Current and Forthcoming Shows at Alexander Upstairs

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Magic / Illusion • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Brendon Peel
The Cape Town Fringe
Please note booking for this show is through The Cape Town Fringe and therefore Florin points and discounts do not apply.

For over 4000 years audiences have been entertained by magic and illusion. 2017 is no different as Brendon Peel is back to astound with his unique brand of mentalism and illusion. Hocus Pocus is a show filled with mysteries and tricks that will knock your socks off. Reality will be suspended as long as you remember the magic words – ‘Hocus Pocus’.

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Mon 25th Sep 5pm R73 (R66 online)

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Presented by PACOFS | Director: Willem Esterhuyse | Featuring: Saree van Coppenhagen & Boitumelo Mohutsioa
Warning: Nudity | Language: Afrikaans, English, Setswana
The Cape Town Fringe
Please note booking for this show is through The Cape Town Fringe and therefore Florin points and discounts do not apply.

"This show is about love, hate, anger, boredom, reality, nothing, everything, abstract things, ideas, beliefs, fashion and a pen is... also part of the show. Pervert. And of course, last and least: sex.”

Two actresses perform a show where they tackle a few issues that involve gender and sexuality.

Book for STEKE by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Mon 25th Sep 7pm R80 (R72 online)Tue 26th Sep 9pm R80 (R72 online)Wed 27th Sep 7pm R80 (R72 online)Thu 28th Sep 7pm R80 (R72 online)

Comedy Cabaret • Running Time: 55 mins
Presented by Avant-Guava Productions | Director: Kei-Ella Loewe | Featuring: Donna Cormack-Thomson and Jamie-Lee Money
Warning: Mature Themes
The Cape Town Fringe
Please note booking for this show is through The Cape Town Fringe and therefore Florin points and discounts do not apply.

The ‘Virgin’ and the ‘Whore’. Two waitresses prepare themselves for another nauseating night on the battlefields of Horrifying Hospitalica! Armed with toothpick, their razor-sharp wit, and ripe, suck-able tits, they don their aprons, hoist their fishnets and limber up to perform In Whorefish Bloomers! 

An adaptation of Pam-Grant and Stannard's underground 1980s feminist ‘cabaret’. Two young Cape Town actresses take on Lori and Beth in this collection of pro-femme episodes stuffed with humour, word play, cheesy dance moves, a sprinkle of song and a drizzle of darkness.

“A witty cabaret with a sharp delivery, the choreography is inventive and aerobic, and the actresses’ energy never dips for a second” – Suzanne Duncan: What's On In Cape Town. “The performances by Money and Cormack-Thomson are sterling; both are exceptionally talented and astute in their portrayal of their characters. A definite must see” – Joy Watson: Nasty Women

Book for In Whorefish Bloomers: The Waitresses' Lament by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Mon 25th Sep 9pm R100 (R90 online)Tue 26th Sep 7pm R100 (R90 online)Wed 27th Sep 9pm R100 (R90 online)Thu 28th Sep 9pm R100 (R90 online)Fri 29th Sep 6pm R100 (R90 online)Sat 30th Sep 6pm R100 (R90 online)Sun 1st Oct 4pm R100 (R90 online)

Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins

OMG Quiz Night has crash landed their trivia machine right into the belly of Alexander Bar. Every Wednesday the cosy chairs and tables of the bar get turned into your throne from which you will enter into a battle of the minds. But don't start googling general knowledge trivia answers just yet.... Among the 'what is the capital of...' this quiz has a plethora of hands-on, get-your-tastebuds-guessing, blind-fold-necessary questions. This is not just any games night, this is OMG QUIZ NIGHT AT ALEXANDER BAR. Minimum of 1 person per team (note: your name will automatically be entered as Han Solo) up to 6 players in a team. The game starts at 7:30pm sharp and finishes at 9:30pm. Please be aware that portions of the quiz will be filmed for use on Channel24.

PS We take kindly to tweets and competitive slurs between teams.

Book for OMG Quiz Night by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Reading • Running Time: 75 mins
Company: Naked Girls Reading Cape Town OR NGR Cape Town | Director: Kelly Smith | Featured Artists: Charlie French, Cherry Lesque, Lyricnotic, Velvet Nix
Warning: Nudity 18+
The Cape Town Fringe
Please note booking for this show is through The Cape Town Fringe and therefore Florin points and discounts do not apply.

Dedicated entirely to queer-themed readings, queer authors and LGBTQI stories! 

What is Naked Girls Reading?
At each event, a small cast of beautiful women remove their clothing (yes, all of it) and read to an adoring audience. 

Are they really naked?
Yes, we are. 

Is the audience naked?
No they are not. 

Do the girls read to themselves or out loud?
We read out loud to the audience. It is entertaining, magical, often funny, sometimes heart-wrenching and really very sexy. 

The Cape Town chapter of this international event has been described as a "performance art sensation" on eTV Primetime News.

Book for Naked Girls Reading presents Queerly Beloved by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Fri 29th Sep 8pm R100Sat 30th Sep 10pm R100Sun 1st Oct 8pm R100

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Company: Sugar-daddy Theatre Co. | Director: Sue Diepeveen | Featured Artists: Pope Jerrod, Marlisa Doubell
The Cape Town Fringe
Please note booking for this show is through The Cape Town Fringe and therefore Florin points and discounts do not apply.

THIRST can be seen as a metaphor for life, a simple but effective plot by Nobel prize winning playwright, Eugene O'Neil. The story is set a century ago and depicts three characters stranded on a raft with great focus on survival and the apparent lack of water. Something all Capetonians can relate too! We celebrate the up and coming 130th Birthday of Eugene O'Neill in 2018. THIRST is said to be his first play and was his response to the tragedy of the Titanic.

Book for THIRST by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Sun 1st Oct 6pm R100 (R90 online)Mon 2nd Oct 9pm R100 (R90 online)Tue 3rd Oct 7pm R100 (R90 online)Wed 4th Oct 9pm R100 (R90 online)Thu 5th Oct 7pm R100 (R90 online)Fri 6th Oct 10pm R100 (R90 online)Sat 7th Oct 4pm R100 (R90 online)Sun 8th Oct 8pm R100 (R90 online)

Drama • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Directed by Wynne Bredenkamp | Featuring Sarah Potter, Margot Wood, Emma Kotze & Andrew Laubscher
Warning: Mature Themes
The Cape Town Fringe
Please note booking for this show is through The Cape Town Fringe and therefore Florin points and discounts do not apply.

From the creator of multi-award winning Salt, comes a new adult production, At the Edge of the Light, which brings alive a delicate familial story of loss, perception and the consequences of inherited behaviours. Amidst a stormy night, Girl finds herself at the threshold of the last safe place she knows, hoping to find solace in the grandmother she remembers from her childhood. Instead, Gran has shut herself away, scared of the noises in the dark, suspicious of the knocks on the door and terrified of the things that lie just at the edge of the light...

