Looking for things to do in Cape Town? Alexander Upstairs is an intimate performance space completely separate from the bar area with a festival-style programming model featuring drama, comedy, cabaret, jazz, acoustic sessions, readings and more. We often schedule more than one performance per night so please check times carefully when booking.

Sleight of Hand • Running Time: 75 mins
Written and performed by Stuart Lightbody and directed by Tara Notcutt

The magicians' secret world exists behind locked doors, Stuart Lightbody offers you a key. Spend an evening inside Stuart's mind, a place full of fading memories where strange impossibilities lurk. Each night the audience chooses exactly which wonders unfold, so no two performances are alike and anything could happen. Welcome to "Unique Wonders".

Press & Reviews

  • Tue 15th Aug 2017 Weekend Special

    "[Stuart Lightbody] is warm and self-deprecating in just the right amounts. And he is so, so neat and precise that he makes every single move a dance. His cards flow from his hands. His glances are so precise and intended we never look in the wrong place, and he has an absolute gift when handling each member of the audience; especially those he brings onto stage. He is also very, very funny in a totally old fashioned and delicious way."

    Review of Unique Wonders by Megan Furniss

  • Mon 14th Aug 2017 Weekend Argus

    Review of Unique Wonders by Bianca Coleman

  • Fri 21st Jul 2017 Cape Times

    "The Magicians' world exists behind locked doors and this is the curious audience's opportunity to see what lies behind them."

    Newflash: Unique Wonders - An Opportunity to See a Master of Misdirection

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Fri 18th Aug 9pm: Sorry, sold out Sat 19th Aug 9pm: Sorry, sold out

Documentary Film Screening • Running Time: 60 mins
Dark Shadows by Inga Sikweyiya | ImortileLenja (This Dog is Dead) by XolaMteto | EBATELI YA MOTEMA NA NGAY (The Beat of my Heart) by Krys Malondez | The invisibles by Terence Makapan | Rues de mémoireperdue (Streets of Lost Memories) by Jazz Lohaka

5 short documentary films around personal, human-rights-related narratives. Shot and edited by new film makers: 5 young people living on the fringes of society, who are often spoken about, but rarely heard from.

Marginalized young adults are facing a number of challenges aside from technical and vocational skills. Reel Lives programming supports our participants in engaging with their own lives through media-arts, creating a form of informal, group art-therapy. Our graduate Abdul put it best when he said “You make a film about the thing you’re most afraid of, and it takes away it’s power.”

Our young filmmakers collectively grapple with their own lives in a supportive and nurturing community, and learn from one another’s experiences. It is not an overstatement to say that our educational programming is uniquely transformative, and graduates see the world, and their place in it, in a very different light.

Dark Shadows by Inga Sikweyiya ImortileLenja (This Dog is Dead) by XolaMteto EBATELI YA MOTEMA NA NGAY (The Beat of my Heart) by Krys Malondez The invisibles by Terence Makapan Rues de mémoireperdue (Streets of Lost Memories) by Jazz Lohaka Inga Sikweyiya, Dark Shadows
Inga Sikweyiya is an art enthusiast who lives for storytelling through acting and filmmaking. As a proud Xhosa artist, he is passionate about telling stories from the village.With more than 17 million people in South Africa currently dealing with mental illness, a large number of undiagnosed cases exist silently in black communities. This film recounts the events leading up to his near suicide attempt and discovering his battle with depression. It follows his journey as he goes back home to speak about his mental condition, for the first time.   Xola Mteto, ImortileLenja (This Dog is Dead) Xola Mteto currently resides in Khayelitsha though he’s originally from Engcobo in the Eastern Cape. He joined a gang at the age of 16 as a means of survival. He enjoyed the status that came with being a gangster but after a fight with a rival gang, in which he was stabbed 14 times, he’d lose all his respect in one day. In his documentary he’ll give us a re-telling of the story and how that fateful day helped turn his life around.  

Krys Malondez, EBATELI YA MOTEMA NA NGAY (The Beat of my Heart) Krys was born in Lubumbashi ,the second largest city of the DRC. He started off is DJ’ing career in 2006 before he relocated to Cape Townin 2009. In this documentary, the filmmaker shares his story about how he became a DJ and the hurdles he encountered along the way.
Terence Makapan, The invisibles Makapan is a freelance theatre maker who recently discovered a passion for film and documentaries. The Invisibles gives us a glimpse into the lives of four different homeless people on the streets of Cape Town and the struggles they have to face on a daily basis. The filmmaker tells this story through the lens of his own father who was also a vagrant and spent the latter part of his life sleeping on the Sea Point promenade. 
Jazz Lohaka, Rues de mémoireperdue (Streets of Lost Memories) Jazz, originally from Kinshasha in DRC, moved to South Africa in hopes of a better future. With Xenophobia popping its head out every few ears, Jazz and many other immigrants like him had to face tremendous obstacles – Home Affairs being one of the biggest. In this film, he will expose how the South African Home Affairs is responsible making thousands of legal immigrants become illegal immigrants. 

