Singles Night on 9th February 2012

Are you straight and single?

Then you are invited to our Singles Night on the 9th February 2012:

From 19h30 to 22h30
Wear: A Vintage Accessory

R25 gets you a glass of bubbly and a number to wear. Send and receive telegrams and phone calls from our vintage phones. Lots of fun.

RSVP is Essential: or phone 021 300 1088

5 thoughts on “Singles Night on 9th February 2012

  1. Bryan

    I’m in. Thanks.

  2. Thanks. I’m deffinately in

  3. Edward

    Hi Janescka

    We thought we’d focus on straight people this time, but it is open to everyone. We’re trying to even out the numbers a bit.
    The event is very simple. For R25 you get a glass of sparkling wine and a number to wear. Then, if you want, you can send ‘telegrams’ or phone people on the rotary dials phones dotted around the bar. That’t it really. All a bit of silly nonsense fun.

    Please RSVP so we have an idea of who is coming.

  4. Donna

    Thanks Ed and Nic – I’ll be there!

  5. George

    I’m in see you later

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