Book for At the Edge of the Light by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Tue 3rd Oct 9pm R100 (R90 online)Wed 4th Oct 7pm R100 (R90 online)Sat 7th Oct 8pm R100 (R90 online)Sun 8th Oct 6pm R100 (R90 online)

Improvised Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by ImproGuise
Warning: Running time may vary
The Cape Town Fringe
Please note booking for this show is through The Cape Town Fringe and therefore Florin points and discounts do not apply.

ImproGuise is taking advantage of the CT Fringe Festival and bringing its special brand of outrageous, unmissable theatre made up on the spot, to their favourite theatre, The Alexander, with three pop-up improv shows on 5, 6 & 7 October. Cape Town's award winning improv group is so good at making things up they don't even know what they'll be doing on those nights. Starring Ryan Jales, Tandi Buchan, Megan Furniss, Brett Anderson,Anne Hirsch and music by Jaco Griessel. It's too good to miss

Book for Pop-Up Improv by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 5th Oct 9pm R90 (R80 online)Fri 6th Oct 6pm R90 (R80 online)Sat 7th Oct 10pm R90 (R80 online)

Drama • Running Time: 75 mins
presented by Makukhanye Art Room | Written and Performed by Khayalethu Anthony
Warning: Mature Themes
The Cape Town Fringe
Please note booking for this show is through The Cape Town Fringe and therefore Florin points and discounts do not apply.

Highly acclaimed, The Champion is an award-winning production that tells the story of a young man who grapples with the legacy of an absent father and a mother who is a grass widow. Much of the play centres on the conflicts and contradictions inherent in and the insights delivered about his mother's life choices.

Book for The Champion by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Fri 6th Oct 8pm R60Sat 7th Oct 6pm R60Sun 8th Oct 4pm R60

Afro-Fusion • Running Time: 60 mins
Tinashe Maoneni vocalist and songwriter | Amkela Moyo guitarist | Bongani Ngema on bass | Sam Gulubane on drums

Flying Bantu are an Afro-Fusion act right from underneath the magical spray of the mighty Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Their unique fusion of rock, reggae, funk and jazz along with a traditional African signature makes for an indulgent and meaningful listening experience. Here to play at Rocking The Daises for the second year in a row, Flying Bantu are fresh on the Cape Town scene and ready to delight hearts and ears with the warm and uplifting sound.

Flying Bantu - together the five exude energy and Southern African flavor as they sing about being human, being African, and everything in between; both beautifying and challenging humanity’s complex existence. “Our hope is that we are a product whose reach transcends the borders set by culture, race, religion and even genre in a grand quest for a togetherness amongst citizens of the world. We all have a common yearning to be free, to dream and to succeed; as such, our goal is to travel the world, and spread the word through our work. We pride ourselves as an original “festival act” with the flexibility that allows for a few covers in the case of a private audience”. 

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Physical Theatre Narrative • Running Time: 60 mins
Devised and Performed by Simo Majola

Alexander Bar and Café Upstairs Theatre will host Blare – a one-hander dancing poem devised and performed by playwright, director, actor and choreographer Mpapa Simo Majola. This show pays homage to the feminine and the ancestors. It is the narrative of a man carrying stories and songs of women who died trying to find a prayer to a mother God. These women now live and speak through Blare as they are still trying to find a prayer to Shesus. Majola collaborated with Sanelisiwe Yekani, Mpolokeng Chabane, Isah Ngalo in the writing of Blare.

Majola is based in Johannesburg but performs regularly in Cape Town. He brought Blare to Magnet Theatre in March 2017 and Theatre Arts Admin Collective in May 2017. The Funeral which played at the Alexander Bar in 2014 was well received and made top ten visiting plays.

This multi talented artist lives out his vision in various iterations. He is a freelance practitioner whose collaborations include work with various production companies, playwrights, humanitarian organisations, community groups, filmmakers and musicians. Majola has written for organisations such as Ox Farm GB, South African History Online and Goethe Institute amongst others. Collaborators include Jefferson Tshabalala, Billy Langa, Omphile Molusi, Phala O. Phala and many more.

Majola is a co-founding member of Playriot - a group of eleven writers who were selected nationally to be part of a writing residency at the Royal Court Theatre in 2013.  Productions that have emerged from this group of writers are I See You, the award winning play by Mongiwekhaya and New Foundland by Neil Coppen. Majola's work entitled The Last MK Fighter, written under this residency will be moving into production shortly. Playriot has a threefold mission. Firstly to be a writers’ theatre – giving playwrights the time and space to be activists and write urgent works. An organisation that promotes contemporary stories and thirdly a collective that creates a culture of readings. 

This show speaks to a deep understanding of the feminine. People need to watch Blare because it moves beyond generic gender debates and celebrates the feminine, supported and enhanced by the masculine but it in a way that honours women. Right now, this country is working through the murders of young women and children. Blare teaches us a way to move in the world. A way to listen. A way to respond without inflicting pain. Both women and men across all cultures can learn this beautiful dancing poem.

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Solo Play | Comedy | Drama | Storytelling • Running Time: 75 mins
Writer, Solo Performer Heather Massie | Cape Town Director Matthew Kalil | NYC Director & Artistic Consultation Blake Walton | Artistic Consultation Leslie Kincaid Burby | Projection Design Jim Marlowe & Charles Marlowe | Sound Design Jacob Subotnick | Dialect Coach Page Clements | Technical Assistant Dan Leary

The Award-Winning, Critically-Acclaimed NYC Solo Show in its South African Debut!

A True Story of Hollywood Glamour & Scientific Genius
Written & Performed by Heather Massie
Cape Town Director - Matthew Kalil

Hedy Lamarr, glamorous siren of the silver screen, was more than The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. She invented Frequency Hopping and Spread Spectrum Technology that make the world of wireless communication tick. From Austria to Hollywood, WWII, torpedoes, ecstasy, and intrigue to the very cell phone in your pocket, she was there! 

“In Lily Tomlin-esque fashion … Massie channels the iconic star … vividly yet matter-of-factly, and often very humorously … In a balance of high energy and poise, Heather Massie is no less than captivating.” 