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Short Film Screening • Running Time: 90 mins
presented by Shnit
Warning: Includes an interval

shnit CAPE TOWN have teamed up with The Alexander Bar once again to bring you 'A taste of shnit'. A monthly screening of only the best short films that shnit has to offer. For August we are celebrating Women's Month with a selection of thought provoking and exciting films made by female directors from all around the World.

Now in its 8th year in South Africa, the festival returns to Cape Town and kicks off in October! As we count down to the festival, we've decided to whet your appetite and give all our film lovers a taste of the shnit experience! Once a month, we'll be playing a mix of local and international short films. After each there will be an opportunity to chat to the local filmmakers who are behind some of the most exciting shorts coming out of the country!

Tickets are limited, so be sure to book early. This is one shnit show you're not going to want to miss!

Want to know more about shnit? Inline image 1www.shnit.org

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Live music downstairs • Running Time: 90 mins
Various Artists

The musicians have escaped from the theatre! Every Monday we'll be featuring live music downstairs in the bar for the pleasure of your ear canals. Kick back and enjoy bands and artists like Brynn, The Stone Jets, and Mischa Ruby. The line up will be revealed weekly so keep your ears ready.

21 August 19:30

Leigh Hondy
I am a young, vibrant and versatile singer-songwriter/guitarist. My sound is often said to resemble John Mayer however, I have many musical influences across genre's. 

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Student performance • Running Time: 60 mins
presented by 3rd year students of City Varsity's Live Performance programme
Warning: Please check 'Read More' for a detailed line up

The word ‘Admission’ can mean many things. It could be a space that you’re welcomed into. Or one that you’re denied access to. An admission can be a secret that you never thought you’d say aloud. Or a fact that you’ve been repeating for years.

The CityVarsity Acting Department explores this word in Admission, a new showcase of solo-shows. In this series of mini-productions, each show is written, directed, performed, and produced by a third year BA student. 'Admission' deals with a variety of important topics, moving from issues like cultural identity to mental health to how to make perfect two-minute noodles.

Equal parts brutally honest, hilarious and heart-breaking, 'Admission' tells complicated stories about what it really means to admit the truth.

'Admission' is separated into four programs.

Program North: 22 August 14.00 and 23 August 19.00

Token by Tsakani Baloyi
Token is the story of a boy living in post-Apartheid South Africa. Born in 1995 and raised in a Shangaan background, he later faces the difficulties of being one of the few black students at a predominantly white school. When he begins to excel at sport, the boy has to decide what the cost of being seen as a ‘token’ really is.

The Theory of Adulting by Matthew Davies
This is the story of a millennial who is about to complete his studies and enter the big and not-so-nice world. The Theory of Adulting deals with the hardships and heartbreaks that students face dealing with the day-to-day challenges of just getting by. This funny and relatable show asks what it means to suddenly be an adult when you still feel like a kid.

Tussenstasies by Megan Maclachlan
Need a job? Want a job? Want to make yourself proud? Want to make your parents proud? These are all questions running through Carissa’s mind as she is on the verge of finishing her studies and stepping into the working world. Tussenstasies is about what comes after you received your qualification and have to use it as a ticket to get a job. The one act play deals with the crossroads between family forcing you to make a decision about your future and you waiting to see where you’ll end up.

Loveday’s Lovesick by Anja Taljaard
It’s quite simple, really. Loveday, a girl with an average IQ and an over-average amount of insecurities, finds herself trapped inside a situation of her own making. The show follows her as she constructs a self-destructive collection dedicated to all of the men who loved her but who she could never love back. Until he come along. Suddenly, Loveday begins to experience new feelings. Could she be…lovesick?

Program South: 22 August 15.15 and 23 August 20.15

Semicolon by Elize Hattingh
“Imagine your life to be equal to a sentence, with you being a punctuation mark. What is your sentence? What kind of punctuation mark are you?” Semicolon deals with the character’s struggle to accept the loss of her mother and the emotional and psychological as well as physical challenges that comes along with grief. Inspired by the Semicolon Movement, this Afrikaans/English show might cut where it hurts.

The Carnalval by Olivia Jannesson
The dreaded and elusive female orgasm comes to life in this awkwardly dark and comedic show, bound to have you laughing in all the wrong places. Guided by a crude Ringmaster through the circus we call life, a woman shares a few confessions of embarrassing sexual experiences, with cringe-worthy insights that may or not be accompanied by a tiny stringed instrument.

University of Life by Rhulani Mnisi
"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." Dealing with education and what it stands for in black culture, University of Life explores family matters and everything that comes with it. In a world where so much expectation is placed on students, this show reminds us that life in itself is a university you can never graduate from.

