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Prose poem for performance • Running Time: 50 mins
Written & performed by Megan Furniss | Directed by Tandi Buchan | music by James Harvey

"This story is like other stories. It is a story about love. All stories are about love. Stories are either about love and power or power and love."

The Deep Red Sea is a love story, told in words, and music. It’s about love… and power… and… love. It’s about loss… and pain… and growing. It is about the sea… and lies… and the act of creating. 

Megan Furniss wrote The Deep Red Sea in 2011 and has been waiting to perform a full performance of this prose poem. Here, long-time collaborator Tandi Buchan directs with musical accompaniment by James Harvey.

The Deep Red Sea is an exploration of the facets and phases love, as well as an exploration of narrative form. Megan says, “I believe this piece is meant to be listened to, to be heard. The words should be a trigger into the visual, both literally and metaphorically.”

Megan Furniss is a playwright, writer, performer and improviser. Her work is original, challenging and strange, which is why her relationship with the Alexander Bar and Theatre is so special – an intimate venue that encourages experimentation and a departure from the mainstream. 

Megan Furniss is a South African born playwright, actor, writer, director and improviser. She has spent all of her life involved in theatre and make-believe. She graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1986 and worked as an actress before starting her own improvisation troupe in Cape Town. She has written and co-written numerous plays and musicals, performed and directed theatre, and she creates industrial theatre with her company Improvision. Megan loves improvisation the most, and performs regularly with ImproGuise, and teaches and facilitates improv.

She has self-published a novel, has just finished her second one, and she writes short stories for competitions.

The Tent, written in 2009, was published in an anthology of South African and Argentinian plays by Projecto 34˚ South, and was chosen as one of six African plays to be workshopped and showcased at the National Theatre Studio in London in 2011. Drive with Me, a one-woman show written and performed by Megan Furniss, won a Standard Bank Ovation Award at the prestigious Grahamstown National Arts festival in 2013. Most recently her play Clouds Like Waves premiered at the NYC Winter Festival 2019. 

Megan won a Fleur du Cap award for Innovation in Theatre in 2009. In 2017 she was nominated for a Fleur du Cap for best supporting actress in The Finkelsteins are Coming to Dinner.

She also achieved critical acclaim for her tiny role in the Showmax smash hit Tali’s Wedding Diary.

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Comedy • Running Time: 65 mins
Written by Pierre Malherbe | Directed by Adrian Collins | Designed by Guy de Lancey | Performed by Juliette Pauling, Brett Williams, and Pierre Malherbe
Some fruity language.

That which is seen, cannot be unseen; unless that which is seen was never seen in the first place. Or maybe it was seen, but not quite in the way that it happened. If it even happened at all.

Apple Face is a surreal comedy adventure that takes place at an outdoor music festival. A 40th birthday celebration turns sour when somebody witnesses something disturbing. Is this just a mid life crises on party sweets or did they really see something? 

Pierre Malherbe is an actor and writer with over 20 years theatre experience. More recently he has appeared in David Mamet’s Sexual Perversty In Chicago and a number of Louis Viljoen plays. He was most recently seen in Brent Palmers The Visit and had a brief stint in Shakespeare In Love. His camera credits include Black Sails, Roots, Troy: Fall Of A city, and the SAFTA award winning short film Armed Response. His has written and performed stand up comedy as well as three one man shows. Apple Face is his first self penned show to feature additional cast members.

Juliette Pauling has a BA in drama from Rhodes University. There, she performed in several productions which were featured at the National Arts Festival. She took a brief break from acting in 2013 and obtained a diploma in culinary arts. She has appeared in both Suzelle DIY and Tali's Wedding Diary and now in 2018 we see her in Apple Face.

Brett Williams, is a seasoned actor and reluctant entrepreneur with a penchant for karaoke. Having glimpsed the greener pastures of Australia, he returned to Cape Town to make his fortune in film and is now doing theatre. Due to the drought, his #hotbathcoldtea calendar photos have come to a close but you can find him on Instagram at @notbluesteel and @albanywatchco. Please enjoy the play.

Press & Reviews

  • Wed 2nd May 2018 Weekend Special

    "I could not stop laughing."

    "All three of them are absolutely perfect at delivering this bizarre and hilarious piece."