-- The Huffington Post

“Richly realized. Both convincingly real and larger than life … she has us thoroughly swept up.”
-- Blogcritics Magazine

“Highly entertaining ... compelling and humorous … considerable elegance and skill.”
– Splash Magazine 

“Lively and enlightening ... engaging performance.”
– Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“Heather Massie has created a tribute to this amazing woman … And she does it well.”
– OffBrwy

“Gorgeous … Heather Massie is the image of Hedy Lamarr.”
– Total Theater

“Fantastic … A truly remarkable performance.”
-- Andy B Sports

“Remarkable … I congratulate chameleon Heather Massie.”
– Theatre in the Now

Audience Choice - IndyFringe, Indiana

Best Actress - Galway Fringe, Galway, Ireland

Audience Choice Award - Shenandoah Fringe, Virginia

Best Actress - SaraSolo Festival, Florida

Five Nominations Announced - Planet Connections Theatre Festivitiy, NYC

Official Selection - DivaFest, Indiana

Outstanding Actress in a Staged Reading - Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, NYC

Festival Bestseller - United Solo Festival, NYC

Inaugural Artist-In-Residence - Grange Hall Cultural Center, Vermont

Heather Massie (Playwright / Solo Performer) is a NYC actor and writer. Originally from Virginia, she has always been fascinated by science, and seeks to marry her loves of science and art in the person of Hedy Lamarr. Massie studied Astrophysics at University of Virginia and Theatre Arts at the Virginia Tech School of the Arts. For HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, she was named the 2016 Outstanding Actress in a Staged Reading at Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, NYC; a Festival Bestseller at United Solo, NYC; Best Actress in the 2017 SaraSolo Festival, Sarasota; Best Actress in the 2017 Galway Fringe, Galway, Ireland; Audience Choice in the 2017 IndyFringe, Indianapolis, Indiana; and is sponsored by the US Embassy for the 2017 Intwasa Arts Festival in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She has performed extensively in NYC, regionally, and internationally in Ireland, Ecuador, and St. Petersburg, Russia. NYC Theatre: Theatre Row, Signature Theatre, LaMaMa, Abingdon, WorkShop, NEC, The Lamb\'s Theatre, NyLon Fusion, Metropolitan Playhouse. Jean Dalrymple Best Supporting Actress Award for The Queen’s Knight. Regional Theatre: Mill Mountain Theatre, Allenberry Playhouse, Flat Rock Playhouse, Phoenix Theatre, Arizona Jewish Theatre Company, Nearly Naked Theatre, Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival, Southwest Shakespeare, Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre, California Theatre Center. Favorite roles: Rosalind - As You Like It, Jill - Equus, Sorel Bliss - Hay Fever, Rachel - Shmulnik\'s Waltz, Mina Loy - Mina, Carrie - Carousel, Cinderella - Into the Woods, and Eliza - My Fair Lady. 

Matthew Kalil (Cape Town Director) Matthew Kalil’s work is marked by a deep understanding and inspired use of narrative, collaboration and subtext to distill sensitive performances and create meaningful cinema. He has an MA in Screenwriting from the Northern School of Film and Television (UK) and 20 years of experience in directing, editing and writing for film, as well as script editing, acting and coaching. Matthew Kalil’s projects and collaborations have been screened, broadcast and exhibited in Canada, Denmark, Morocco, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Thailand, the United States, United Kingdom, and throughout his home country, South Africa. Kalil has lectured at various institutions including the University of Cape Town, AFDA Film School and TISH, New York University.

Blake Walton (NYC Director & Artistic Consultation) is an award-winning actor director and playwright. His directing credits include: Ann Morrison in her solo plays Linda Lovely Goes To Broadway(“Best Actress Award”) and Word Painting (United Solo Festival, NY, Home Resource, and the 2015 SaraSolo Festival, Sarasota, FL); Clara Francesca in Becoming Mia Rose and Stephen K. Davis in The Birth Of Humor (both at the 2017 SaraSolo Festival). In New York: In The Moment for Variations Theater Group, and for The Chain, The XXX Scholar (“Best Supporting Actress Award”, “Best Actress Nom.”) and his own play The Better Man (Unchained Fest “Best Ensemble Award”, “Best Supporting Actress Award”, “Best Director Nom.”) at The Chain, and Amy Whitman’s solo performance Malibu Mornings for The Farrington Company. Associate Artistic Director of the SaraSolo Festival in Sarasota FL, he is a proud member of AEA and United Solo Academy.

Leslie Kincaid Burby (Artistic Consultation) NYIT Outstanding Director Award for WorkShop Theater\'s \"The Navigator\" (Eddie Antar). Production received 2 Drama Desk and 8 NYIT nominations, NY Times Critic\'s Pick. Winner 2016 NYC Fringe Overall Excellence Award for direction \"Zamboni\" (Sean-Patrick O\'Brien), production extended in Fringe Encore Series (SoHo Playhouse). At WorkShop Theater: \"Through the Darkness\" (Alan Breindel).

Jacob Subotnick (Sound Design) is an NYC based composer and sound designer who has designed over 90 Off and Off-Off Broadway productions. Selected Off-Broadway: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Masterworks Theater); Donkey Punch (SOHO Playhouse); InnerVoices 2014(TBG Theater); Any Given Monday (59E59). Selected Off-Off-Broadway: The Ballad of Rodrigo (Funny…Sheesh: Nominated for Outstanding Original Music NYITA 2015); Tulpa or Anne and Me (Winner: Outstanding Sound Design PCTF 2011)

Jim Marlowe & Charles Marlowe (Projection Design) together created the visual content for the Ego Actus productions of I Know What Boys Want and Moonage Daydream. Jim has presented James Cameron’s Expedition Bismarck in 3D HD at the National Museum of Natural History and HD backgrounds for the CBS series Hack. Jim has managed remote shoots of As the World Turns and Paula Zahn Now for CNN and Dave Matthews in Central Park. Charles is also an actor who especially enjoys improv.

Page Clements (Dialect Coach) teaches dialects & Shakespeare at the T. Schreiber Studio. Also an AEA actress and private coach. Her NYC productions as a dialect coach include: She Stoops to Conquer, Awake and Sing, Icebound, Summer and Smoke, Philadelphia Here I Come, The Importance of Being Earnest, Bedfroom Farce, Doubt, A Taste of Honey, The Changing Room, Twelfth Night, and The Real Thing. To learn more about her DVDs see for actors & public speakers.

Dan Leary (Technical Assistant) grew up on the outskirts of the mighty metropolis of Snowville, Virginia. An avid reader, he was once forbidden to bring books to school. Dan\'s thespian experiences include Pulaski County High School\'s Appalkids and the outdoor historical drama The Long Way Home. He acted in several of New River Stage\'s productions. A veteran of Uncle Sam\'s grand tour of the world, Dan now lives in Hiwassee with his son, an aging puppy, and a plethora of cats. For some unknown reason, his nieces and nephews refer to him as crazy uncle Danny. Dan plays upright bass in a variety of ever-changing old time and bluegrass bands as well as the New River Valley\'s soft rock band, Audio Rain.

Book for HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Rock • Running Time: 60 mins
Original Music & Lyrics by Casper Ace | Performed by Casper Ace, Cornel Masson, Gustav Franzsen, Mario De Abreu | A&R Direction by Tim Honey | Presented by Casper Ace Music Productions (Pty. Ltd.

Casper Ace & The Wild Cards entertain with an eclectic selection of hit songs, some original and currently being played on national radio, and some spanning back decades to the early days of Rock 'n' Roll. Formed in early 2017, they’ve already entertained audiences from the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town to the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival, Oudtshoorn with performances that range from intimate to very lively. Over and above well-known songs, the band also performs original material from Casper Ace’s debut album ‘Saam’, described by Afrikaans music legend, Koos Kombuis, as ‘surprisingly new’.

“Casper Ace kry dit reg om ernstige vrae te vra en maatskaplike en omgewingskwessies aan te pak op maat van polsende musiek wat jou laat lus kry om jou hare los te skud en jou lyf aan die ritme oor te gee.” 