Ntombikanina by Anelisiwe Mpulu
Ntombikanina, named after its protagonist, is a story of a woman searching for her true identity, one she believes culture has robbed from her. Trying to find answers, she vacillates between asking the ancestors and the Bible for guidance. This show explores African culture, tradition and customs, particularly those of the Xhose/Mpondo people in the Eastern Cape.

Program East: 22 August 19.00 and 23 August 14.00

No Name Brand By Cleo Carelse
“How do I look?” is a question we all ask ourselves. In No Name Brand four womxn share their experiences of trying to live up to society’s impossible beauty standards and coming to terms with themselves. Branded by the expectations of family, friends, and social media, the show explores what it means to try to be perfect. Are we doing ourselves more harm than good?

#TakeMeBack by Greg Davies
Life, Hope, Love. Photos capture the emotions of that time. When we look at these memories years later, we can remember that feeling again. But can something else be sparked from that feeling as well? Something deeper, something unexpected?

Sondag by Jadene Hartley
Sondag is 'n een-man-spel wat handel om die tema van "Konserwatisme as Lewensbeskouing". Dit volg die karakter Sondag en haar interpretasies van verskillende gesprekke wat sy met verskeie famililede oor die jare gehad het. Hierdie gesprekke dryf haar om na haar hunkering na liberasie te streef met in die tradisionele Afrikaanse kultuur.

Bath Time by Jade Herbert
Bath Time looks at coloured identity and the many aspects and issues that come with this specific racial classification. Following the character through different parts of her life, the play illustrates how familial upbringing, friendships, and South African society's views on coloured culture affect the identity of one girl.

Program West: 22 August 20.15 and 23 August 15.15 

Stretchmark by Jaimie Davids
Self-love and self-acceptance. Two words that are simple to say but difficult to experience. Stretchmark  follows a womxn through her journey with her body,  moving from transformation to fat-shaming to body positivity. Wrapped up and sealed in name calling, judgement from family and friends, and societal expectations, this character is determined to break free from the confines of what other people think and step into her own love of self.

Induku By Ayabonga Makanya
Eliqonga lithetha ngonyana olahlekelwe yimvelaphi yakhe, olahlekelewe kukuzazi kwaye nokuzingca njengomXhosa okanye njengomSwati. Chopha ke mbukeli, sihlinze nanku umba.
 Ukuzingca ngobudoda ungayihloniphi imiqathango kukudelela isiXhosa. Ngoku ndinilungiselela into ebenicinga niyayazi, ilizwi ebenicinga livangeliwe. Ngokwenene kutshiwo kwathiwa mayizimele indoda, mayingajiki indoda. Kona kona ikwenzile ngemiqathango yakwaXhosa? Eh! Sinokhe sithandabuze.
Camagu kwimfundiso yakwaXhosa, camagu kwisiko nezithethe. 

Little Fish by Roxy Modricky
Little Fish combines poetry and projections to explore the inner psychological world of a young woman. Little Fish is a coming-of-age story about a character choosing to live and delve into the treacherous waters of adulthood while dealing with her own murky past.


Directing mentors:
Lynita Crofford, Iman Isaacs, Sanjin Muftic, and Genna Gardini

Marketing mentor:
Sanjin Muftic

Writing mentor:
Genna Gardini

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Quiz • Running Time: 90 mins
OMG Quiz Night has crash landed their trivia machine right into the belly of Alexander Bar. Every Wednesday the cosy chairs and tables of the bar get turned into your throne from which you will enter into a battle of the minds. But don't start googling general knowledge trivia answers just yet.... Among the 'what is the capital of...' this quiz has a plethora of hands-on, get-your-tastebuds-guessing, blind-fold-necessary questions. This is not just any games night, this is OMG QUIZ NIGHT AT ALEXANDER BAR. Minimum of 1 person per team (note: your name will automatically be entered as Han Solo) up to 6 players in a team. The game starts at 7:30pm sharp and finishes at 9:30pm

PS We take kindly to tweets and competitive slurs between teams.

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Wed 20th Sep 7:30pm: Sorry, sold out

Magic • Running Time: 60 mins
Written by Bryan Miles | Performed by Bryan Miles

Meet Bryan Miles - a master of the wicked manipulation of the mind and a performer who is trained in the art of thought deception. Bryan has performed across the globe, from London to Los Angeles, for movie stars and celebrities. His ground-breaking primetime SABC TV series, ‘One Day with Bryan Miles’ has had South Africans across the country questioning what is possible and what is not.  

“You just sent a shiver down my spine!” Graeme Richards (SABC 3 Presenter)

Bryan can seemingly influence and predict human behaviours. By using his skillset of magic, suggestion and psychology – he is able to theatrically manipulate your perception of the world.

