Looking for things to do in Cape Town? Alexander Upstairs is an intimate performance space completely separate from the bar area with a festival-style programming model featuring drama, comedy, cabaret, jazz, acoustic sessions, readings and more. We often schedule more than one performance per night so please check times carefully when booking.

Storytelling • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Performed by Lebogang Mogashoa | Directed by Hayleigh Evans
Warning: 16 + mature content
Within a two year period that coincided with his thirtieth birthday, Lebogang Mogashoa moved countries, lost a parent, and changed careers. He insisted that he was fine; all he needed was chardonnay, an entire carrot cake and a good night’s sleep - every single day. Until he was mugged at gun point just before his thirty-first birthday. He suddenly found himself buried under the weight of three decade’s worth of terrifying experiences. In The Real Dirt, he examines some of those experiences through gratifyingly personal and hilarious stories that arrive at a satisfying moment of human connection, and an Apple product.

Lebo Mogashoa is a writer and storyteller based in Johannesburg. After completing a degree at UCT, he followed America’s next top model to Korea, where, sadly, instead he ended up teaching English… But he also developed a cult following for his Storytelling Series “When We Were Nearly Young”. He returned to South Africa in 2014, where he has been running successful shows in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, while writing for TV and theatre. Lebo’s popularity has grown through his ability to share his honest experiences on difficult subject matters. He penned possibly the most raunchy story in “We Didn’t Come to Hell for the Croissants” and is currently working with POPArt on The Storytellers Series and is a writer on TV's hit show "The Queen". He has studied storytelling under the guidance of Kevin Allison of RISK!

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Sketch Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Written & Performed by THENX comprising of MoMo Matsunyane | Kitty Moepang | Zethu Dlomo | Boitumelo Matsoatse

The Triple M Mammmas Kurk About AzaNya! is a sketch comedy show starring a troupe of four African ladies who use satire, parody and pastiche to hold up a critical mirror to society to reflect socio, political and economic issues faced by South Africans today. In this show, the “mammmas” are the founders of a local stokvel that caters at “mekete, manyalo le mafu” and offer a taste of their world acclaimed dish: “Nnete” (meaning truth)! 

The Triple M Mammmas Kurk About AzaNya! is performed by the Thenx ladies Kitty Moepang, Tumy Motsoatsoe, MoMo Matsunyane, and Zethu Dlomo. Inspired by comedy gems like The Pure Monate Show, Late Night News with Loyiso Gola and The Catherine Tate Show these ladies will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Thenx hosted the 2015 Savannah Comic’s Choice Awards and performed at the 2015 Tedx Johannesburg Conference: The State of the Nation in Four Part Harmony https://youtu.be/i2bqE2Qms8g . Their play AzaNya is Five To! received an Ovation Award at the 2016 National Arts Festival. 

Presented as part of POPUpstairs. Supported by the National Arts Council of South Africa 

Audience feedback:

I remember watching Trevor Noah do one of his sets years ago and I knew immediately that he was going to be huge, I got the same feeling after watching Thenx. Literally goose bumps the entire show! – Jason Goliath

Sassy. Sharp. Saying it like they think it is! Thoroughly enjoyable – Mike Van Graan

Excellent! Uplifting comedy!! These girls should be famous and making the whole of South Africa laugh!

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Sketch Comedy • Running Time: 45 mins
Written and directed by Jon Keevy | starring Kiroshan Naidoo & Kathleen Stephens | with costume by Merryn Carver | presented by Jack Hardcastle Productions
Warning: Outrageous, bawdy and dirty
The filthy mind behind the cult-hit Dirty Words is back at Alexander Bar with a sizzling new show. Mixing comedy and raunch with a dazzling disregard for politeness and moral hygiene, Jon Keevy serves up six scenes skewering sex and love. Mostly sex.  Whether it's bachelorette parties, misleading dating profiles, loving yourself, or just good old fashioned homicide - Kat and Kiro have it uncovered.

