Who’s Upstairs: Luna Paige

Luna Paige is an accomplished homegrown musician and performer. She is currently based in Stellenbosch and will be sharing her soulful tracks on the 30th of July in Luna Paige Live for one night at the Alexander Upstairs.

Home town?

I grew up in Melkbosstrand. Now I live in Stellenbosch and live in one of the historical houses which were built for freed slaves and their families. I love my street.

Tell us a little more about your show?
I will be singing a selection of my favourite songs from my various albums and share the stories behind them. All of the songs are original and stem from personal experiences I had…Some songs were inspired by movies, some by poems or novels, and some by day to day tribulations and beautiful moments.

And what’s next on the cards for you?
I am continuing with the Lovemore Show with Gerald Clark, I am working on a theme song for a SA movie in which I will also be appearing (quite excited about that!) and then I am preparing a show for my performances in the Netherlands from Aug-September. I went there for the first time in 2013 and feel very privileged to be a part of the Harlekijn festival there.

And the project you’re dreaming of?
Well…I can’t say too much about that now – but I am planning a year-project for 2016 that I hope will become a reality..it usually does if one persists and believes. Its more a question of when it happens than whether it will happen. All I can say is that it will involve collaborations with a multitude of voices.  Goosebump generating material. 🙂

How did you get into theatre?
I think it got to me. Not the other way around. It is something one can’t explain. I watched a few shows when I was a teenager and felt this hollow dark feeling in my stomach whilst watching beautiful shows. All I knew was that I would only feel better if I were able to do the same. It looked like the ultimate space. And after I did it the first few times, I knew I was hooked and that it is the place where I can let go of everything that keeps me back.

Favorite spot in Cape Town (besides Alexander Bar, obviously)?
For  a relaxed evening with my friends (when I visit CT) we always wind up at Van Hunks. It has become a place I associate with seeing my friends. 🙂 I spent my teenage years in Kloofstreet, so that will always be a special street for me. I enjoy working at Arnolds, when I visit town and need to send a few e-mails between meetings.

What excites you about theatre?
The fact that there is a space where some people are allowed to present their creations and ideas and others are hungry to experience and support them. It is a space where change can ignite.

Dinner with any two figures from history: who would you invite and what would you serve them?
I would have loved to hang out with Da Vinci and watch him operate. I would prepare him anything his heart desired to be honest.

Another figure I would have loved to sit down and have a chat with – was Sappho – a female poet from the island of Lesbos (Born 620 BC). She was  one of Greece’s most lyrical poets, was highly educated in a time where women were not educated. Very little is known about her. I made a song out of fragments of her salvaged poems. Here is a link to the song:

If you will come

What mistakes have you made and learned the most from?
That one should always trust your intuition and that it is of cardinal importance that you should believe in yourself if you want to make your life work.

Who do you think people should be talking about?
Nick Turner (he was away for a while and is back from NY)…I think he is an awesome songwriter. There is not a song of his you wont either sway to or want to dance to or will sing along to after listening to it for the first time! Another artist is Paige Mac. Wow, huge talent. Great voice, great guitar skills, great personality and solid songs.