“Bryan Miles is amazing!” Jack Parow (Musician)

His one-man show sees Bryan sharing some of his unique obsessions from childhood with the audience. Bryan Miles is an ordinary person with extraordinary skills…whether it is extracting people’s inner most thoughts or controlling their behaviour – this show will keep you questioning the potential of the human mind!

“I am obsessed with the human mind. Does Free Will exist? Are the thoughts and decisions we make truly our own? Every thought we have results in some kind of action – I don’t read minds, I read people.”  

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lo-fi folk • Running Time: 60 mins
Simon Tamblyn - Guitar & vocals | Mandisi Nkomo - Drums | Helen Westcott on Bass | Catherine Schenck on Cello

TH&S are back at Alexander Bar again. With some new music imbued with their good kind of sadness coupled with punfully bad jokes that you shouldn't have to listen to. Tape Hiss and Sparkle is lo-fi, off-beat, alternative folk music

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Poetry performance • Running Time: 120 mins
Performed by Khadija Heeger | Ashley Makue | Afeefa Omar | Pakama Mlokoti | Faith Kinniar | Hosted by Allison-Claire Hoskins

The Rioters return in Session Two featuring renowned poet, Khadija Heeger, the national poetry slam champion, Ashley Makue, Western-Cape provincial slam champion Afeefa Omar, Eastern Cape's Pakama Mlokoti and satire poet Faith Kinniar. The show will be hosted by poet and artist, Allison-Claire Hoskins.

In January 2017, best-selling poet, Koleka Putuma and the South African national slam champion, Ashley Makue launched Rioters in Session - a gentle space for the sharing of poetry for womxn of colour. In this Session Two, Ashley will be in conversation with Khadija Heeger, Afeefa Omar, Pakama Mlokoti and Faith Kinniar and Allison-Claire Hoskins will hold the space as the MC.

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Progressive pop • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Emma van Heyn | Guitarist Robin Molteno | Luke Verrezen on bass and keys | Lilavan Gangen on drums

Emma van Heyn is a singer- songwriter and actress from Cape Town, South Africa. Her voice is paired with a balance of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, subtly making use of instrumental and vocal looping. This brings out the poly-tonal and -rhythmic elements in her jazz pop/ progressive pop originals. 

Supported by Robin Molteno (guitar), Luke Verrezen (bass and keys), Lilavan Gangen (drums)

Since the age of six, Emma has written and composed music. Known for her honest lyrics, complimented by quirky overtones, she creates songs that glorify fairness in unwanted situations. She made her stage debut at age 7 at Spier Amphitheatre, performing in the production, “Movies’ Greatest Music”. This production also went to the KKNK in 2003, when she was nine years old. Her debut performance as a solo artist was in 2010, when Imogen Heap requested her to sing one of her originals at her show at the Paul Cluver Amphitheatre. This inspired Emma to further her songwriting, performing on the very same stage four years later, playing her first solo debut set at the Hope@PaulCluver Festival in 2014 under the auspices of the Thembalitsha Foundation.Before Emma’s solo career took flight, she was the lead vocalist and songwriter of alternative rock band, Morning Ms Dednam. They were a four piece act, known for their jazz-funk infused music. She was also formerly part of the electronic duo act, Emma + i. Emma + i was a collaboration with Helmut Meijer, where Emma wrote the songs and sang the music. Helmut Meijer produced these tracks, focusing on a deep house approach. These vastly contrasting acts have helped mold Emma’s music into what it is today. Now, Emma produces her own music, having Uys Visser at Uys Visser Productions help mix and co-produce these tracks.

"As long as I truly stick to the integrity of the song, I’ll have a truthful outcome in the end”, says Emma. Although it is not always easy to pinpoint her genre, her fifteen track debut album strives to create a versatile body of music that stays true to her main focus - the song. She places focus on themes such as female exploitation, the current state of the country, personal trauma, heartache and heartbreak.

Emma van Heyn has just finished her Drama degree at Stellenbosch University, majoring in acting and physical theatre. This training has influenced her to enhance a theatrical element to her music and performance. She directs and edits her own music videos as she chooses to have a true documentary of her creative process.Choral singing has inspired Emma’s vocal layering through the use of looping. She has sung in choirs such as the acclaimed Tygerberg Children’s Choir (2004-2008) and the The University of Stellenbosch Choir (2014) which was crowned three times world champions at the World Choir Games that same year. She was also part of The Voice of Angels that won a SAMA award for Best Classical Crossover Album in 2009.Emma performed with great success at the Cape Town Fringe and Aardklop festivals in 2016.Asylum is Emma’s long awaited debut album and was released in August 2016.

"Emma van Heyn is the full package – looks, voice, great songs. She’s a powerhouse and the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. She is completely fearless and totally owns it.”