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Improv Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Tamith Hattingh | Pags Bantwana | Eva Gilliam | Mark Penwill | Andre Ballot | Justine Buekes | Steve Larter | Rob Coutts

Long Form Improv Comedy performed by The Long Shots!
We'll be making it up on the spot... all of it! No Scripts!
Improvised scenes and stories inspired by a specific theme or format.

Two different formats will be performed over the 4 nights at the Alexander Bar. Please check our facebook group for more details on which formats will be performed on which nights.

The Long Shots perform short and long form improvisation in Cape Town, Using audience suggestions and different formats, The Long Shots create unique scenes on the spot. Everything is improvised - no planning, no script - just pure comedy comedy in the moment!

The Cast hail from South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States and have been entertaining audiences with their hilarious shows since 2011.


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Quiz • Running Time: 90 mins
OMG Quiz Night has crash landed their trivia machine right into the belly of Alexander Bar. Every Wednesday the cosy chairs and tables of the bar get turned into your throne from which you will enter into a battle of the minds. But don't start googling general knowledge trivia answers just yet.... Among the 'what is the capital of...' this quiz has a plethora of hands-on, get-your-tastebuds-guessing, blind-fold-necessary questions. This is not just any games night, this is OMG QUIZ NIGHT AT ALEXANDER BAR. Minimum of 1 person per team (note: your name will automatically be entered as Han Solo) up to 6 players in a team. The game starts at 7:30pm sharp and finishes at 9:30pm

PS We take kindly to tweets and competitive slurs between teams.

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Comedy • Running Time: 55 mins

Lear’s Fool is a solo, written for a single fool, based on the tragedy written by William Shakespeare. One of the last of the royal fools, Earless the Fearless, is fool to the elderly King Lear. He regales the audience with the tale of how the King decides to give up his power and divide his realm amongst his three oh so loving daughters; Cordelia, Regan and Goneril. Surely it all end’s well? Alas not! Thus we follow a descent into tragedy, betrayal and murder, all told from the perspective of the brave Earless the Fearless.

Devilspeak Theatre Company was started in 1996. Its solo productions include; “Work is the Curse of the Drinking Classes” (An Entertainment based on the Work of Oscar Wilde), Diary of a Madman by Nikolai Gogol, Underground Man by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Harmfulness of Tobacco & Swansong by Anton Chekov and Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde by George Isherwood. All performed by Jeroen Kranenburg with décor and costumes by Koos Marais. These shows were performed abroad and throughout Cape Town including; Theresa’s Café, the Mount Nelson Hotel, Obz Café, Spin Street Restaurant Theatre amongst others.

George Isherwood was born in New York. He studied English and Latin at UNC and theatre at Villanova University and the London School of Dramatic Art. He worked as a clown and made street theatre in the 1970’s. In the 80’s Mr Isherwood played all over Europe with his Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits with Sheer Madness International Fools Theatre Company which he founded. He worked as a free-lance director and has 10 published plays. George is happily married to Richard Pels and lives by a canal in Amsterdam. www.georgeisherwood.com

Jeroen Kranenburg was born in Worcester in the Cape. He studied Performers Diploma at Little Theatre, UCT. In 1979 he emigrated to Holland. Was artistic director at Provadja Theatre in Alkmaar, North Holland, resident director at Dom Mladih in Sarajevo. In the 1980’s and 90’s he was free-lance actor and worked with several theatre companies including The Berlin Play Actors, English Theatre in Amsterdam, Theater van het Oosten and Sheer Madness with George. In 96 he returned to Cape Town and has performed with all major theatre companies. Productions include; Statements, Truth in Translation, Amadeus, The Birds, King Lear, Midsummer Night’s Dream, As you Like It (Fleur du Cap and Vita nominations), After Cardenio (Fleur du Cap nomination). Films Include; Leo and Lina, Lyla Fourie, Skoonheid, When a snake eats a snake. Television; Scoop Schoombie, Charlie Jade, Fishy Feshuns,Jeroen is also a voice artist and does theatre in education. He has two sons and lives in the Bo Kaap.