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Comedy • Running Time: 65 mins
Written, directed & performed by Wessel Pretorius
Performed in Afrikaans

Annetjie de Vries sit op die lughawe en wag vir haar vlug na Amsterdam. Langs haar slaap/“trip” haar enigste vertroosting, ‘n troetelmarmot “Joachim,” op ‘n oordosis Rescue Remedy. Na jare se verwaarlosing deur haar gesin besluit Annetjie om van voor af te begin en vir ‘n slag op haar eie terme te leef. Die vlug is vertraag en Annetjie het baie op die hart. “Starbucks” is ‘n ontroerende komedie-vertelling oor vroulikheid, hartstog en eensaamheid.

Wessel Pretorius was born in Nelspruit. He received his BA in Drama from the University of Pretoria and did his post-graduate studies at the University of Stellenbosch. In 2011 he wrote and directed his first professional solo-piece ONT-, which would later be translated into UNDONE and performed at the National Arts Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Vienna and Amsterdam. Other shows performed at Alexander Bar include THE MAIDS (Genet, directed by Philip Rademeyer), I LOVE YOU SALLY FIELD AND OTHER STORIES (writer and director), RENAISSANCE (writer and director) and KLARA MAAS SE HART IS GEBREEK, ENSOMEER: DIE VLOEISTOF TRILOGIE (writer, director and performer alongside David Viviers). Pretorius currently lives in Cape Town.

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Pub Quiz • Running Time: 120 mins
presented by Alexander Bar

Who? What? When? How? Why are you shouting answers at me? Oh, it's because I'm the quiz master and have all kinds of drinkable prizes for the rightest of the righteous. Am I using those words right? Actually, don't answer that question. There will be others soon. And they will be a lot harder. So strap your smarty-pants on over your party-pants because 'Let's Get Quizzical' isn't your ordinary pub quiz. Stock up on strange facts! Prepare for Quiz masters with sexy voices! Thirst for spot prizes that almost 100% will be liquid! And of course there'll be quirky formats and categories like 'Um, Actually' and 'Famous Cats'!
Watch out for our Specialist Nights when we focus on categories like Film & TV or Music.

Ready? Then Let's Get Quizzical!

Kindly note: Quiz tickets are per person (not per team)

Each team must have at least 2 people but no more than 6.
Pineapples disguised as people will be counted as people.
Silly team names are compulsory.
The Quiz Master is always right. Even if google says no.
Brains only! No phones, laptops, or encyclopedias!

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Immersive Dinner Theatre • Running Time: 180 mins
Performed and presented by Rowan and Danielle Studti

Special Treasury Agent Marriot Mess and Detective Lee Justice lead their guests in a murder investigation over a mouth-watering meal. Guests are given character briefs and play the suspects at the event. They have to analyse the evidence, consider clues and investigate each other in order to absolve themselves. Depending on the script, there are 8 suspects at each table, one of whom is the murderer… You can either book a full table or be adventurous and meet new people!

How it works:
Each ticket includes a welcoming drink and a main course (beef, chicken, veggie or vegan). You'll be prompted to select your seats  at either the red, green, blue or yellow table when you book. If you're getting your friends to book for themselves tell them which colour table to book at but hurry cos it's first come first serve!

It’s New Year’s Eve at The Pitz, the city’s most famous (or is it infamous?) supper club. The usual mix of customers, some noteworthy and some notorious, decorate the tables that surround the crowded dance floor. Everyone in the gregarious group of rarified revellers hoists a glass of champagne and readies their noise makers to celebrate the arrival of the year 1955.

As the clock strikes midnight, Lou Gumbardo and his band, “The Loyal Geraniums,” begin the familiar strains of Auld Lang Syne. The moment has arrived – a new year that promises to continue the post-war boom of the Eisenhower administration. Suddenly, without warning, the club is in darkness and, amid the rumbling of the assembled guests, three shots ring out. When the lights go on again, it’s deadly obvious that the darkened room provided a killer with the opportunity to put a strategic bullet hole into a surprised victim. Someone had dictated the dastardly demise of Sammy Fenetra, lead singer of the band. His mellow tones had made women swoon and music fans turn somersaults.

Guests are immersed in a murder investigation over a mouth-watering meal, where they are both defendant and detective. Each guest has to help us crack the case in order to absolve themselves.There are a total of 8 suspects at each table, one of whom is you! The mystery takes place over a delightful dish, allowing the suspects to indulge in their last meal before one of them is sent like a lamb to the slaughter to death row.