– Mauritz Lotz

"She is going only one way and that is straight to the top.”

– Nataniël

"This is the best new local release of the year. Seriously.”

– Deon Maas“

" I will not call myself unique or something fresh, because that is the easiest form of promoting oneself. But, I can say this - I write for ears that want to listen.” - Emma van Heyn

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Drama • Running Time: 60 mins
Starring Kai Luke Brummer and Mbulelo Grootboom | Directed by Matthew Kalil

Selwyn & Gabriel is a new comedy-drama by Richard Kaplan, writer of The Finkelsteins are Coming to Dinner. In the dead of night, Selwyn Aaron Bernstein wakes to find the intruder Gabriel in his home. Something terrible has happened. Gabriel who is at once interrogator, bureaucrat and therapist begins an investigation. “Where were you on the 10th July 2016 at 2.34am when the lights went out?” he asks. “I was asleep,” Selwyn replies.

But was he? What follows is an intriguing inner journey of discovery about regret & real estate, flight & friendship, lies & integrity - and love – always love … x x

Directed by Matthew Kalil, Selwyn & Gabriel features KaiLuke Brummer as Selwyn and Mbulelo Grootboom as Gabriel. Both are award-winning actors who bring freshness and passion to their roles. Don’t miss it!

Kai Luke Brummer graduated from UCT in 2016 with a B.A Honours in Theatre and Performance, with distinction in Acting. He was awarded the Ellie Walendorf Prize for best male actor in 2015. He has performed in numerous theatre productions, including The Dead Wait directed by Mdu Kweyama, Ebola directed by Nicholas Ellenbogen, Black Dog/ Inj’enyama directed by Clare Stopford, Gavin Krastin’s Trophy and in (s)kin directed by Mbongeni Mtshali.

Mbulelo Grootboom is a Film, TV and stage thespian. He received a Fleur du Cap award in 2013 for his role in Mike van Graan’s Just Business. He is currently appearing in four shows across the television channels. 

Matthew Kalil is a writer, director and script editor. He has an MA in Screenwriting from the NSFTV in the UK and over 20 years of experience in directing, editing and writing. He has written and co-written over 40 produced TV shows. His projects and collaborations have been seen in Canada, Denmark, Morocco, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Thailand, the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Richard Kaplan is a medical doctor working in the field of HIV research at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation. His first play, “The Finkelsteins are Coming toDinner” was performed at the Alexander Bar and the Cape Town Fringe Festival in 2016. Selwyn & Gabriel is his second play.

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Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins

Hot on the heels of July's sell-out Friends quiz, we bring you: Friends Trivia Night: The One Where You Win...Maybe.
Two hours of one-liners, Monica's OCD moments, and sing along moments with Phoebe. There will be an act out round, so channel your inner ego and put Joey's acting to shame. If you think that you know that they don't know what you know then book now before it sells out. And remember, no more than 6 in a team. Do not be seven... SEVEN.....sevennn. (but we do start at seven so please arrive by then)

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Cabaret • Running Time: 50 mins
Presented by PlumSong | By Sharyn Seidel and Dara Beth | Performed by Sharyn Seidel, Dara Beth and Kathleen Stephens | Original direction by Blythe Linger

Not your average cabaret duo, “Just a Song and a Dance” looks at the women of PlumSong: a mother-daughter duo with a killer repertoire, kickass voices and a less-than-classic style of mother-daughter banter. PlumSong are at yet another gig, where they need to be (much to their dismay) background music and not a cabaret. Join Sharyn and Dara as they sing, dance, and complain their way through another gig and you’ll understand just how this friendship blossomed.

"Beth and Seidel-Kometz deliver an amazing jazzy yet modern set-list with attitude and astonishing vocal gymnastics... it truly is a charming and delightful theatre experience"
- Barbara Loots, Theatre Scene Cape Town

"Enjoy a light-hearted, feel-good performance by two hugely talented artists. They complement each other beautifully, and not just with their singing. They interact with the audience, leading to lots of chuckles. A special mention must be made for their expressive soundcheck person."
- Tanya Van Onselen, Cue Media "Fringe 50 Reviews"

Plumsong is Sharyn and Dara's real-life cabaret duo which they formed in 2011, while Dara was still in Matric. “Plumsong” is a swing/jazz/pop/cabaret duo which performs at venues and functions across Cape Town.Sharyn Seidel has been singing for 32 years. Her vocal range has afforded her the privilege of being able to perform in cabarets, musicals, blues, alternative and rock bands. Sharyn’s career began in 1986 with the very successful cabaret "Junk ‘n Jive". In 1987, she moved to Johannesburg where she recorded and played with various cover and original bands until her move to New York in 1993. In 1995, Sharyn returned to Cape Town where she was cast as the lead vocalist in the sell-out rock show "Roll Over Beethoven", which ran for 11 months at the Pump House, in the V&A Waterfront. Sharyn also recorded her own CD in 2002. After its release and quite a few NYC shows under her belt, Sharyn decided to take a break from music to focus more on her family. Sharyn returned to Cape Town in 2011 and started the three-piece group “The King & Us” along with Lionel Bastos and Russell King. In 2011, Sharyn formed “Plumsong” with her daughter, Dara. “Plumsong” is a swing/jazz/pop/cabaret duo which continues to perform at venues and functions across Cape Town. Sharyn also fronts Cape Town-based rock band Rock Steady. (She also made the poster)