Wynne Bredenkamp is a writer, director and creative manager from the heart of Cape Town, with a BA in Theatre Making and Performance with Distinction from the University of Cape Town. In her final year of study, she was a co-winner for the Most Promising Student Writer award, as part of UCT’s performance of Behind Every Yawn is a Silent Shout in the National Arts Festival student programme. Writing, directing and producing her own work, she attended the NAF professionally the next year and won a Standard Bank Ovation Award for her first production, Salt, as well as a PANSA New Writing Award. Her newest works include Warrior Green and At The Edge of the Light, which was awarded the Theatre Arts Admin’s Emerging Director’s Bursary at the end of 2016. Wynne also tutors the Live Performance classes at AFDA, Cape Town, and has directed year-end work such as Reza De Wet\'s Good Heavens and Sophocles’ The Oresteia: Agamemnon.

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Live Music • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Performed by James Grace
Acclaimed guitarist and two-time SAMA nominee James Grace makes a welcome return to the Alexander Bar with his debut production of Guitar Hero 2. Following on from Grace’s nationwide sold-out Guitar Hero shows in 2016, Guitar Hero 2 continues to showcase the most popular guitar-based songs and melodies from the 20th Century, drawing on a variety of playing techniques from an array of genres.

Grace recently performed the great Spanish guitar-hero composer Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez with the CPO to over 6000 people at the Kirstenbosch Summer Concert Series, where ‘Grace’s fingers danced… as if possessed by a demon’ (Rudolph Mare, www.whatsonincapetown.com). 
However, in this much more intimate appearance, Grace explores the more contemporary guitar idiom with new arrangements of works by artists including Eric Clapton and the Beatles. In Guitar Hero 2 Grace also features the American singer/songwriter genre with solo guitar transcriptions of songs by Don MacLean, John Denver and James Taylor. 

Guitar Hero 2 continues to celebrate the diversity of the modern day instrument, and demonstrates the fingerboard prowess which has led Grace to recently be described by local media as a ‘South African icon’ (Odile Hufkie, www.whatsonincapetown.com).

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Drama | Biography • Running Time: 60 mins
Conceived and performed by Denise Newman | Directed by Basil Appollis | Written by Sylvia Vollenhoven and Basil Appollis

As recent as May 2012 a Cape Times article about the assassinated ANC activist, Dulcie September, is still headlined: “Who Killed Dulcie September”?

Twenty Six years after the assassination no-one has taken responsibility for her death and speculation today is as rife as it was then. Did the five bullets to her head come from a French mercenary? Was it the South African death squads operating in Paris? Or as Aziz Pahad (former deputy minister of foreign affairs) said in a 2011 documentary that Dulcie was shot because of her knowledge of nuclear military trade between South Africa and France.

Our research journey reveals an ordinary fun loving Cape Flats young woman with a love for dancing on week-ends. A vivacious energy that belies the bravery and courage she showed during the trial that eventually sentenced her to five years in prison for a “conspiracy to commit acts of sabotage, and incite acts of politically motivated violence” After serving her five year sentence, she was slapped with a further five years banning order which prohibited her from practicing her profession and political activity. Today, fellow members of the African People’s Democratic Union of Southern Africa (APDUSA) are still in awe of Dulcie’s unwavering loyalty displayed during their prolonged court hearing in 1963. Her comrades in London and Paris fondly remember her insistence of an “Afrikaans, fish & chips Friday” that became a ritual in her Paris home. Jacqueline Derens, head of the anti apartheid movement in Paris remembers a no-nonsense, straight talking “soldier” whose determination for liberation and equality could not be swayed. 

