Who’s upstairs: Mary Hould

Mary Hould is on a short visit from the States and for one night only will be performing Mary Swipes Left (but not really…) this Saturday 24th of March at 7PM.

Home town?

Seattle, WA, USA, although I was born in a small town in Montana, USA.

Tell us a little more about your show?

It’s a mix of comedic storytelling and song! I’ll be singing a variety of songs and telling my personal dating stories in between. I’ve curated the song list to be mostly lesser known songs, with a few thrown in that you’ll recognize. I have a handful of musical theatre selections, some country/folk, and pop, as well as two original songs. I’ll be accompanied on piano (and sometimes guitar) by Kyle Van Genson, a talented local musician that I am thrilled to be working with! The dating stories are mainly about my experiences on Tinder, but I also have ridiculous tales from meeting men in real life. I’ve collected so many stories from my dating experiences over the past few years that I finally decided to put them into a show!

And what’s next on the cards for you?

I’ll be living in a different international city every month this year (Cape Town is my first city of the year), as part of a program called Remote Year. I’ll be performing this Cabaret in many of the cities I’ll be in, adapting and changing the show as I go along, and adding in stories of my international dating adventures. Next month I’ll be in Marrakech, Morocco!

And the project you’re dreaming of?

I want to perform my Cabaret on every continent! Most of them will be checked off the list throughout this upcoming year, with Antarctica obviously being the most challenging one to check off. But it’s a dream of mine to visit Antarctica, and what better way to visit than to perform my show there?! I imagine myself performing for the staff who work there, or for a tour group that’s visiting. I’m thinking I should name that one, “Mary Swipes Left…While Freezing Her Bum Off”.

How did you get into theatre(or music/burlesque/magic/etc)?

I come from a very musical family, so music and theatre have always been in my blood. As soon as I could walk and talk, I was singing and performing! It started by me putting on impromptu concerts in my living room, for whichever family members I could round up. I’d step out from behind the living room curtains, dramatically bow, and then announce to my family that it was time for them to clap for me! That was how it all began, and I’ve been performing ever since.

Dinner with any two figures from history: who would you invite and what would you serve them?

Barack Obama (recent/present history counts, right?) and Susan B. Anthony. I’d serve them my homemade pizza, with some of my favorite Belgian beers.

Favorite spot in Cape Town (besides Alexander Bar, obviously)?

The Village Idiot

What excites you about theatre (or music/burlesque/magic/etc)?

Connecting with my audiences! I love getting to know them and chatting with them before, during and after my shows.

What mistakes have you made and learned the most from?

I’d say a big mistake I made in the past was thinking that networking wasn’t a necessary part of this field- WOW was that wrong! Networking is so vitally important in this business, and it’s also a ton of fun to meet other passionate artists and learn from them.

Who do you think people should be talking about?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and playing music with Jeffrey Munks, a local piano player and composer. He’s a talented pianist and guitarist, loves his craft, and is a great guy to boot. He often plays at The Piano Bar, Dust and Dynamite, and at The House of Machines for their open mic nights. Keep an eye on him- he’s definitely going places!