- Mariana Malan (Die Burger, 2 Junie 2017)

Band members are from Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Somerset West and comprise of Casper Ace - guitar & vocals, Cornel Masson - keyboards & vocals, Gustav Franzsen - bass & vocals, & Mario De Abreu - drums & percussion.

Casper Ace cut his teeth during the 90’s playing in bands with iconic alternative Afrikaans artists, Valiant Swart and Koos Kombuis. He also appeared on recordings by them, as well as, Akkedis, Gian Groen & more recently, Slow Boat. In 2014 he launched a solo career.

Cornel Masson has performed with artists such as Gerald Clark & Portrait Blue.

Gustav Franzsen has performed and recorded with artists such as The Blues Broers and Slow Boat. He is founder and host of the weekly Acorn Acoustic Sessions in Stellenbosch.

Mario De Abreu has performed with artists such as Urban Blues and Slow Boat.

Book for Casper Ace & The Wild Cards by clicking this button:

Comedy Drama • Running Time: 75 mins
Written, directed and produced by Brent Palmer | Starring Jenny Stead | Euodia Samson | Pierre Malherbe | Clyde Berning

Luke is a great guy! He loves his wife Vanessa, his two healthy boys and his home. But Luke hates his life! He dislikes teaching drama at the local school and loathes being a failed actor even more. When Jacob, his best friend from university, now a Hollywood star, comes to dinner, all of Luke’s jealousies come rushing to the fore. Luke’s insecurities are heightened by the presence of Jacob’s girlfriend, ‘B Movie’ starlet Jackie Lodin, and not least by the fact that Jacob and Vanessa are old sweet-hearts, setting the stage for an evening of high drama, tension and hilarity

'The Visit is a comedy drama with awkward consequences. It deals with what happens when an old friend, now a Hollywood star, returns home 

Jenny Stead:

Jenny obtained her honours degree in Drama from the University of Stellenbosch where she was nominated for a Fleur du Cap for most promising student. After graduating she won a Vita award for best new actress for her performance as a chain smoking, cocai snorting, troubled copy writer in Fiona Coyne's smash hit comedy 'Glass Roots'. Jenny has forged a career playing diverse roles from the tragic Ophelia in Stephen Berkoff's 'The Secret Live Life of Ophelia' to the ditzy Brooke in the hilarious 'Noises off'. Jenny won a Fleur du Cap for her performance as a dying succubus in Reza de Wet's 'Breathing In, followed by a tour throughout the USA and Europe with the New York Collonade Theatre's production of the politically charged, 'Truth In Translation'. Jenny was nominated for her 3rd Fleur du Cap for playing Janet in the Rocky horror Show which played to sold out houses for over 300 shows. Her film credits include 'The Poseidon Adventure', 'Starship Troopers 3' and the golden globe nominated 'Restless'. Look out for Jenny in the NSFW NBC grindhouse tv series 'Blood Drive' where she plays a middle American, suburban housewife, serial killer!

Pierre Malherbe:

The UCT trained Pierre Malherbe has acted in a number of plays over the last three decades, including highlights like: Beautiful Thing, Under the Oaks, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Noises Off, The Tent, King Lear, Sexual Perversity In Chicago, and Urban Death . 

In recent years he has mostly been associated with the plays of Louis Viljoen; having appeared in CHAMP, Porno 88, The Kingmakers and The Eulogists.

He has dabbled in stand-up comedy, doing the Cape Town club circuit, and performed three self penned one-man shows: Duncan Farenheit’s Acoustic Jam Sandwich, Duncan Farenheit and the Lank Tired Okes and Another Friggin’ Tribute Show.

He has had roles in television series including: Black Sails, , Dominion, Roots, Madiba, Land of Thirst ,Traffic, the upcoming Troy: Fall Of A City as well as numerous South African sitcoms.

Pierre’s many film credits include: Chronicle; Second Skin; Styx; Bypass; Death Race 2, and acclaimed short films such as Barroom; Lazy Susan; The Bison Brothers - which he also co wrote and co directed; the SAFTA award-winning Armed Response; and Snap! which was part of Cape Town’s 48 hour film project in 2014, and for which he received a best actor nomination.

Brent Palmer:

Brent is an award winning writer, actor and comedian. He has worked extensively in TV, film and Theatre. His most recent TV credits include roles in ‘Tali’s Wedding Diary’, ‘Those who Can’t’ and ‘Jamilla and Alladin’. Brent has also acted in a number of theatre productions including award winning play ‘A Steady Rain’, alongside Nicholas Pauling, ‘The Father’ alongside Marius Wyers and Louis Viljoen’s play The Kingmakers. In 2012 Brent wrote and acted in ‘Bench’, a Fleur Du Cap nominated script, in which he appeared alongside Adrian Collins. Brent also wrote ‘Witnesses’ which won the Fleur Du Cap for best direction award for Mathew Wilde in 2005 

Together with BenchFilms; Brent co-produced, wrote and appeared in the 2015 SAFTA winning short film ‘Picture Perfect Heist’. The team are currently developing a funded feature film of the same name. Brent wrote, directed and acted in a short film called ‘The Agency’ which made the top three at the Schnit film festival

Brent has used his comedic talents to direct successful shows for comedians such as Nik Rabinowitz, Siv Ngesi, Gaetan Schmit, Stuart Taylor and many more. Brent is a regular feature at the Cape Town Comedy Club and has worked alongside comedians like John Vlismas, Mel Miller and Trevor Noah. Brent is also currently directing Siv Ngesi’s new stand up show for the Baxter called SIV-ILIZED

He regularly uses his skills in the corporate world where he presents workshops on story, communication and presentation skills. 

Clyde Berning:

Clyde graduated from UCT with a degree in Theatre & Performance. He then went on to play Laertes in 'Hamlet', Eros in 'Antony & Cleopatra', Slim in 'Cowboy Mouth', Mark Dolson in 'Mass Appeal', Dakin in 'The History Boys', and more recently, Nick Arnstein in 'Funny Girl'. He won a Naledi award for his portrayal of Dakin in 'The History Boys' (2011). He has also appeared in local and international series and films such as 'Black Sails', 'Dominion', 'Cape Town', 'Known Gods', 'Montana', 'The Mating Game' and 'Shooting Stars'. He lives in Cape Town with his wife and three kids. 

Euodia Samson:

Euodia Samson is a South African actress best known for her roles in the television series SOS, Big Okes, Madam & Eve (ETV) and Fishy Feshuns.
She was also a cast member of the SABC2 variety comedy series Colour TV(SABC2), in 2011.

Other television series she has acted in include Backstage, Tussen Duiwels(SABC2), Newshounds and Khululeka(SABC2).

She has also acted in several films including Cape of Good Hope, Ali Barber, Crossroads and Black Butterfly.

Euodia has acted in numerous theatre productions including Freaks, A Winter's Tale, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Dying Breed and Sister Breyani.

 She studied a Performer's Diploma in Speech and Drama at the University of Cape Town, graduating in 1993.

