Palmers The Visit and had a brief stint in Shakespeare In Love. His camera credits include Black Sails, Roots, Troy: Fall Of A city, and the SAFTA award winning short film Armed Response. His has written and performed stand up comedy as well as three one man shows. Apple Face is his first self penned show to feature additional cast members.

Juliette Pauling has a BA in drama from Rhodes University. There, she performed in several productions which were featured at the National Arts Festival. She took a brief break from acting in 2013 and obtained a diploma in culinary arts. She has appeared in both Suzelle DIY and Tali's Wedding Diary and now in 2018 we see her in Apple Face.

Brett Williams, is a seasoned actor and reluctant entrepreneur with a penchant for karaoke. Having glimpsed the greener pastures of Australia, he returned to Cape Town to make his fortune in film and is now doing theatre. Due to the drought, his #hotbathcoldtea calendar photos have come to a close but you can find him on Instagram at @notbluesteel and @albanywatchco. Please enjoy the play.

Press & Reviews

  • Wed 2nd May 2018 Weekend Special

    "I could not stop laughing."

    "All three of them are absolutely perfect at delivering this bizarre and hilarious piece."


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Comedy • Running Time: 65 mins
Written, directed & performed by Wessel Pretorius
Performed in Afrikaans

Annetjie de Vries sit op die lughawe en wag vir haar vlug na Amsterdam. Langs haar slaap/“trip” haar enigste vertroosting, ‘n troetelmarmot “Joachim,” op ‘n oordosis Rescue Remedy. Na jare se verwaarlosing deur haar gesin besluit Annetjie om van voor af te begin en vir ‘n slag op haar eie terme te leef. Die vlug is vertraag en Annetjie het baie op die hart. “Starbucks” is ‘n ontroerende komedie-vertelling oor vroulikheid, hartstog en eensaamheid.

Wessel Pretorius was born in Nelspruit. He received his BA in Drama from the University of Pretoria and did his post-graduate studies at the University of Stellenbosch. In 2011 he wrote and directed his first professional solo-piece ONT-, which would later be translated into UNDONE and performed at the National Arts Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Vienna and Amsterdam. Other shows performed at Alexander Bar include THE MAIDS (Genet, directed by Philip Rademeyer), I LOVE YOU SALLY FIELD AND OTHER STORIES (writer and director), RENAISSANCE (writer and director) and KLARA MAAS SE HART IS GEBREEK, ENSOMEER: DIE VLOEISTOF TRILOGIE (writer, director and performer alongside David Viviers). Pretorius currently lives in Cape Town.

Book for Sê My Naam Soos ‘n Starbucks Knaap by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Music • Running Time: 90 mins
Produced by Sthe Mfuphi | Directed by Sthe Mfuphi & Bulelewa Sakayi | Performed by 4 Tons of Fun

The undisputed 'Queen of Soul' created a legacy that spans six decades. Join 4 Tons of Fun as they pay tribute to this iconic singer. This is a chance to see four of Cape Town's finest vocalists with their big voices honouring a musical icon.

Following the untimely death of Aretha Franklin in August 2018, the three founder members of 3 Tons of Fun, Sthe Mfuphi (Saxy Sthe), Bulelwa Sakayi (Beautiful Bee) and Michelle Thomas (Mysterious Mich) together with powerhouse Soi Soi Gqeza, have produced a fitting tribute to this iconic singer. Included in the show are lesser known favourites like ‘Chain of Fools’ and ‘A deeper love’ as well as the big numbers such as ‘Respect’, ‘Natural Woman’ and ‘Ain’t no mountain’.

In this performance, these four women, Sthe, Bee, Michelle and Soi Soi, with their amazing voices will pay tribute to Aretha Franklin in what will be a celebration through song of the life of a woman who has influenced generations of singers and touched the lives of so many. Combining vocal power, skillful harmonies and smoldering sensuality with vivacious energy, these larger than life women will entertain the audience like no other.

Book for 4 Tons of Fun present 'a Tribute to Aretha Franklin' by clicking this button:

Kabaret/Cabaret • Running Time: 65 mins
Teks en regie deur Wessel Pretorius | Met Len-Barry Simons | Begeleiding op klavier deur Christopher Petrie
Korstondige rook gedurende toneelstuk

Psalter (die naam vir ‘n boek van Psalms) is versameling grootword-herinneringe van ‘n Gaga-aanbidder, ‘n dissipel van Nina Simone en ‘n gesant van die maan in kitch engelvlerke.  Dis ook ‘n ode aan drie susters - Greta, Joan en Bettie – elk vernoem na ‘n silwerdoekgodin, wat saam ‘n kind deur die veranderende seisoene probeer koester. Uit die pen van Wessel Pretorius, vertolk deur opwindende opkomende talent Len-Barry Simons, met die meesterlike begeleiding van Christopher Petrie. 