All guests are given a character brief including their background, relationship to the victim and alibi three days prior to the event. They are encouraged to arrive in character, ready to crack the case. Upon your arrival you will receive a welcome drink and will be shown to your table, where you can brush up on your backstory before we get started. Once you are settled in you will be given a chance to browse our selection of props and costume pieces and get into character.

As soon as everyone is seated, your food order will be taken and we will begin the mystery… The Police Chief will lead the investigation, providing extra clues throughout the event. There will be three clues at your table setting which you are welcome to trade with your fellow suspects at any time during the investigation. It is in your best interest to form alliances and obtain as many clues as you can get your hands on! Throughout the event you will interrogate the other suspects at your table to gain as much information as possible. All suspects must answer truthfully according to their scripts. The lies are built into the script so even the murderer doesn’t know whodunit! There will be prizes for best character and for the super sleuths who crack the case.

We are a dynamic duo with a flair for food and fun! We started Dinners to Die for in order to combine the two. We are both professional working actors based in Cape Town, making us the ideal cast for the role of Police Chief and Detective. We like to play good-cop, bad-cop as we run the murder investigation, engaging our guests and keeping them guessing! We offer our murder mystery events at different restaurants and at private functions around Cape Town.

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Burlesque Performance • Running Time: 60 mins
Starring (in alphabetical order): Cherry Lesque, Holly Harlot, Jezzy Belle, Kitty Kat, Lady Danger, Lady Magnolia & Sweet Cheeks | Images by Alexa Sedge | Written by Jezzy Belle and Kitty Kat | Performed & produced by The Rougettes
For Mature Audiences Only | Smoking

The Rougettes are delighted to bring you a brand ‘spanking’ new, collaborative show: Herstory: A Strip Down Memory Lane. For ONE NIGHT ONLY sit back and enjoy an evening filled with the gorgeous Rougette troupe as they take you on a delectable and exciting journey through the history of Burlesque. But this is not your ordinary history lesson, The Rougettes invite you to indulge in their cheeky interpretations of the genesis of burlesque; it’s history, growth, dwindling, and resurgence in contemporary culture. Prepare to be enthralled, entertained and (seductively) educated!

At the heart of The Rouge Revue are the Rougettes, a professional troupe of curvaceous and irresistible burlesque artists. The Rougettes bring more than just a heart-racing show, they bring an experience, a salute to the by-gone days of glamour, ruby lips, rouged cheek-bones and sexy, hip-swaying struts.

Made up of eight gorgeous gals, each Rougette has something different, distinct and daring about her.

On any given night you might see the luscious Lady Magnolia weaving her magic, Jezzy Belle’s saucy style and symphonic singing voice, Cherry Lesque’s tempting tit bits, Holly Harlots perfect pout and Lady Danger’s deadly curves. Kitty Kat will have you holding your breath with her untamable contortions while Sweet Cheeks serves you both the poison and the cure.

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Music • Running Time: 90 mins
Produced by Sthe Mfuphi | Directed by Sthe Mfuphi & Bulelewa Sakayi | Performed by 4 Tons of Fun

The undisputed 'Queen of Soul' created a legacy that spans six decades. Join 4 Tons of Fun as they pay tribute to this iconic singer. This is a chance to see four of Cape Town's finest vocalists with their big voices honouring a musical icon.

Following the untimely death of Aretha Franklin in August 2018, the three founder members of 3 Tons of Fun, Sthe Mfuphi (Saxy Sthe), Bulelwa Sakayi (Beautiful Bee) and Michelle Thomas (Mysterious Mich) together with powerhouse Soi Soi Gqeza, have produced a fitting tribute to this iconic singer. Included in the show are lesser known favourites like ‘Chain of Fools’ and ‘A deeper love’ as well as the big numbers such as ‘Respect’, ‘Natural Woman’ and ‘Ain’t no mountain’.

In this performance, these four women, Sthe, Bee, Michelle and Soi Soi, with their amazing voices will pay tribute to Aretha Franklin in what will be a celebration through song of the life of a woman who has influenced generations of singers and touched the lives of so many. Combining vocal power, skillful harmonies and smoldering sensuality with vivacious energy, these larger than life women will entertain the audience like no other.