Says Jacqueline : “Dulcie served in Paris for a few short years but her achievements during that time speaks volumes” 

The play traces Dulcie from her early days as a defiant teenager determined to become a teacher when her father abruptly ends her formal schooling. As a young teacher she joins several political organizations that had a vision of educating the oppressed and overcoming racial divisions and forging unity and solidarity among students of different cultural backgrounds. However, Dulcie soon departed from organizations who engaged with endless debates and aligned herself with militants who believed in doing rather than talking.

In the archives the thousands of pages of my story lie boxed obediently.
But occasionally the boxes that have become me, Dulcie September, stir themselves.
Ruffled by old questions, new answers and the persistent breeze of guilt.
I’ve never liked mystery much but stories that go round in circles eventually lose the dignity of reason and remain trapped in enigma.

Standard Bank Ovation Award 2014
Adelaide Tambo Humanitarian Award 2014

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Folk/Cinematic/Art Song • Running Time: 45 mins
Music composed & arranged by Nicky Schrire | Voice - Nicky Schrire | Readings - Jenna Dunster | Violin I - Bonolo Kgaile | Violin II - Sisa Mgauli | Viola - Lucy Strauss | Cello - Ariella Caira | English translations by André Brink & Antjie Krog (as compiled in “Black Butterflies”) | Borrowed text from letters between Brink & Jonker translated by Karin Schimke (as published in “Flame in the Snow”)

A much-loved figure in South African poetry, Ingrid Jonker’s body of work, though small, continues to speak volumes decades after her death. She delicately and beautifully captured lust, love, heartbreak, anger and the fabric of everyday life in her poems. Composer and vocalist Nicky Schrire sets André Brink and Antjie Krog's English translations of a selection of Jonker’s works to music in a world that blends folk, cinematic and art song genres. The songs are arranged for voice and string quartet, and actress Jenna Dunster delivers the poems in Afrikaans. “She was both a poet and a South African. She was both an Afrikaner and an African. She was both an artist and a human being. In the midst of despair, she celebrated hope. Confronted by death, she asserted the beauty of life.” - Nelson Mandela, May 1994

Nicky Schrire is a versatile and inventive vocalist and composer whose work has earned her comparisons to artists like Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, and Esperanza Spalding. She has performed in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, London, Dublin and South Africa, with musicians ranging from Arno Carstens, Sibongile Khumalo, and Card On Spokes, to Grammy-nominated pianists Gerald Clayton and Gil Goldstein.Her work with cellist Ariella Caira (founding member of Sterling EQ, Alice Phoebe Lou, Jeremy Loops) has seen the duo collaborate with composer Matthijs van Dijk, Prime Circle drummer Kevin Gibson, Hatchetman’s Jono Tait, and double-bill with Beatenberg frontman Matthew Field. The two recorded and released the EP "An Education" on London label Wild Sound Recordings in 2015, followed by performances at the Cape Town Folk and Acoustic Music Festival, and the Milk & Honey Festival. Most recently, Schrire teamed up with producer Vincente Espi (known for his work in duo ANIMA!) to release the catchy pop single, “Mend Our Love”.
"Wonderful....an acute eye for observation of the small details." — Alex Gallagher, Folk Radio (UK) 

“A remarkable talent... Her voice is a bell, a curve of pliant sound, a personality, a vessel for great songs.” — PopMatters (USA)

“While [Schrire’s] esthetic may be free and unbounded, her music is anything but casual.” — Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

“A number of the more and most intelligent female vocalists come to mind-Mia Doi Todd, Tori Amos, Kimiko Itoh, Lorraine Feather, Norma Winstone, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, etc. - in Schrire's work.” — FAME (USA)

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Motown | African | RnB • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Sthe Mfuphi | Michelle Thomas | Bulelwa Sakayi | Presented by Glenda Eberlein and Coast 2 Coast Management
3 Tons of Fun, who have been hailed over the past 9 years as South Africa's most loved all-girl group will be doing 3 shows only at the Alexander Bar. An evening of music and fun! From Brenda Fassie to Gloria Gaynor and Diana Ross, from Pharrell to Robin Thicke, there is a bit of everything!