LEN-BARRY SIMONS gradueer in 2016 by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch met ‘n graad in Drama, waar hy gespesialiseer het in kabaret.  Hy verskyn in 2017 in Wessel Pretorius se komedie Renaissance en in 2018 in ‘n verwerking van Bibi Slippers se bekroonde digbundel Fotostaatmasjien vir die verhoog by Woordfees en KKNK.  Gedurende hierdie jaar speel hy ook in Aida Abridged by o.a. die National Arts Festival in Grahamstad (regie deur Greg Homan) en die musiekblyspel Calling Us Home (regie deur Magdalene Minnaar). Len-Barry woon tans in Kaapstad. 

WESSEL PRETORIUS  is gebore in 1986 en het skool gegaan en groot geword in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.  Hy het sy B.A. Drama graad ontvang by die Universiteit van Pretoria in 2008 en sy Honneurs in Spel by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch in 2009.  Hy het sy professionele debuut in 2010 gemaak en in 2011 het skryf hy sy solo-stuk Ont- waarvoor o.a. vier Fiësta-toekennings en die Woordtrofee vir Beste Drama produksie ontvang het.  Ont- is later vertaal deur Hennie van Greunen as Undone en het getoer na die Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Afrovibes in Nederland, die Wiener festwochen in Wene en die Nasionale Kunstefees in Grahamstad waar dit die Standard Bank Ovation Goud gekry het.  In 2014 skryf hy Waterpas (KKNK Kanna vir Beste Komedie), Slaaf en Frats. In 2015 verskyn Sandton City Grootdoop, Al Julle Volke en Die Dag is Bros (vyf Fiësta benoemings en die ATKV-Woordveertjie vir Beste Drama).  In 2016 debuteer hy met sy nuwe solostuk Die Ontelbare 48 en die komedie I Love You Sally Field (and other stories) en in 2017 skryf hy o.a. Klara Maas se Hart is Gebreek, ensomeer: Die vloeistof trilogie en Renaissance. Ander hoogtepunte as akteur sluit in Saartjie Botha se Balbesit (regie deur Jaco Bouwer), Christiaan Olwagen se N is vir Neurose, Edward Albee se Wie’s Bang vir Virginia Woolf? (regie deur Olwagen) en Tom Lanoye se Bloed en Rose (regie deur Marthinus Basson).  Pretorius woon in Kaapstad waar hy streef om ‘n lewe uit teater te maak.

CHRISTOPHER PETRIE completed his schooling at Monument High School in Krugersdorp. He obtained a BMus degree from Stellenbosch University in 2017 specializing in organ performance under the tutelage of Dr Mario Nell. Christopher frequently worked as freelance accompanist during his undergraduate studies. He was the rehearsal pianist and keyboardist for musical productions Hair (2013), Evita (2014), Sarafina (2015) and Fidler on the Roof (2016) in collaboration with Northlink College. In 2017 he was rehearsal pianist for an Honours student production of La serva padrona and assistant to musical director, Erik Dippenaar, for the 2018 Woordfees production of Purcell’s Fairy Queen in collaboration with Cape Town Opera and Stellenbosch University. Christopher is currently a postgraduate Honours student at Stellenbosch University, specializing in organ repertoire studies. In 2018 he was accompanist for the ensemble of the play, NRNNSA (Die Nuwe Republiek van die Nuwe Nuwe Suid Afrika) which received a Kanna nomination for best upcoming artist at the 2018 Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees (KKNK) and was awarded the prize for best Nati-Jongsterre production at the 2018 Suidoosterfees. Christopher is also actively involved at the Stelenbosch University Drama Department as cabaret accompanist.

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Performance • Running Time: 50 mins
Written & performed by Siyamthanda Poni | Directed by Sindile Msebenzi | Presented by UPRISING ART PROJECT

This is a story takes place in the space between hope and despair, between justice and forgiveness, and between guilt and courage. Bandile has been broken both body and soul after his mother is killed at the hands of a vigilante mob. As he tries to find a path through his pain and regain trust of his family, he must also convince the world that he has changed. But has he?

After a successful run at Zabalaza Community Festival, INGCWABA went on to win the inaugural Abongile Kroza One-Hander Festival at Makukhanye Art Room in 2017 and continued to dazzle Mbekweni audiences throughout 2018.

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