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Kabaret/Cabaret • Running Time: 65 mins
Teks en regie deur Wessel Pretorius | Met Len-Barry Simons | Begeleiding op klavier deur Christopher Petrie
Korstondige rook gedurende toneelstuk

Psalter (die naam vir ‘n boek van Psalms) is versameling grootword-herinneringe van ‘n Gaga-aanbidder, ‘n dissipel van Nina Simone en ‘n gesant van die maan in kitch engelvlerke.  Dis ook ‘n ode aan drie susters - Greta, Joan en Bettie – elk vernoem na ‘n silwerdoekgodin, wat saam ‘n kind deur die veranderende seisoene probeer koester. Uit die pen van Wessel Pretorius, vertolk deur opwindende opkomende talent Len-Barry Simons, met die meesterlike begeleiding van Christopher Petrie. 

LEN-BARRY SIMONS gradueer in 2016 by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch met ‘n graad in Drama, waar hy gespesialiseer het in kabaret.  Hy verskyn in 2017 in Wessel Pretorius se komedie Renaissance en in 2018 in ‘n verwerking van Bibi Slippers se bekroonde digbundel Fotostaatmasjien vir die verhoog by Woordfees en KKNK.  Gedurende hierdie jaar speel hy ook in Aida Abridged by o.a. die National Arts Festival in Grahamstad (regie deur Greg Homan) en die musiekblyspel Calling Us Home (regie deur Magdalene Minnaar). Len-Barry woon tans in Kaapstad. 

WESSEL PRETORIUS  is gebore in 1986 en het skool gegaan en groot geword in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.  Hy het sy B.A. Drama graad ontvang by die Universiteit van Pretoria in 2008 en sy Honneurs in Spel by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch in 2009.  Hy het sy professionele debuut in 2010 gemaak en in 2011 het skryf hy sy solo-stuk Ont- waarvoor o.a. vier Fiësta-toekennings en die Woordtrofee vir Beste Drama produksie ontvang het.  Ont- is later vertaal deur Hennie van Greunen as Undone en het getoer na die Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Afrovibes in Nederland, die Wiener festwochen in Wene en die Nasionale Kunstefees in Grahamstad waar dit die Standard Bank Ovation Goud gekry het.  In 2014 skryf hy Waterpas (KKNK Kanna vir Beste Komedie), Slaaf en Frats. In 2015 verskyn Sandton City Grootdoop, Al Julle Volke en Die Dag is Bros (vyf Fiësta benoemings en die ATKV-Woordveertjie vir Beste Drama).  In 2016 debuteer hy met sy nuwe solostuk Die Ontelbare 48 en die komedie I Love You Sally Field (and other stories) en in 2017 skryf hy o.a. Klara Maas se Hart is Gebreek, ensomeer: Die vloeistof trilogie en Renaissance. Ander hoogtepunte as akteur sluit in Saartjie Botha se Balbesit (regie deur Jaco Bouwer), Christiaan Olwagen se N is vir Neurose, Edward Albee se Wie’s Bang vir Virginia Woolf? (regie deur Olwagen) en Tom Lanoye se Bloed en Rose (regie deur Marthinus Basson).  Pretorius woon in Kaapstad waar hy streef om ‘n lewe uit teater te maak.

CHRISTOPHER PETRIE completed his schooling at Monument High School in Krugersdorp. He obtained a BMus degree from Stellenbosch University in 2017 specializing in organ performance under the tutelage of Dr Mario Nell. Christopher frequently worked as freelance accompanist during his undergraduate studies. He was the rehearsal pianist and keyboardist for musical productions Hair (2013), Evita (2014), Sarafina (2015) and Fidler on the Roof (2016) in collaboration with Northlink College. In 2017 he was rehearsal pianist for an Honours student production of La serva padrona and assistant to musical director, Erik Dippenaar, for the 2018 Woordfees production of Purcell’s Fairy Queen in collaboration with Cape Town Opera and Stellenbosch University. Christopher is currently a postgraduate Honours student at Stellenbosch University, specializing in organ repertoire studies. In 2018 he was accompanist for the ensemble of the play, NRNNSA (Die Nuwe Republiek van die Nuwe Nuwe Suid Afrika) which received a Kanna nomination for best upcoming artist at the 2018 Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees (KKNK) and was awarded the prize for best Nati-Jongsterre production at the 2018 Suidoosterfees. Christopher is also actively involved at the Stelenbosch University Drama Department as cabaret accompanist.