Starring Saxy Sthe, Mysterious Michelle and Beautiful Bee ... the girls who have wowed audiences from Cape Town to Cairo, from Vietnam to Dubai and beyond! Larger than life! The perfect end-of-year treat!

3 Tons of Fun has emerged over the past 9 years as one of South Africa's most loved all-female groups. Based in Cape Town they are in great demand on the corporate circuit throughout South Africa and overseas. Most recently they have performed at functions for top companies including amongst others Telkom, FNB, Nedbank, Tourvest, Sanlam, Woolworths, KFC, Spar, Absa, The Exporters Club, Wimpy and the Golden Arrow Bus Company.
3 Tons of Fun regularly perform at many prestigious events at the Arabella Sheraton Hotel (Kleinmond), Shimmy Beach Club, Val de Vie, The One & Only Hotel, The Castle of Good Hope, The Crystal Towers Hotel, The Lanzerac Hotel and they often travel to entertain clients at Sun City, Gold Reef City, Sabi Sabi and Phinda. 3 Tons of Fun are just as popular overseas where they carry the South African flag high and wow international audiences and expats alike. In the past few years they have travelled to Switzerland, Togo, Zambia, Ghana, Seychelles, Indonesia, Nigeria, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, London, Bahrain and Mauritius. 

Most recently they were honoured to be asked to perform at the Pendooring Awards (2013), the Kirstenbosch Winter Season (2013), the Hermanus Whale Festival (2013) and the Gariepfees in Kimberley (2014). They enjoy giving back to charity and in the past year have performed pro bono for the Chris Burger Fund dinner (CTICC), the Christine Revell Children's Home fundraiser (CTICC), the Cape Times Big Walk and the uThando Charity Event at the City Hall. In between flying around the country they schedule public shows so that their hometown fans have time to reunite with them, and they can be seen at least twice a year at Café Roux – Noordhoek, The Caledon Hotel and The Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay. In 2013 they released their debut album entitled 'Larger than Life' which has a collection of old favourites as well as three original songs written by Saxy Sthe herself. 


STHE MFUPHI (known as Saxy Sthe) was born and bred in Durban. Her prosperity is in Cape Town. She has been a passionate singer since birth. She started singing whilst she was still in her mother's womb but never considered her powerful and distinctive voice would take her places. She has only concentrated on her singing since she studied Jazz at the Natal Technikon. Her precious voice brought her to the public's attention when she started her own jazz band in 1998 called Sthe and friends. After she finished her diploma in light Jazz music (2002) she moved to Cape Town and has worked as a music teacher since. She has taught theory of music, voice, ensemble, improvisation, keyboards and ear training at Athlone Academy of music and Jazz Workshop. In 2007 she joined the larger than life ladies group 3 TONS OF FUN and that is where her popularity grew in leaps and bounds as more and more people became dazzled by her voice. Her incredible voice has given her the opportunity to travel abroad and locally and to meet people all over the world. She is a very talented songwriter and penned three original songs for 3 Tons of Fun's debut album, 'Larger than Life'. A music video for her original song “Usibali” was released in 2014. Sthe also currently performs as a solo artiste and can be seen in the latest SPUR advert and has been a prelim judge for IDOLS for the past 5 years.

BULELWA SAKAYI (known as Beautiful Bee) was born and raised in the Eastern Cape's East London. As is widely known, for every South African, music has and continues to be a major way of expressing one's emotions. Bee moved from the Eastern Cape to study chemical engineering in Cape Town but this was not emotionally challenging for her. She then decided to go into performing arts. This is when she got her classical training, singing as a soloist in choral choirs and also joined an actor's agency. She has travelled internationally performing in a number of film productions of which her favourite was the Golden Bear winner UCarmen EKhayelitsha as Frasquita. She has also done a lot of Television and theatre work. She is the commercial queen of 3 Tons of Fun! Bee joined 3 Tons of Fun in 2007 where she adds her playful yet sexy flavour to the group. And this is where she feels at home!