Since 1993 she worked for CAPAB Also on their Schools Programme, War on Waste. Featured in the production Dying Breed. Appeared in Roxy for the Baxter Theatre.

Played Mustardseed in Maynardville's 1995 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Vatmaar (2003).

In 2005 participated in The Baxter Storytelling Festival at The Baxter Theatre Centre (in association with Sibikwa Community Theatre Project). Die Joseph en Mary Affair (Vleis, Rys en Aartappels, 2008).

Radio work includes Goud en Silwer, a drama for the SABC. Did promotional videos for Sanlam and Old Mutual.

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Comedy | Drama • Running Time: 65 mins
Written and directed by Wessel Pretorius | Performed by Len-Barry Simons, Jazzara Jaslyn and David Viviers | Photography by Mandy Freeman
Warning: No under 13s (Language)

A South African expat obtains a working visa and becomes a night watchman in the National Gallery in London. He shares his story of growing up gay in a small South African town and ultimately finding himself despondent and disillusioned at life as a freelance actor in a foreign country. As we follow his night patrol, some artworks come to life and start telling us their stories, too. Their stories all have bearing on the life of our protagonist – as their semiotics are filtered through his imagination.

We meet him well into his first year, bored, broke, single and still not much wiser.  We follow him on a night shift as he patrols the gallery.  He tells us his story – an everyman memoir about growing up gay in small town South Africa, discovering his passion for theater, his move to the city, his relationship with his boyfriend and finally the year abroad where he fell in love with a refugee and came to re-evaluate art – spending long hours watching over it.  

The question of art’s purpose and power, it’s private and personal relevance to those who find catharsis and meaning in it, the role of the artist and storyteller and the holiness of beauty all come into play in this ironic but endearing satire of modern man’s relationship to art.


Wessel Pretorius
Wessel Pretorius was born in 1986 in Nigel and grew up in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. He obtained his BA drama degree at the University of Pretoria and his honours in acting at Stellenbosch University. In 2010 he represented the Stellenbosch Drama Department in Den Haag doing a six-week workshop with De Appel. He made his professional debut later that year at Aardklop with Korte Mette Met die Versamelde Werke Van William Shakespeare directed by Hugo Theart for TEATERteater. Other highlights include Yasmina Reza’s Art (directed by Marthinus Basson) Christiaan Olwagen’s ‘Politik Trilogie’: Woza Andries?, Vagina Dentata and Ubu and the Secrecy Bill, P.G. du Plessis’ ‘n Seder val in Waterkloof (directed by Albert Maritz), N is vir Neurose (Olwagen), his self-penned solo show Ont-, Boetie Dis Tyd Vir Bid As ’n Seekoeikoei Op Jou Skoot Kom Sit for the Klein Libertas Teater directed by Juanita Swanepoel, David Greig’s Die Monster In Die Gang (translated and directed by Hennie van Greunen), Saartjie Botha’s Balbesit (directed by Jaco Bouwer) and Albee’s Wie’s Bang Vir Virginia Woolf? (directed by Christiaan Olwagen). In 2013 Van Greunen translated Ont- as Undone for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Shakespeare’s Richard III (directed by Lara Bye), Boesman, My Seun (written and directed by Deon Opperman) and Waterpas which he also wrote and was again directed by Olwagen. He has previously written, starred in and directed Die ontelbare 48. Last year he wrote and directed I Love You Sally Field, which had a very successful run at the Alexander Upstairs. Wesse received a Fiesta award nomination for Ontelbare 48 as well as a Fleur de Cap nomination for I Love You Sally Field.

David Viviers 
David is a film and theater actor. In 2014 he graduated with distinction in Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town. In May last year, David was awarded the Brett Goldin Bursary to work with the Royal Shakespeare Company for a month in Stratford-upon-Avon. This year, David has been nominated for a Fleur du Cap Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Finkelsteins are Coming to Dinner  as well as a Kanna nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the Afrikaans comedy, Klara Maas se Hart is Gebreek which debuted at the KKNK in April. Career highlights include the Kyknet film Kanarie (directed by Christiaan Olwagen), Klara Maas se Hart is Gebreek(written and directed by Wessel Pretoirus), The Finkelsteins are Coming to Dinner (directed by Adrian Collins) and the Standard Bank Ovation winner Salt (written and directed by Wynne Bredenkamp). 

Jazzara Jaslyn
Jazzara Jaslyn is a film and theatre actress based in Cape Town. Since graduating from UCT with a degree in Theatre and Performance in 2014, her recent career highlights include playing Olympia in Warner Brother’s A Cinderella Story and Nun in The White Whore and the Bit Player, directed by Chris Weare. She is soon to appear in a new-age clowning piece ‘Tweespalt’ at the KKNK festival. Since a young age, Jazzara knew she would pursue acting as her profession, but never without a strong sense of humour. Laughter is important – especially in the age of Drumpf. At 10 years old she was seriously distressed that she would never be a man – all she wanted to do was join the comic troop of actors in Monty Python. Alas. She now dreams of a life void of waitressing.

Len-Barry Simons
Len-Barry was born in Swellendam in 1993. He discovered his love for entertainment between his grandma's scarves. “My grandpa, with his whisky in one hand and cigarette in the other, applauded me after every dance routine I improvised for them.” He matriculated from Bredasdorp High School and graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2015 with a degree in drama. Now he can say with pride state that he is perusing a career in performance. He is also a certified yoga teacher – and that helped him become truthful again after shooting a commercial. This will be his first professional production.

Mandy Freeman
A journalist by trade, Mandy dabbles in photography on the side. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. She graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BA in Film and Media Production and has spent the last nine years working in the media industry. She lives with her husband and three cats, who are often subjected to impromptu photoshoots in the garden. She dreams of opening her own photography studio and cat cafe one day.

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Original workshop theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Workshopped by the cast Mel Mwevi | Trent Rowe | Rendani Mufamadi and Motheo Madisa | and director Megan Furniss

In a dystopian South Africa, even the superheroes are dysfunctional. When friends, colleagues and family come together to mourn and remember slain Superhero Eskombuso, we find out more about them too. Confession Sessions is hilarious, moving, and scarily familiar; an original mockumetary-style theatre piece.

Confession Sessions was devised by the cast, under the supervision of Megan Furniss, for their AFDA Honours in Live Performance production. After an exciting premier at the brand new AFDA venue, 228 on Lower Main, it was given the green light to go to Grahamstown as the AFDA student production, where it delighted audiences and received excellent feedback from the judges. It then had two sold out performances at the student showcase at UCT. Mel Mwevi, Rendani Mufamadi, Motheo Madisa and Trent Rowe all graduated at the end of last year and have begun launching exciting careers in the industry, but each one of them wanted to present Confession Sessions again, this time in the professional space. We are so excited to be doing this at the Alexander Theatre.

Megan Furniss is a performer, playwright, director and improviser, as well as a reluctant teacher, avid blogger, reviewer and big mouth.

Mel Mwevi 

“Transformation is magic!”