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Burlesque Show • Running Time: 60 mins
Presented by Black Orchid Burlesque ZA | Produced by Diva Disastar | Creative Team - Diva Disastar & Lady Magnolia & King St.Fox | Performed by GlitterTush, Miss_Teria, LiZeta Pi, Ziggy, Midnight Vixen & Mr J Katsby, Diva Disastar
This show is for mature audiences only. No under 18s. Call the baby sitter and put on those studded stiletto boots baby, it's time for a naughty night out!!!

What do you get when you combine three gorgeous burly performers from The Rouge Revue Burlesque Company and three beautiful burlesquers from Black Orchid Burlesque SA? 

For one night only, experience an action-packed hour of seductive authentic burlesque entertainment, specifically designed to get you hot under the collar and excited for more. Mix in a pinch of kink and a sprinkle of mischief and you've got one hell of a sinsational night out for the open minded and wild at heart.

Hosted by your favourite Dame of Burlesque, Diva Disastar, "Fetish & Feathers" will showcase 6 fantastic up and coming Burlesque performers on the Cape Town circuit; introducing you to the stars of tomorrow in an intimate atmosphere filled with scintillating sensuality and bawdy banter. Featuring solo and group performances by GlitterTush, Miss_Teria and LiZeta Pi from Black Orchid Burlesque ZA; as well as Ziggy, Mr J Catsby and Midnight Vixen from The Rouge Revue Burlesque Company.

It's raunchy!

It's naughty!

It'll tickle your every fantasy!

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Physical Theatre • Running Time: 45 mins
Written & performed by Gaëtan Schmid | Directed by Andrew Laubscher

The TERROR! … the terror of being called in front of the class. Hypercreative Gaëtan stretches this all too familiar moment-in-time into an apocalyptic zombie nightmare. Schmid is back at his best; furiously miming to a thrilling soundtrack of 101 movies… all without leaving his little chair.

To all movie fans out there: this one is for you!

To all non-movie fans: this one is for you!

What the press had to say about Gaëtan and Gaëtan’s work:

"... tour de force ..." Sunday Times

"... visually feasting ..." Sunday Independent

"... manic ... crazy ..." Your Soapbox

"... strange ... psychotic ... " TONIGHT

"... hilarious rollercoaster ride ..." the writing studio

"... not for the faint-hearted ..." Encore Entertainment 

"... make sure your cheeks are ready to be stretched into a smile for about an hour."

"… Gaëtan Schmid ... an ... inimitable ..." Artslink

"... immaculate ..." Cue

"... and extremely humorous ..."

"... fascinating performer." The Next 48hours

" ... big balls." Megan’s Head

Gaëtan is a Belgian theatre artist currently living and working in South Africa. After studying theatre at the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France he toured new creations to festivals and theatres all over the world. Russia, Sweden, Romania, USA, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Wales, Uganda, Andorra, Spain and Scotland. Since arriving in South Africa 20 years ago – when his South African wife (not wife then) told him to “… come … come and have a look … couple of weeks max …” – Gaëtan produces, creates, writes and performs his own excitingly original one-man-shows … well, most of them are his own: 'Body Language I & II, The Belgian (Fleur du Cap nominated), Rumpsteak, The Dog’s Bollocks, The Incredible Beer Show, The Pigeon, and 'The Comical Tragedy'

Director Andrew Laubscher
Andrew is a Cape Town-based film and theatre actor. Some theatre highlights include ‘Richard III @ Maynardville’, 'Mirror Mirror' directed by Geoffrey Hyland and written by Mike van Graan; 'As You Like It' directed by Geoffrey Hyland; 'Cosi' directed by Scott Sparrow; 'Antony and Cleopatra' directed by Marthinus Basson; 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' directed by Guy de Lancey; 'Lovborg's Women' directed by Chris Weare (Fleur Du Cap nomination for Best Supporting Actor); 'Mafeking Road' directed by Tara Notcutt; 'A Comedy Of Errors' directed by Matthew Wild; and 'Balbesit' directed by Jaco Bouwer. In 2014, Andrew won the Fleur de Cap Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for his performance as Riff-Raff in 'The Rocky Horror Show' performed at The Fugard Theatre. Since then Andrew's work includes 'The Emissary' written and directed by Louis Viljoen; 'The Finkelsteins are Coming to Dinner' directed by Adrian Collins, 'Marat/Sade' directed by Jaco Bouwer performed at The Baxter Theatre and Tiger Bay performed at The Artscape Theatre. Most recent work includes the award winning ‘Swerfgoed’ directed by Tinarie van Wyk Loots with Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Nicole Holm and Richard September which will be performed at The Baxter Theatre in September.