Dara Beth is first and foremost an angry, Jewish feminist. Secondly, she is one half of the cabaret duo “Plumsong”, which she has been performing as since 2011 with mom and fellow performer, Sharyn Seidel. Dara completed UCT’s Theatre and Performance programme this January (for which she received the class medal for theatre-making, the Ruth Peffer’s Prize and distinctions in Drama). Since graduating, Dara has worked as a stage manager on Wessel Pretorius’s “Klara Maas Se Hart Is Gebreek” (2017) and “Die Ontelbare 48” (2017), Ameera Conrad’s “Reparation” (2017) and Jon Keevy’s “The Underground Library” for ASSITEJ’s Cradle of Creativity (2017). During her studies, Dara also directed her class’s production of “Figs” (2016) for the National Arts Festival’s Student Festival at which she was nominated for Best Student Director. Dara also makes up one third of The Furies, a womxn-centric artistic co-op with whom she will be staging two original productions before the end of the year.

Kathleen Stephens graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Theatre and Performance, specializing in theatre-making, in 2014 and has not stopped working since. As a performer, Kathleen’s most recent credits include Jon Keevy’s “Underground Library” for ASSITEJ’s Cradle of Creativity (2017), Jon Keevy’s “Single-Minded” (2016) and Wessel Pretorius’s “I love you, Sally Field” (2016). Kathleen Stephens makes up one third of the creative team The Furies, a collective dedicated to making work for and by womxn with a particular focus on giving to space to narratives of colour. An incorporator of Hungry Minds Productions (NPC), Kathleen has also been heavily involved in the devising, staging, designing and performing of productions such as “People Beneath Our Feet” (2016) and Athol Fugard’s “People are Living There”(2015). Kathleen is also a contracted director for Arepp: Theatre for Life where she directs educational theatre productions which have toured across the provinces of South Africa. As a director she creates a work space which is not only safe but exciting and inspires performers to play.

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Drama • Running Time: 70 mins
Directed by Tauriq Jenkins | Written and Performed by Estelle Terblanche | Produced by Estelle Terblanche and Tauriq Jenkins

Christine is an actor, one of many in an industry. She is made up of many parts. She plays many parts, in part broken, in part happy but for the most part, courageous. This is a theatrical piece of an actor’s life, and the complex relationship the body and voice of the individual has with an industry that commodifies the female form, swinging between celebration and objectification. Her work traverses the biography of self and other that speak deeply to the humanity, integrity, and complexity of an actor’s life.

This play, written by Estelle Terblanche, is anchored by a metaphysical bent on the inner workings of a female actor in a society of pervasive misogyny. Estelle uses a mixture of her own experiences, those of her friends experiences and stories she has heard to inspire the script. She is using this enormous library to draw on for her interpretation of Christine. As a male member of this industry, and someone who is very aware of the similarities and differences between male and female struggles within this society, Tauriq strives to bring an objective and informed view of the complexities that not only make this career choice so difficult, but also compels actors to keep working and hoping.

Book for #actorslife by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Various. Pop, Art Music, Jazz, Modern Classical • Running Time: 50 mins
Shaun Acker on Alto Saxophone | Andrea Fisher-Jeffes on Euphonium | Zhaun Gorridon on Tuba

The Phax Trio's September Concert Series consists of two separate performances on the 10th and 17th. 

On the 10th the Trio will present popular music by Adele, Lana del Rey, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Pharell Williams, Elton John,Taylor Swift, Lukas Graham and Sia arranged for Saxophone, Euphonium and Tuba.

On the 17th the Trio will present their own original music composed by Shaun Acker and Andrea Fisher-Jeffes. This is the classic Phax Trio show with a whole set of new tunes and stories/inspiration behind each composition - ranging from snakes, streetlights, moodiness, crazy people and constellations.