Mel Mwevi is first and foremost a Storyteller. She uses acting (stage and screen), singing, songwriting, spoken word/poetry, clothing and jewellery design, and lastly (but probably not lastly) painting/drawing to tell stories the best way she knows how. Having recently completed her Honors degree in Live Performance, and returned back to South Africa from a 6 month Euro-trip, this will be her second professional theatre production ever. Her first production, The Exonerated directed by Lara Bye, cast her as Sonia “Sunny” Jacobs mid last year. Mel is one of the 5 writers of Confession Sessions which was performed alongside her co-stars as a student production at the 2016 Grahamstown Festival. Welcome her as she celebrates her first performance in one of her most loved spots for Performing Arts in Cape Town, the Alexander Bar. 

Motheo Madisa

Motheo Madisa is a 23 year-old actor actor originally from Botswana but based in Cape Town. Trained at AFDA in live performance, Motheo has gone on to be nominated for 2 Fleur du Cap awards this year for his role as Enoch in “Cattle Drive” which also won a Standard Bank Ovation award at this year’s National Arts Festival. This year he has been involved in Theatre for Africa productions such as “Kwamanzi” and “Raiders of the Caribbean” at the NAF. 

Rendani Mufumadi

Rendani Mufamadi is a humble and vibrant young man whose ultimate goal in life is to bring joy to people. In 2013, Rendani left his hometown of Durban in pursuit of a career in the Performing Arts. He completed his studies at AFDA Cape Town, with an Honours degree in Live Performance, trained by some of the best theatre and film-acting practitioners in the country. 

Although Rendani does not speak any ethnic languages, he considers himself twenty-five percent of every racial/cultural group in South Africa and this thinking has made him easily adaptable to any audience group, “I believe that I’m Black in colour, Coloured at heart, White in speech and Indian in taste.” This is how he considers himself unique in society and how he feels he brings diversity to those around him. 

Rendani has performed as a comedian, and performed and hosted on various platforms with other well-known local comedians and artists. He has also been featured and starred in commercials that aired in Nigeria as well as other parts of Africa and short films that have gone on to screen at international festivals.

Apart from his acting abilities and accolades, Rendani is also a choreographer and musician. 

Rendani lives by the words spoken to him by his father “Don’t see yourself where you are but rather where you can be.”

Trent Rowe

Trent Rowe was born and raised in Johannesburg. He studied at AFDA doing his First year of studies in Johannesburg then moving to Cape Town to continue. Trent Graduated with a Honours Degree in Live Performance in 2016. During his studies he got to work with esteemed professional directors Alex McCarthy, Lara Bye and Megan Furniss. Trent made his professional debut on stage in September 2016 for the play The Exonerated Directed by Lara Bye. Trent was cast in the Netflix American film The Kissing booth set to be release 2018. Trent has just finished a successful run of Buried Child Directed by Chris Weare. Trent has experience not only on stage but behind the scenes working as a stage manager for the play The White Whore and The Bit Player directed by Chris Weare, as well as the adaption of the novel Trespassers, directed by Chris Weare.  He has worked as an assistant for Lady Aria Grey on her youtube series “ Lady Aria Grey Explains”. Trent aspires to create work for queer artists and queer themes stories. 

His manifesto is “To Be Here, To Be Queer and To create work that is honest and inspiring.”

"I want people to walk away from shows saying “I can do that” and start to influence people to create their own work and tell their own stories"

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Komedie • Running Time: 60 mins
Regie en Teks deur Wessel Pretorius | Opgevoer deur Wessel Pretorius en David Viviers

Twee reisende spelers, ’n verteller en handlanger (afgewater uit die Commedia dell'arte kader), skets drie verhale: die biografie van ’n traan, ’n liefdesdriehoek tussen matador, mantel en bul en ’n legendariese nag van passie. Wessel Pretorius en David Viviers keer terug na KKNK met Klara Maas se hart is gebreek, plus twee nuwe verhale wat saam ’n trilogie oor lewensiklusse van drie hard-‘vogtige’ helde, vorm. Die eerste van dié drie verhale, is as deel van die KKNK se eerste Uikampteater-projek in 2016, met die Kanna vir beste debuutwerk bekroon. 

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Punk alternative | Acoustic performance • Running Time: 60 mins
Gavin Gold

“I got expelled, I got wasted, I’ve been to Mars and back and I was taken for a fool.” Gavin Gold’s Punk Pop songs tell real life stories that will relate to your youth and rebellious side. The loudness of his songs has been toned down into an acoustic unplugged set that will get you rocking without bursting your eardrums.

Gavin Gold will be launching his latest EP "World upside down" produced by Mark Mc Cree. The show will consist of songs off this release and his previous CD release "Neatness" produced by Deon Du Toit. Both CDs will be available for sale at the show.

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Physical Theatre Drama Comedy • Running Time: 75 mins
Performed by Craig Morris | Written by Greig Coetzee | Directed by Roslyn Wood-Morris & Craig Morris | Lighting Design Barry Strydom | Featuring Original Music by Syd Kitchen
Warning: PG 13 - sex, violence, profanity

Where does Johnny Boskak fit in the ‘new South Africa’? Is he a white trash dinosaur? Or is he the last cowboy hero in boots and blue jeans? What we know is that he’s on the road, looking for love, redemption, an AK47 and the quickest way out of Secunda…

“Johnny Boskak evokes the seemingly-effortless perfection you find in works such as Steven Berkoff’s Decadence.” – Robyn Sassen

Naledi Award Winner 2015: Best Production Cutting Edge.
Nominated for Best Lead Performance in a Play.
National Arts Festival 2015 Golden Ovation Award Winner!

Craig Morris stars in Greig Coetzee’s award-winning spin-off to White Men with Weapons!

“This is phenomenal theatre” - Mike Loewe, The Critter

“He’s a fireball, and director Roslyn Wood-Morris keeps him steady on that broken white line.” – Steve Kretzmann

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Drama • Running Time: 60 mins
Adapted from CA Davids' Blacks of Cape Town | Director and Producer Jade Bowers | Playwright Penelope Youngleson | Actor Ameera Patel | Composer Daniel Geddes | Part of POPUpstairs 2017

Part of POPUpstairs 2017

POPUpstairs is  partnership between POPArt and The Alexander Bar aimed at facilitating the touring and exchange of awesome productions between Joburg and Cape Town. 

In the officious letter from the SA government, Zara learns that documents once sealed and implicating her father in an act which was committed against the anti-apartheid movement decades earlier, will soon be released to the public. The letter becomes the start of a journey into Zara’s past.

The narrative, in split chapter form, shifts between past and present – from New Jersey where Zara finds herself alone and displaced, to South Africa of the past and present. Her task is great and she grapples with constructing a history for herself and her family from between fragmented recollections and family lore. 

Jade Bowers and Ameera Patel join forces to present ‘Black’.

Jade Bowers (2016 Standard Bank Young Artist, Naledi Theatre Awards Best Director for Scorched) and Ameera Patel (Naledi Theatre Awards Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Scorched) join forces to present ‘Black’.