MICHELLE THOMAS (known as Mysterious Michelle) was born in Cape Town. Her childhood memories are those of camping, laughter, fun and family get-togethers. Her favourite story was that of her father as a vocalist and drummer in a band called the "Shindigs”. Michelle thinks that the seed for her future was planted then already. Sadly her father died of a brain haemorrhage when she was 6 years old. It was the heaviest blow that she ever had to deal with! Michelle half-heartedly attempted a Bachelors Degree at UWC. She did exceptionally well with the least amount of effort, but her heart was not in it, so she dropped out in her 3rd year. Singing has always been Michelle's lifelong dream and in high school the school concerts were the platform to showcase her raw, untrained, but natural talent. Her first real stage performance was at the Baxter as a vocalist in a school initiative called "Music Active". After varsity Michelle worked in admin at a day hospital. Michelle joined 3 Tons of Fun in 2007 and a year later was forced to give up her day job to pursue her lifelong dream full-time. 

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Folk/Rock • Running Time: 50 mins
All original songs written by Jonathan Tait and performed by Hatchetman

Three part harmony not heard since the days of Crosby, Stills and Nash ruling the airwaves!” This foursome combine their prodigious musical and vocal talents to form Hatchetman, a band that, as the name suggests, cuts straight to the heart with songs on life, love, and most things in between. Their soaring harmonies and searing dynamism in the musical accompaniment has brought many a person to tears. The honesty, and a willingness to explore the darker and more tender sides of the human condition, as well as a very personal and human presentation of the same, sets the band apart from many of their contemporaries. Lyrical topics range from heartbreak to a rumination of the multifaceted nature of Cape Town, while musically, the band meets somewhere between folk, rock, funk and acoustically inclined sounds, all delicately underpinned by the powerful, yet gentle blend of three voices. Hatchetman is set for big things, great things, don’t miss out!

This show will form part of the release of our first full length album, which has been 3 years in the making. We are incredibly proud of the final product and can't wait to share it with everyone!

The band consist of 4 members:

Jono Tait, the son of Richard and Retha Tait, owners of the Alma Café, one of Cape Town’s premier live music venues. Jono is a spirited character, and main songwriter for the band and is very candid in his lyrics as well as his onstage interaction with the crowd. Jono sings and plays acoustic guitar for Hatchetman.

Brothers Nick and Matt Catto complete the original trio of Hatchetman. They bring an incredible blend of harmony and musical talent. This talent was inevitable considering the strong musical family background of the Blundells. Nick plays bass guitar and sings, while Matt plays the cajon and sings.

We have recently added a new member to the Hatchetman family. Stephane Corneloup plays electric (lead) guitar for us now and has really added a new dimension to the style of music that we perform, without detracting whatsoever from the 3 part harmonies. He has the amazing ability of playing these incredible guitar solos whilst still remaining subtle in his approach to the nature of the band.

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Performance • Running Time: 70 mins
Directed by Celia Muiskanth | written by Bruce Clark adapted for stageby David Muller and Celia Muiskanth

What drives a man to say, "I'd rather get a dog," when his dying mother suggests he settle down, marry, have children. 

The answer is in Bruce Clark's autobiographical book, Love Sex Fleas God, confessions of a stay-at-home father, now a theatrical adaptation Directed by Celia Musikanth, Circle Productions has David Muller as Bruce and a host of other roles in this single-hander. Love Sex Fleas God is amusing, authentic, honest, and poignant with many moments that resonate . Parents-to-be, definitely fathers-to-be will be inspired as quiet, reserved Bruce turns his toxic childhood into an awesome fatherhood. 

This is the latest in the impressive series of David Muller’s characterizations. Joining HC Bosman’s Oom Schalk, Einstein, Tommy the Kalk Bay Fisherman, the Narrator of Whale Nation.