Zhaun Gorridon

Zhaun is the youngest member of the Phax trio and is currently studying at the South African College of Music. He is majoring in tuba performance under Prof. William Haubrich. He performs in the UCT Symphony Orchestra and Wind Band, under the direction of Alex Fokkens. Zhaun has performed with both the CPO and KZNPO and does regular performances with, and is an alumnus of, the Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. He has sat principal for both the South African National Youth Orchestra and Wind Orchestra. He is also a member of the National Youth Brass which is part of the SANYOF What it takes programme. Zhaun has attended the International Chamber Music Festival, held in Stellenbosch, and was selected to play for the Symphony Orchestra. He is based in Cape Town and began his tuba studies at Beau Soleil Music school. He is active in the Christmas bands and regularly performs with them in and around Cape Town.

Shaun Acker

Shaun Acker graduated from Rhodes University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Music with Distinction in Saxophone performance and composition. He has composed extensively for South African contemporary dance and theatre, with companies such as First Physical and the late acclaimed playwright Reza de Wet. Shaun has performed twice with the South African National Youth Orchestra (2006 and 2011) as principal alto saxophonist, and has also appeared at numerous jazz festivals alongside international stars such as The Beauna Vista Social Club. Recently, he performed various instruments (Sax, flute, clarinet, piano and percussion) in Kardiavale, a cabaret-noir by visual theatre company FTH:K. Shaun lives in Cape Town and freelances as a saxophonist, composer and actor.

Andrea Fisher-Jeffes

Andrea Fisher-Jeffes is a brass performer, music educator and music administrator. She was a finalist in the Lubner music competition and was awarded the Lubner MAID music scholarship to study music. She studied at Rhodes University and the University of the Free State, under Prof David Scarr and Dr Paul Loeb van Zuilenberg. She graduated in 2010 with a Masters in Music majoring in Euphonium performance, Brass pedagogy and Composition. Andrea has performed with the Cape Town Concert Brass, KZNPO, FSSO, ECPO, CPO, Rhodes University Big Band and Rhodes University Orchestra. She is a South African National Youth Orchestra Foundation alumni, having performed as both the principal euphonium player in their Wind Orchestra, and principal trombone player in the South African National Youth Orchestra. She is also one of the original members of the South African National Youth Brass Ensemble. Internationally, Andrea has held positions with the Bern Youth Orchestra in Switzerland on principal Trombone, and has conducted the Zimbabwean National Musicamp Wind Band. She attended the International Euphonium Tuba Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, in June 2014 and was accepted to attend the International Music Festival in Pelotas, Brazil in January 2015. Andrea is one of the founders of The Phax Trio and Proboscis. Both these ensembles are dedicated to presenting a new contemporary style of music. All compositions are original works and are inspired by the composers’ life stories. Andrea founded the My Claremont Music Collective which is a concert series boasting some of Cape Town’s best musical performers. She is also an active performer in the Key Change MusicCo who perform all over South Africa. She is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and teaches at Western Province Preparatory School. She does regular performances as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral musician and band musician.

Social Media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHAXtrio/

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Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins
Ondine Mond
It's not Christmas and we're not a religious organisation. Let's not celebrate the holidays and pretend it's December, while we still have months of multilayered outfits to go. For a night of bad movies, lyric-less music and comedy that's cheesier than a chili popper - we're going to try to help you out. 5 hours of entertainment crammed into 2 hours of acting out, dancing, drinking and all things that might resemble a Christmas office party on Wall Street from the 90's - but are still 100% NOT related to the holidays.Come and laugh at yourselves and at us.Up for grabs are awful prizes that you will probably sell at Cash Converters.

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Anti-folk • Running Time: 60 mins
Eland Gray (aka Gary Thomas)

Groundbreaking solo acoustic musician Eland Gray is back for a showcase of new material after an 8 show run at The National Arts Festival. He will be performing a series of new tracks he is currently writing for a new album. 

One of the most followed –around, talked-about musos at the moment and he’s only going to get bigger and better” 

– The Sunday Tribune

"If music was creationism, he might just be in contention for the 'higher being' status. For a while, no other music could even come close to this mastery..." 

- Your LMG

“An uberdextrous wunderkind... a rare breed of genius” - 24.com

"One of the most original and followed indie-folk, acoustic musicians in the country" - Whatson.co.za

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Poetry • Running Time: 90 mins
Curated by Luxolo Ngqunge | Showcasing Hlox Da Rebel | Qamata | ThinkinCap | Sibusiso Ndebele | Isah Ngalo | Puleng Radebe | Fikile Fifi | PoeticButterfly | Griot | Thembizandi

JOBURG MEETS CAPE TOWN Poetry Showcase is an events progamme founded by Luxolo Ngqunge( LAST pOet )as to continue with the art revolution which has been driven since the 60’s,70’s and 80’s, during the days of Jazz in Sophiatown which became a tool for liberation when our country was still facing the life struggle of Racism and Apartheid. In the recent days we are faced with different struggles such as alcohol, drugs, teenage pregnancy, and unemployment. 