Based on CA Davids’ 2014 novel ‘The Blacks of Cape Town’, Gold Standard Bank Ovation Award-winning writer/director Penny Youngleson has written an adaptation for stage which intricately balances the poetry and pain of discovery, of unpacking history and the drama of family politics. It will see accomplished actress Patel tackling her first one-hander, under the directorial hand of Bowers, and with musical composition and accompaniment by Daniel Geddes. Choosing, as always, to highlight stories which are not part of the mainstream cannon, Bowers considers: “At this important moment in our country’s history, how do we as South Africans - with our multitude of cultures and lived experiences - look at our past to understand our present and future.”

Director and producer

JADE BOWERS is a Capetonian living in Joburg, and is the 2016 Standard Bank Young Artist for Theatre. She currently works for UJ Arts & Culture and runs her own production company: Jade Bowers Design & Management. Jade graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Drama and Sociology, and from the University of the Witwatersrand with an Honours degree focusing on directing and design for the stage.

She has been recognised by The Presidency as one of SouthAfrica’s Young Achievers; was named one of AfriPOP’s Top Five Female Theatre Makers in South Africa, and the 2014 Arts and Culture Trust ImpACT Award winner for Theatre. She has received Naledi nominations for Best Sound Design and Best Cutting Edge Production; and a Standard Bank Ovation Award for her production of Neil Coppen’s Tin Bucket Drum. She was awarded a PitchPerfect grant at the 2015 ACT | UJ Arts & Culture Conference, to support the development of an online database for playwrights and theatre-makers.

Jade has worked as a production manager, stage manager, festival director (for WALE 4.0), theatrical rights administrator, director and designer. For more information find Jade Bowers Design and Management on Facebook, follow @jadeherself on Twitter and Instagram, or check out her website


Penelope Youngleson is a theatre maker, designer, writer, composer, stylist and educator working in Cape Town. 

She has won several awards with Philip Rademeyer and their company, Rust Co-Operative, and in her own capacity, including: the Best International Production at the Dublin Festival, Runner Up for Best International production at Amsterdam Fringe, panel selection at Afrovibes Festival in the Netherlands, two Standard Bank Ovation awards, 3 Silver Standard Bank Ovation awards – and a Fleur du Cap award. Rademeyer and Youngleson were also nominated for a Best New South African Script Fleur du Cap in 2016.

Her latest work, Sillage (a two-hander about whiteness and womanhood in South Africa), won a Gold Ovation Award at NAF 2016. It was only the fifth theatre production to be acknowledged with this honour since the inception of the Ovation Awards at the National Arts Festival; and she is the second woman to achieve this. Her particular interest is South Africa-specific stories and has written 7 scripts in the last 4 years (Expectant, Nat, Full Stops on Your Face, Siembamba, Sillage, A Man and a Dog, An(T)oniem) – all original works, all about and for and in praise of people from this country. She is currently a Bertha Fellow at the UCT Graduate School of Business, pursuing an MPhil in Social Innovation. Her specificity is in financial inclusion and sustainable practices of mentorship amongst at-risk girls and womxn in the public schooling system in the Western Cape. She runs an after-school programme working with vulnerable learners in Grassy Park and Lavender Hill called Drama Queens and is a guest facilitator at the Makukhanye Arts Centre in Khayelitsha. She was also named one of the Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young People of 2016. 


Ameera Patel recently received recognition as one of the Mail & Guardian\'s Top 200 Young South Africans. She is a storyteller at heart, jumping between the stage and the page with ease. Along with SCORCHED, she is also performing in WHISTLE STOP (Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award Award 2014 and PANSA New Writer\'s Award 2014) and RAT RACE, a family show for 4-6 year olds. Her debut novel OUTSIDE THE LINES published by Modjaji Books is currently on shelves. She is appears regularly on South African television, and will soon be appearing in a new sitcom SOAP ON A ROPE.


Geddes is an actor, singer, dancer, physical theatre performer, musician and composer, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He completed his Honours degree in Dramatic Arts at Wits University in 2014, majoring in Writing Studies, Musical Theatre and Physical Theatre. 

He is currently the co-owner and creative director of a theatre production collective called Liquid Fusion. The company has won several awards, including a Standard Bank Ovation Award for its latest production, Burn choreographed by Bailey Snyman. At the beginning of 2016, the company completed a residency at the Freezer Theatre in Iceland, where the production debute. It has since gone on to tour in Norway, Greece, and France.

In his personal capacity, Daniel has appeared in several theatre productions, working with celebrated South African theatre-makers Greg Homann (Naked Knitting and Other Contradictory Acts), Sylvaine Strike (Devil\'s Wood), and Jade Bowers (Clora) to name a few. He has also written plays that have appeared at the National Arts Festival and in Cape Town.

As a musician and composer, he has composed and performed the music for several theatre productions and dance works, including Burn, and most recently Black (Dir. Jade Bowers). In 2015 he was employed as Associate Musical Director at the University of Johannesburg Arts Centre. He currently works by session as a vocal coach alongside Cathrine Hopkins at Vocal Coach SA. He composed the music for the wildlife web series, the Bundu Basher, which released in February 2017.

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Spokenword/poetry accompanied by a live band with music inspired by Afrobeat, Highlife, Jazz, Raggae, Soul funk • Running Time: 120 mins
Kolawole Gbolahan on Trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion and Vocals | Kagiso Noah on Guitar | Riba Mwakusa on Bass | Tefo Mahola on Drums | Jorge Sepulveda on Djembe | Bolaji Ayandare on Talking Drum
Warning: 15 Minute interval

A communion of creatives and an amalgamation of Art presented with words to heal and sounds to commune with the soul. Expect an intimately emotive fusion of Jazz, Afro-beat, Highlife, Reggae and Soulful funk complementing the literary aesthetics of poetry and spokenword.

Sounds & Words is a poetic band and artistic movement that seeks to blend the literary aesthetics rich in poetry/spoken word, with the musical affect, rich in different genres of music. Our objective is to reimagine creative spaces and art performances that facilitates a deeper level of communion with the audience. We believe our art carries a very positive message that is worth sharing and engaging with and that speaks to audiences that cuts across different spectrum of class and race within the society. The band is made up of a horn section (trumpet, flugelhorn, and saxophone) percussion (talking drum, conga, djembe), rhythm section (guitar, bass guitar and a full drum kit). Come and let’s Commune.

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Motown | African | RnB • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Sthe Mfuphi | Michelle Thomas | Bulelwa Sakayi | Presented by Glenda Eberlein and Coast 2 Coast Management
3 Tons of Fun, who have been hailed over the past 9 years as South Africa's most loved all-girl group will be doing 3 shows only at the Alexander Bar. An evening of music and fun! From Brenda Fassie to Gloria Gaynor and Diana Ross, from Pharrell to Robin Thicke, there is a bit of everything!

Starring Saxy Sthe, Mysterious Michelle and Beautiful Bee ... the girls who have wowed audiences from Cape Town to Cairo, from Vietnam to Dubai and beyond! Larger than life! The perfect end-of-year treat!