-Lieske Bester, False Bay Echo

'a theatrical tour de force...brilliant acting, direction...on stage is naked, honest humanity, fuelled with a sustained, lively pace, underpinned by humour, gloriously honest poignant moments ; all of this should be...seen again and again.'

- George Hill, Casa Labia

'Inspirasie vir ander pa's om pa te wees in 'n moderne veranderende samel '

- Marchelle Van Zyl, Die Burger

'Muller tackles this rich agenda with unforced authority...Musikanth's direction steadies the pace...All the anxieties, frustrations and delights of sex, marriage and fatherhood are woven into the layered texture of the script, what emerges is the redemptive powwer of love (as well as the fun of sex, the inconvenience of fleas - the couple have a dog - and the role of spirituallity in bringing a measure of sdanity to an insane world)...an evening of thought-provoking theatre.'

- Beverley Brommet, Cape Argus

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Synthpop, musical performance • Running Time: 50 mins
Produced and directed by Anton Marshall

Eracode is the musical alterego of Anton Marshall, a Cape Town singer-songwriter known for involvement in projects like Three More White Guys, Long Time Citizen and The Dollyrockers. Restart is a musical performance project using live and video elements, influenced by the darker elements of synthpop and technopop genres of the 80s. 

Eracode embraces darker themes that most of Marshall's other bands, and features contributions with and collaborations with several of Cape Town's popular underground artists. On restart, Art Pereira, Carolyn Beyer, Dirk Hugo, Simon Tamblyn and others contribute work both live and digital to create a song list that explores themes of alienation, disconnect and discontent.

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Jazz, Original content • Running Time: 70 mins
Performed by Al Petersen | Maya Spector | Heinrich Frans | Andre Swartz | Sibusiso Matsimela | Zhivago Hagan | Nigel Cupido
Warning: 15 Minute interval

The Collective is going to be capturing an essence of musical greatness. The musicians that have been put together have either lead their own outfit or has played with International and local artists. There are going to be some surprise guest appearances on the evening so you are in for a treat. Come with an open ear and open mind... 

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Comedy Cabaret • Running Time: 60 mins
Created, compiled and performed by Robin Botha, David Fick and David Lubbe

JULIA AND CARL AT CARNEGIE HALL is a pastiche of 1960s television variety specials, particularly those performed live in supersized concert halls by Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett. Julia (Robin Botha) and Carl (David Fick) and two Julie and Carol superfans, and they are hitting the road with their long-suffering pianist (David Lubbe) to perform a cornucopia of musical theatre numbers and comedy skits in the Carnegie Hall of their minds. Duelling duets, dirty husbands and Disney marathons all conspire to make for an hour of toe-tapping, giggle-fuelled entertainment.

Known throughout the classical world for her unconventional approach to music, Robin Botha is known for keeping audiences spellbound with her vocal acrobatics and thrilling stage performances. No song is a problem for this eclectic performer. An internationally acclaimed soprano, Botha won the 20120 Fleur du Cap Theatre Award in her musical theatre debut as Christine Daae THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. She has also appeared in SHOW BOAT, MODE, COSI FAN TUTTI and IN OPSTANDING, while also being a highly sought after artist for corporate work.

David Fick graduated with a Master of Arts in Theatre and Performance from the University of Cape Town in 2005. He has also appeared on stage in Benj Pasek and Justin Paul’s EDGES, the Stephen Sondheim musical, MARRY ME A LITTLE, in cabarets and revues like A (SORTA) LOVE STORY, AFFIRMATION, SEASONS OF LOVE as well as an original South African musical, YOU BET YOUR LIFE!, which played the National Arts Festival and a season at the Alexander Bar, Theatre and Café’s Upstairs Theatre.