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Performance • Running Time: 50 mins
Written & performed by Siyamthanda Poni | Directed by Sindile Msebenzi | Presented by UPRISING ART PROJECT

This is a story takes place in the space between hope and despair, between justice and forgiveness, and between guilt and courage. Bandile has been broken both body and soul after his mother is killed at the hands of a vigilante mob. As he tries to find a path through his pain and regain trust of his family, he must also convince the world that he has changed. But has he?

After a successful run at Zabalaza Community Festival, INGCWABA went on to win the inaugural Abongile Kroza One-Hander Festival at Makukhanye Art Room in 2017 and continued to dazzle Mbekweni audiences throughout 2018.

Book for INGCWABA by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:

Solo Theatre (comedy) • Running Time: 90 mins
Written & performed by Steven Fales | Directed by Jack Hofsiss | Presented by NF2 Productions
Not appropriate for children. No swearing or nudity but adult themes including drugs and prostitution.

The Off-Broadway hit comes to Cape Town! A story extremes from perfect Utah Mormon Boy to perfect New York Rent Boy, internationally acclaimed storyteller Steven Fales will take you places you didn't know you wanted to go! Told with humour, song, and The Book of Mormon. Ahead of its time for its edgy “unflinching honesty” (Salt Lake Tribune), Confessions of a Mormon Boy is the inspiring true story of how one troubled young dad first learned to wake up and grow up—and then kept learning. Oxy-Mormon storyteller Steven Fales discovers an imperfect middle ground in this reclamation saga about what it means to finally come home—if only in your heart.

Told with humor, song, and The Book of Mormon, this life-affirming, transformational tale about how a sixth-generation Latter Gay Saint attempts to reclaim his two kids and Donny Osmond Smile after failed conversion therapy, excommunication, sex work, and drugs “will leave you breathless.” (San Diego Union-Tribune) "An uncommonly powerful, gripping, and very moving piece of theatre. It’s unusually well-written and shaped. Staying away would be a mistake." (Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune)

The international one-man sensation Confessions of a Mormon Boy is currently on a tour culminating with a return to New York where it first premiered Off-Broadway over twelve years ago — and has not been performed there since. Based on original direction by Tony Award Winner Jack Hofsiss (The Elephant Man) and performed by Outer Critics Circle Award Nominee and controversial LDS outcast/activist Steven Fales, Confessions of a Mormon Boy is the cornerstone of Fales's 'Mormon Boy Experience' and Part One of his Mormon Boy Trilogy. Because the story and journey continue...

“As moving as it is funny.” — Howard Kissel, New York Daily News

“What a rare and skillful thing is Steven Fales’ engrossing, funny, and often quite harrowing tale." — Kevin Nance, Chicago Sun-Times

“The story couldn’t be more timely.” — Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“Feels like a sacred gift.” — Louise Kennedy, Boston Globe

"Compelling confessional theatre." — Jason Zinoman, New York Times

"5-Stars! There’s something here that every gay man can relate to. And, my, how the boy entertains.” — Gay Times Magazine (UK)

"Epic." — Washington Post


From Los Angeles to London, Houston to Halifax, SoHo to Salt Lake, South Africa, and Sydney, actor/writer/producer Steven Fales has been performing his award-winning solo work for over a decade at venues ranging from church sanctuaries to comedy clubs; fringe festivals to old historic movie houses; coffee shops to cabaret rooms; gay resorts to regional theatres; concert halls to the Mitzi Newhouse Theatre at Lincoln Center. Whether doing standup at Caroline’s On Broadway, cabaret at Joe’s Pub, or solo plays at the Coconut Grove Playhouse, Charing Cross Theatre in the West End, an old Freemason Lodge at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, or Off-Broadway at the SoHo Playhouse, Steven has been honing his craft wherever he can—often receiving and being nominated for awards like the Overall Excellence Award for Solo Show at the New York International Fringe Festival or the Oscar Wilde Award for Outstanding New Writing for the Theatre at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, and others.