JOBURG MEETS CAPE TOWN Poetry Showcase uses the same tool of Art revolution in order to assist the youth of today in overcoming such struggles and help them lead a meaningful and successful life through Poetry specifically. I feature poets from Johannesburg, showcasing their talent and capabilities as youth of South Africa. JOBURG MEETS CAPE TOWN Poetry Showcase revives the South African Hip Hop tradition of poetry recitals, which is something that cannot be taken away by our current struggles. It is also to celebrate the freedom that Tata Nelson Mandela fought for, so that we as South African youth could be liberated by freedom of speech and mentally liberated as a rainbow nation and embrace the beauty of our country’s art, specifically live Jazz music and Poetry.

This event will be showcasing the following poets:
Hlox Da Rebel
Sibusiso Ndebele
Isah Ngalo
Puleng Radebe
Fikile Fifi

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Physical Theatre Drama Comedy • Running Time: 75 mins
Performed by Craig Morris | Written by Greig Coetzee | Directed by Roslyn Wood-Morris & Craig Morris | Lighting Design Barry Strydom | Featuring Original Music by Syd Kitchen
Warning: PG 13 - sex, violence, profanity

Where does Johnny Boskak fit in the ‘new South Africa’? Is he a white trash dinosaur? Or is he the last cowboy hero in boots and blue jeans? What we know is that he’s on the road, looking for love, redemption, an AK47 and the quickest way out of Secunda…

“Johnny Boskak evokes the seemingly-effortless perfection you find in works such as Steven Berkoff’s Decadence.” – Robyn Sassen

Naledi Award Winner 2015: Best Production Cutting Edge.
Nominated for Best Lead Performance in a Play.
National Arts Festival 2015 Golden Ovation Award Winner!

Craig Morris stars in Greig Coetzee’s award-winning spin-off to White Men with Weapons!

“This is phenomenal theatre” - Mike Loewe, The Critter

“He’s a fireball, and director Roslyn Wood-Morris keeps him steady on that broken white line.” – Steve Kretzmann

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Cabaret with World, Jazz, Folk and Original music • Running Time: 60 mins
Created and performed by Aletia Upstairs and Sigrun Paschke

An interlingual cabaret show about longing and belonging performed by Aletia Upstairs and Sigrun Paschke. 

Although Aletia lives in London and Sigrun in Berlin, they have performed their multi-lingual, jazz, cabaret, world and original music in all three cities. Their journeys, which occasionally collide, are illustrated in their songs. This show is a discovery of their worlds, their journeys, their intertwined lives and the best music they have produced together over 10 years of collaboration, which included two solo albums and an EP. Apart from their own compositions, expect songs from Kurt Weill, Edith Piaf and Italian singer Fiorella Mannoia. 

Aletia Upstairs is a performing artist, cabaretist, singer-songwriter and vintage songstress in the third year of a PhD based on Performing Archives. Her practice involves (auto)biographical, verbatim, one-to-one and participatory, durational performance as well as performing archives. She investigates subjective archives and examines individual memories and mementos in innovative performance pieces that are intercultural and interlingual with traces of original music, poetry and puppetry. In 2016 her work ‘Emballage’ was awarded the Kantor Demarco Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. (aletiaupstairs.com)

Sigrun Paschke is a pianist, accordionist and composer (Stellenbosch University and Hans Eisler Hochschule Fuer Musik, Berlin graduate, majoring in piano and organ). She has extensive experience as a soloist, accompanist and ensemble as well as band member, playing classical music, jazz, cabaret, Balkan- and African music. Currently based in Berlin, she works as a free-lance musician in several different capacities, in Germany and beyond. (sterpaschke.com)

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Reel Lives Mini Documentary Festival
Documentary Film Screening
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Unique Wonders
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a taste of shnit - Women's Month
Short Film Screening
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Bryan Miles: Live
Thu 24 at 7pm
Tape Hiss and Sparkle
lo-fi folk
Fri 25 at 8pm
Rioters in Session Two
Poetry performance
Sun 27 at 3pm
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Progressive pop
Sun 27 at 7pm
Selwyn and Gabriel
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Friends Trivia Night
Friends Trivia Night: The One Where You Win...MaybeTue 29 at 7pm
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Various. Pop, Art Music, Jazz, Modern Classical
Sun 10 at 7pm
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The UN-Christmas in Winter Quiz
the un-winter Christmas Tue 12 at 7pm
Eland Gray (aka Gary Thomas) Live!
Wed 13 at 8pm


Johnny Boskak is Feeling Funny
Physical Theatre Drama Comedy
Tue 28 at 7pm
Wed 29 at 7pm
Thu 30 at 7pm


Johnny Boskak is Feeling Funny
Physical Theatre Drama Comedy
Fri 1 at 7pm
Sat 2 at 7pm
Between You and Me
Cabaret with World, Jazz, Folk and Original music
Wed 27 at 7pm

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