David Lubbe is a pianist and teacher in the Cape Town area. Most recently, he has been seen onstage in musicals and cabarets like THE PITCH, DANI AND THE LION and ANGELS ON HORSEBACK: RELOADED. Before graduating from the University of Stellenbosch, Lubbe won the Hugo van der Spuy Cup for Best Accompanist, was the first runner-up in the inaugural Nina Schumann Overseas Bursary Competition and performed with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the Youth Music Festival.

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Acoustic folk Rock • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Performed by Michael Narajo

A powerful and intimate performance on the acoustic guitar by one of the greatest voices in the music industry, stories of travels to new countries, heartache, forgiveness, redemption and love expressed through a collection of original songs and some covers. A journey to connect people through the power of music.

Michael Naranjo is the lead singer of the South African band One Day Remains who shot to fame in 2008 with their hits " Never Say Die" from 2008 Vodacom Tri Nations Rugby Anthem and "The Need" that stayed at #1 on 94.7 for 12 weeks . After leaving SA in 2013 for a few years on family matters he has been able to travel South America and meet people from all walks of life. Certain life events and people have inspired a collection of songs that tell their stories. Performing in some of the best venues in Uruguay and Argentina have seen this show receive rave reviews and now coming to South Africa ,this is a show not to miss!

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Kamishibai Memoir • Running Time: 80 mins
Written by Jemma Kahn and Tertius Kapp | Directed by Jane Taylor | Illustrated and performed by Jemma Kahn | Sound Design by Charl Johan Lingenfelder | Lighting Desgn by Themba Stewart | Costumes by Ella Buter
What could follow The Epicene Butcher and We Didn't Come to Hell for the Croissants? In bocca al lupo, Jemma Kahn's third kamishibai show: a graphic and candid and whimsical journey across three continents, using four story boxes, one giant cicada, a naked Catholic (or two) and one golden surprise.

Using simple but beautifully drawn images displayed on cardboard story panels, Jemma Kahn has spent the last four years captivating audiences from Alexander Bar to Edinburgh to Amsterdam with her unique take on the 12th century Japanese art form 'kamishibai'. The effect is like watching a sort of live Manga cartoon, her sheer verve in combination with all the elements at play create an utterly original and sometimes bizarre theatre experience, a joyous tribute to visual and verbal storytelling.

Premiered at the National Arts Festival 2016 | Produced by POPArt Productions and Jemma Kahn, in association with the National Arts Festival and Arts and Culture Trust and Nedbank Arts Affinity. 
In bocca al lupo like Kahn's two shows before it, brings together a truly wonderful creative team. And like the two shows before it, In bocca al lupo is not for the faint hearted or the easily offended.

Jane Taylor:  writer, Ubu and the Truth Commission (1997), writer Wild Dogs (winner of the Olive Schreiner Prize 2006), director After Cardenio (2011)

Tertius Kapp: theatre, Rooiland (Fleur Du Cap, Smeltkroes & Fiesta Awards 2013), Oorsee (Smeltkroes, 2014). Kapp won the Herzog Prize for theatrical work in 2015. His screen adaptation Dis ek, Anna won the SAFTA for best script in 2015 as well as the Silwerskerm for Best Picture.

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Live Music • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and performed by Spenelo | Riaan Oppelt on bass | Lead guitarist Robin Lang | Bert Zona on Drums

Get taken on a musical journey through the mind of Spenelo. Filled with Ballads, tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, and up-beat dedications to muses as he, with the assistance of his band, MakeShifte, paint a tapestry of memorable stories through song and stories about Life, Love and Lust.

Spenelo has been singing and playing music seriously from the year 2000, as a songwriter and vocalist he has performed and recorded in studio professionally for a many years and in his band, MakeShifte, has been forging ahead a indie-rock sound. He is joined by fellow experienced instrumentalists, Robin Lang and Riaan Oppelt who themselves have impressive histories and experience in performing live and in studio. Joining them is young and energetic drummer Bert Zona whose energy and knowledge of music has been refreshing to the group.

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Kamishibai Memoir
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Live Music
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