Before specializing in solo performance, Steven worked extensively as an actor in classical plays and musicals in regional theatres including the Utah Shakespeare Festival, Pioneer Theatre Co., Stages St. Louis, Sundance Summer Theatre, Connecticut Repertory Theatre, among others, and in commercials, film, and television. His first union job (AEA) was playing Hap in Death of a Salesman at New Harmony Theatre with Gil Rodgers and Jacqueline Brooks. He worked closely with Broadway director/producer Louis Burke at the short-lived Stratford Shakespeare Festival Theatre (formerly the American Shakespeare Theatre) where he performed with Elaine Stritch, Len Cariou, Douglas Sills, and others. 

His first book, Confessions of a Mormon Boy: Behind the Scenes of the Off Broadway Hit, was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist. He is currently expanding his Mormon Boy Trilogy into a book called Oxy-Mormon Memoirs. In addition to his solo work, he has several plays and musicals in various stages of development.

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Theatre • Running Time: 80 mins
Directed by Jaco Bouwer | Written by Jemma Kahn | Design by Rocco Pool | Pictures by Rocco Pool & Jemma Kahn | Performed by Jemma Kahn & David Viviers

Only one person is known to have survived full-blown rabies, by undergoing a radical form of treatment called The Milwaukee Protocol. In this romantic tragedy loosely based in the sciences, Virologist Joan Remy is extremely skeptical of the Milwaukee Protocol. She is also in love with rabies.

Jemma Kahn’s utterly unique visual style has been a hit nationally, internationally and most particularly at Alexander Bar. Kahn returns gleefully to Alexander Upstairs in collaboration with South African theatre’s preeminent auteur, director Jaco Bouwer.

What does it feel like?

Sex or skin?

Both. Skin.

It’s warm, obviously. Warm and smooth... like... an apricot that has been micro-waved for ten seconds. 

I have no idea what you are talking about. An apricot?

Cellist With Rabies is a new work commissioned in 2019 by the National Arts Festival in collaboration with Toyota US Woordfees. Come and see it intimate and unplugged at your favourite performance venue in Cape Town. 

The play marries the visual styles of the Futurist Jaco Bouwer and Luddite Jemma Kahn. Separately Kahn and Bouwer have proven time and again to be most original theatre makers. Neither are afraid to experiment or offend. Both artists are recipients of the prestigious Standard Bank Young Artist Award. Bouwer has won numerous Fleur du Cap Awards for his work. Kahn...has never won a Fleur du Cap. Ag shame. These two voices come together for the first time to tell a love story between a scientist and a virus.

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Thu 30 at 7pm
The Rouge Revue (Her)Story
Burlesque Performance
Fri 31 at 7pm 9pm


Tue 4 at 7pm
Wed 5 at 7pm
Thu 6 at 7pm
Fri 7 at 7pm
Sat 8 at 7pm
Fetish & Feathers
Burlesque Show
Join us on 14 or 15 June for a sensuous evening of titillating burlesque that touches on the taboo. Get a little risque Fri 14 at 9pm
Sat 15 at 9pm
Physical Theatre
Tue 18 at 7pm
Wed 19 at 7pm
Thu 20 at 7pm
Fri 21 at 7pm
Sat 22 at 7pm
Wed 26 at 7pm
Thu 27 at 7pm
Fri 28 at 7pm
Sat 29 at 7pm


Confessions of a Mormon Boy
Solo Theatre (comedy)
Wed 10 at 8pm
Thu 11 at 8pm
Fri 12 at 8pm
Sat 13 at 8pm
Mon 15 at 8pm
Tue 16 at 8pm
Wed 17 at 8pm
Thu 18 at 8pm
Fri 19 at 8pm
Sat 20 at 8pm


Cellist With Rabies
Tue 6 at 8pm
Wed 7 at 8pm
Thu 8 at 8pm
Fri 9 at 8pm
Sat 10 at 8pm
Mon 12 at 8pm
Tue 13 at 8pm
Wed 14 at 8pm
Thu 15 at 8pm
Fri 16 at 8pm
Sat 17 at 8pm