3 Tons of Fun has emerged over the past 9 years as one of South Africa's most loved all-female groups. Based in Cape Town they are in great demand on the corporate circuit throughout South Africa and overseas. Most recently they have performed at functions for top companies including amongst others Telkom, FNB, Nedbank, Tourvest, Sanlam, Woolworths, KFC, Spar, Absa, The Exporters Club, Wimpy and the Golden Arrow Bus Company.
3 Tons of Fun regularly perform at many prestigious events at the Arabella Sheraton Hotel (Kleinmond), Shimmy Beach Club, Val de Vie, The One & Only Hotel, The Castle of Good Hope, The Crystal Towers Hotel, The Lanzerac Hotel and they often travel to entertain clients at Sun City, Gold Reef City, Sabi Sabi and Phinda. 3 Tons of Fun are just as popular overseas where they carry the South African flag high and wow international audiences and expats alike. In the past few years they have travelled to Switzerland, Togo, Zambia, Ghana, Seychelles, Indonesia, Nigeria, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, London, Bahrain and Mauritius. 

Most recently they were honoured to be asked to perform at the Pendooring Awards (2013), the Kirstenbosch Winter Season (2013), the Hermanus Whale Festival (2013) and the Gariepfees in Kimberley (2014). They enjoy giving back to charity and in the past year have performed pro bono for the Chris Burger Fund dinner (CTICC), the Christine Revell Children's Home fundraiser (CTICC), the Cape Times Big Walk and the uThando Charity Event at the City Hall. In between flying around the country they schedule public shows so that their hometown fans have time to reunite with them, and they can be seen at least twice a year at Café Roux – Noordhoek, The Caledon Hotel and The Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay. In 2013 they released their debut album entitled 'Larger than Life' which has a collection of old favourites as well as three original songs written by Saxy Sthe herself. 


STHE MFUPHI (known as Saxy Sthe) was born and bred in Durban. Her prosperity is in Cape Town. She has been a passionate singer since birth. She started singing whilst she was still in her mother's womb but never considered her powerful and distinctive voice would take her places. She has only concentrated on her singing since she studied Jazz at the Natal Technikon. Her precious voice brought her to the public's attention when she started her own jazz band in 1998 called Sthe and friends. After she finished her diploma in light Jazz music (2002) she moved to Cape Town and has worked as a music teacher since. She has taught theory of music, voice, ensemble, improvisation, keyboards and ear training at Athlone Academy of music and Jazz Workshop. In 2007 she joined the larger than life ladies group 3 TONS OF FUN and that is where her popularity grew in leaps and bounds as more and more people became dazzled by her voice. Her incredible voice has given her the opportunity to travel abroad and locally and to meet people all over the world. She is a very talented songwriter and penned three original songs for 3 Tons of Fun's debut album, 'Larger than Life'. A music video for her original song “Usibali” was released in 2014. Sthe also currently performs as a solo artiste and can be seen in the latest SPUR advert and has been a prelim judge for IDOLS for the past 5 years.

BULELWA SAKAYI (known as Beautiful Bee) was born and raised in the Eastern Cape's East London. As is widely known, for every South African, music has and continues to be a major way of expressing one's emotions. Bee moved from the Eastern Cape to study chemical engineering in Cape Town but this was not emotionally challenging for her. She then decided to go into performing arts. This is when she got her classical training, singing as a soloist in choral choirs and also joined an actor's agency. She has travelled internationally performing in a number of film productions of which her favourite was the Golden Bear winner UCarmen EKhayelitsha as Frasquita. She has also done a lot of Television and theatre work. She is the commercial queen of 3 Tons of Fun! Bee joined 3 Tons of Fun in 2007 where she adds her playful yet sexy flavour to the group. And this is where she feels at home!

MICHELLE THOMAS (known as Mysterious Michelle) was born in Cape Town. Her childhood memories are those of camping, laughter, fun and family get-togethers. Her favourite story was that of her father as a vocalist and drummer in a band called the "Shindigs”. Michelle thinks that the seed for her future was planted then already. Sadly her father died of a brain haemorrhage when she was 6 years old. It was the heaviest blow that she ever had to deal with! Michelle half-heartedly attempted a Bachelors Degree at UWC. She did exceptionally well with the least amount of effort, but her heart was not in it, so she dropped out in her 3rd year. Singing has always been Michelle's lifelong dream and in high school the school concerts were the platform to showcase her raw, untrained, but natural talent. Her first real stage performance was at the Baxter as a vocalist in a school initiative called "Music Active". After varsity Michelle worked in admin at a day hospital. Michelle joined 3 Tons of Fun in 2007 and a year later was forced to give up her day job to pursue her lifelong dream full-time. 

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Cabaret with World, Jazz, Folk and Original music • Running Time: 60 mins
Created and performed by Aletia Upstairs and Sigrun Paschke

An interlingual cabaret show about longing and belonging performed by Aletia Upstairs and Sigrun Paschke. 

Although Aletia lives in London and Sigrun in Berlin, they have performed their multi-lingual, jazz, cabaret, world and original music in all three cities. Their journeys, which occasionally collide, are illustrated in their songs. This show is a discovery of their worlds, their journeys, their intertwined lives and the best music they have produced together over 10 years of collaboration, which included two solo albums and an EP. Apart from their own compositions, with lyrics by Antjie Krog and Maya Angelou, expect songs from Kurt Weill, Edith Piaf and Italian singer Fiorella Mannoia. 

Aletia Upstairs is a performing artist, cabaretist, singer-songwriter and vintage songstress in the third year of a PhD based on Performing Archives. Her practice involves (auto)biographical, verbatim, one-to-one and participatory, durational performance as well as performing archives. She investigates subjective archives and examines individual memories and mementos in innovative performance pieces that are intercultural and interlingual with traces of original music, poetry and puppetry. In 2016 her work ‘Emballage’ was awarded the Kantor Demarco Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. (

Sigrun Paschke is a pianist, accordionist and composer (Stellenbosch University and Hans Eisler Hochschule Fuer Musik, Berlin graduate, majoring in piano and organ). She has extensive experience as a soloist, accompanist and ensemble as well as band member, playing classical music, jazz, cabaret, Balkan- and African music. Currently based in Berlin, she works as a free-lance musician in several different capacities, in Germany and beyond. (

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Klara Maas se Hart is Gebreek, ensomeer: Die vloeistof trilogie.
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World Upside Down - ep Launch
Punk alternative | Acoustic performance
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Johnny Boskak is Feeling Funny
Physical Theatre Drama Comedy
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Johnny Boskak is Feeling Funny
Physical Theatre Drama Comedy
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The Communion with Sounds & Words
Spokenword/poetry accompanied by a live band with music inspired by Afrobeat, Highlife, Jazz, Raggae, Soul funk
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3 Tons of Fun
Motown | African | RnB
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Wed 20 at 7pm
Between You and Me
Cabaret with World, Jazz, Folk and Original music
Wed 27 at 7pm